Should we, at Aquarius, go back to 2015?

Should we, at Aquarius, go back to 2015?

This whats was happening at Aquarius in 2015. The recently elected Board  was eventually, recalled. The recall did not happen by the majority of the votes. The recall was result of the Board not to properly respond to an inquire of the DBPR/FL.

TV Channel 10 visits Aquarius Condo. Broadcasted June 17, 2015 | Aquarius Condominium, Hollywood Florida (

Should we, at Aquarius, go back to 2015?
In 2015 Aquarius had the East Deck and Pool not usable. The roof of the Lobby had collapsed and was not usable. The entrance was only pssoble by the Service Gate in the North end of Aquarius.

We believe the lock of supports on the structure, the corrosion present on the supports due to several years of water leaks from the upper deck and the water increosing the weight of the stucco finish, have make the area collapse. Andre Caycedo, President of the ACG Engineering Inc.

The new Board, in 2015,  decided to make these two areas livable again. For that a Special Assessment was proposed. The reaction of a group of owners was not positive. The idea was that the previous resources had not been properly used, and the new attempt would have the same disappointing results.
In reality both projects were completed on time and on budget and some money left to repair the ceiling of the gym and other details of the gym. Before the end of 2015, the West Deck, the Valet Deck and the East Pool were open for enjoyment. A couple of months later the Lobby was back to use.
What happened? It seems that Aquarius had for many, many years a maintenance budget that did not cover the current expenses. Some 3.7 million received from the neighboring Trump Building had been used to cover the day-to-day operations in the course of 6 years. Aquarius had a regular assessment (maintenance fee) that was a fraction of any building of the neighborhood would charge.
A very good explanation of the use of the money received by Aquarius from the firm next door is given by    Sam Schmuter Responds to TV Channel 10 report June 24,2015 | Aquarius Condominium, Hollywood Florida (
Why the number of problems at Aquarius accumulated over the years? Insufficient maintenance fees (regular assessment) and projects done without the necessary funds to be properly completed. The frustration of the owners is understandable. What is not understandable is the permanent ignoration of the real costs of proper maintenance.
It seems that the old sentiment of unsustentable low fees has now has gained again some new strength. The idea that a building may go on for years and years of without proper maintenance has had sour results. Champlain Towers has tragically shown to all of us what may happen.

Champlain Towers, Surfside, FL, after the June 2021 tragedy

Minor problems if not treated immediately tend to become large problems with increased cost.
Should you go back to 2015 or should we confront the reality and keep the building in its proper shape? 
2025 sentiments were caused by total lack or reserves and underfunded budget for day-to-day operations (regular assessment). Do we prefer to pay as we go or have large special assessments with repairs that could have a much smaller cost if treated as they become needed?
Let’s think about it! To do the same thing and expect different results is not a sign of sanity (A. Einstein).

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A Report of Meetings with the Board of Aquarius and the Director of Operations of A|P

A Report of Meetings with the Board of Aquarius and the Director of Operations of A|P

This is a summary of meetings between some Aquarius Board members, the Atlantic Pacific Director of Operations and Aquarius Initiative Group:

