Minutes of Board of Directors Meetings

aquarius51Minutes of Board of Directors Meetings



April 15      May 18      June 15       July 20



January 5      January 22    January 29    February 17     March 17   April 21    May 19 – Member Package   May 19     June 16 Member Package  (3 docs)     June 16   July 21   August 18   September 29   October 20


January 23   February 26   March 6 (Emergency Meeting)   Resolution March 6    April 21    July 21 – Recall   October 8   October 29   December 1st


September 20, 2014    Message of the Board of Directors


January 11, 2012       January 26,


January 26, 2011      March 7



One Response to Minutes of Board of Directors Meetings

  1. Tom Stanwyck says:

    Hello and Good Day
    Just a suggestion regarding the new east deck.
    Is it possible to construct an area where the wind can be blocked .
    Presently, a number of people are using a small area on the south side directly and less than a yard from bedroom windows.
    This is not necessarily annoying, but it seems we have an opportunity to give an area on the east deck for more people to enjoy in the wind.
    The landscape designer could do this efficiently and would most likely not cost that much.

    Just a suggestion

    Tom Stanwyck



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