  1. The Bord of Directors – BOD represents the Aquarius Condominium owners, and are held accountable to them. The Board and Management aren’t informative enough to residents about projects executed, spending, or financial operations. Condominium Owners would like to know in detail the contractors’ election procedures, invoices paid (not year’s later, when residents become debt hostages). At meetings we ask Management and Board members to communicate better in regards to new project details, financial assessment and bill payments. We also ask the Board to be more open using emails, websites, open discussion, taking advice or opinions from residents who had professional skills in construction, legal, technical and financial fields. The Board is an elected organization and should have a mutual understanding and trust with residents. Mismanagement: yearly maintenance requirements, hiring engineering company which caused conflicts of interest, and negligence in some ways. (So, it should be called bad Management). Why claim “Irma” only to the insurance company? No one called the construction company and engineers responsible for water damage, electrical problems, or for the negligence while removing the balconies. Nor for the roof condition after the construction left. This resulted in huge engineering and legal Fees.
  2. It was confirmed that the payment schedules presented are based on $9.3M and include an additional $1.8M reserve for possible future projects. Mr. Gupta acknowledged receipt of a letter from Aquarius residents with a request to not include these “Reserve” funds in the new assessment. It was confirmed that the collection of a reserve fund would be voted by all residents since currently it’s not a mandatory FL state requirement.
  3. The new assessment will include funds according to Mr. Coleman’s presentation: a total deficit of $5,311,101 and additional funds for new projects $2,112,800. Total of $7,423,901. The new assessment will be discussed and approved at the next Board meeting.
  4. The hallways expense of $2,385,708 was questioned since it exceeded the budgeted $1,500,000. It would be helpful if the Board provided a break down: work and amount actually included and how they were paid. A similar break down should be provided for the Elevator Modernization and Professional Fees since they substantially exceeded original budget projections.
  5. It was confirmed that the amounts for new projects are budgetary estimates. Actual work estimates will be solicited and selected based on a public bidding process. All bids obtained and scopes of work included will be presented for owners to review before acceptance.
  6. It was explained by Mr. Gupta that three financing instruments were presented in Mr. Coleman’s presentation: #1-New loan $4M, #2-Remainder of $15M loan and #3. $2.5M credit line would be consolidated into one loan.

Mr. Gupta informed that the Board had hired an independent structural engineer to verify completeness’ and accuracy of structural work managed by Hillman according to the contract as-built drawings.

Opinions here expressed do not necessarily represent the opinion of the editor of the site.


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Letter from the President of the Board to Aquarius Owners

Letter from the President of the Board to Aquarius Owners




Dear Unit Owners\Neighbors

After much discussion with various residents, I have come to realize just how much misinformation is being shared by various segments of our community. I want to clarify the past expenditures related to the original assessment of $15 million dollars. You all have received a digital copy of PowerPoint presentation made by Mr. Coleman from AP Management. The expense breakdown shared with you was as follows:

As you can see, we far exceeded our projected costs in each of our original estimates based, not only on bids received, but also changes to our original scope of work. There is no mystery as to how the total project costs exceeded the original estimates. It is based upon the discovery of unforeseen conditions identified by our consultants and by us. The total expenditures identified above were funded by the following resources:






All change orders, purchases, and additional scope of work identified and completed, were reported to all unit owners through regular Board Meetings for the duration of these project.

At the end of each calendar year, an independent audit was conducted, reported to the State and was made available to all unit owners on an individual request basis.

It is very unfortunate coming across individuals questioning how the money was spent. Every penny received and spent by the Association has been documented and accounted for by professionals employed by AP Management and Office Support Staff. An Agenda listing all procurement items have been submitted to our residents along with monthly financial reports at each Board Meeting for review, discussion and approval. This Board, elected by you each year, has always tried very hard to be transparent in all of its dealings.

I do not receive any pleasure or satisfaction by having to adopt another special assessment at this time. As a matter of fact, I was hoping it would not be necessary. After all, I am being impacted as well. As hard as this Board tried not to have a special assessment, it became necessary due to the Age of Aquarius and also the lack of maintenance it received through the years. I believe this Board has done everything possible to maintain the safety and property value of Aquarius and for this reason, I will not be a party to having my integrity challenged as well as that of the rest of the Board of Directors simply because we are having to pay more money to protect our investment in the property we call “home.”

The list of projects I have idenfitied are in line with outstanding jobs to be completed at this time. Should anyone wish to meet with me to discuss any of the construction related issues, I will bemore than glad to do so. I apologize for the length of this letter, but I felt it was necessary to make my position very clear to anyone interested in dealing with facts.

Bhagwan (Buck) Gupta
August 31, 2021

Printer Friendly version of this letter


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Excuse me Sir. The train for a better world?















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William Coleman Presentation of August 16, 2021 – Aquarius Financials

William Coleman Presentation of August 16,  2021 –

Aquarius Financials


On August 16, 2021, Mr. Bill Coleman, AP Director and former Regional Manager including Aquarius gave a Zoom a presentation that may be of interest to Aquarius residents. The Management Office announced a discussion over the forthcoming financial matters. A careful exam of this material may enhance our understanding of the issues being considered.

Also attached is the most recent Aquarius ‘Reserves Study’. It is important to have an updated ‘Reserves Study.’ Best practices indicate that al least every two years the ‘Reserves Study’ is refreshed.

To fund the observed required reserves is a separate issue. The Legislative Branch of the State of Florida allows Homeowners to wave funding the Reserves provided there is a majority vote. However, following the recent structural problems in buildings in South Florida, i.e. Champlain Towers, the Legislature is inclined to remove the possibility to continue not funding reserves. If this is ever approved in Florida, it will follow similarly to most states that establish mandatory funding of Reserves. At this time, it is still legal to not have funds in reserve in Florida.

Click to open:

   Aquarius Bill Coleman Presentation 8.16.21mod

  2019 07 05 AQUARIUS Reserve Study 2019-compressed




  • SA 2017 EXPENSE
  • 2021 PROJECTS
  • Q & A


  • 40 RECERT       =     $14,665,268
  • HALLWAYS       =     $2,385,708
  • ELEVATORS      =     $1,846,090
  • PROF. FEES       =     $1,896,036
  • CONTINGENCY  =     $207,682
  • LOAN EXP & INT =    $167,126
  • CLAIM EXP          =     $242,598


TOTAL PROJECT COSTS           =      $21,410,512

IRMA EXPENSES                         =             $215,151

TOTAL SA RELATED COSTS     =        $21,625,663


  • 2017 SA TOTAL INCOME        =    $15,000,000
  • IRMA INSURANCE CLAIM    =    $1,314,562
  • TOTAL INCOME                =    $16,314,562
  • TOTAL EXPENSES           =    $21,625,663
  • TOTAL DEFICIT                =    ($5,311,101)

Present – New Projects




FACILITY #2: PROJECT & OVERAGES – TERM LOAN = $7,528,994, 17.25 YEARS, 5%




$4M – $2.2M = $1.8M











Q & A


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Broward County Structural Issues Public Hearing – August 23, 2021 2 PM

Broward County Structural Issues Public Hearing – August 23, 2021 2 PM

Condo Safety Questions Discussed

Condo Safety Questions Discussed by County Structural Issues Committee  -Meeting and Public Hearing Set for August 23rd- Pre-Register to Speak – 

BROWARD COUNTY, FL – The Broward County Condominium Structural Issues Committee will hold a public hearing on August 23rd beginning at 2PM. Committee discussion begins at 9:30AM, prior to public input at 2PM. You must pre-register to speak by noon on the day of the meeting. You may Pre-register by clicking here. Once you register, a phone number to call in will be e-mailed to you. Public comment will be taken from 2PM to 5PM. These meetings are webcast live through links on homepage and on social media channels: Twitter and YouTube.

More information at:

“”Statutory building reserves are another issue which was discussed.  Costs to pay for structural improvements such as a new roof, painting, and pavement restoration are typically waived by a majority vote of the homeowners.  Questions have arisen about the wisdom of doing this, which leads to large special assessments.””

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City of Hollywood: Public Access Suspended

Public Access Suspended





City of Hollywood: Public Access Suspended

Indoor Public Access Suspended at City Facilities Effective Monday, August 23rd

In-Person Option Remains to Speak at

City Commission/CRA Meeting

In light of the spike in COVID-19 positive cases in South Florida and the elevated risk to public health, all City facilities, including City Hall and Community Centers, will be closed to the general public for indoor activities and recreation effective Monday, August 23, 2021.

The closure will remain in effect until further notice.

Customers are encouraged to use the many services offered online.

 For more detailed information on how the different city facilities will be impacted see the full information below .

Source: City website

Outdoor Recreation:

Outdoor recreation facilities such as Driftwood Community Swimming Pool, Parks, Marina, Sports Fields, Playgrounds, Golf Courses, Tennis and Pickleball Courts, Skate Parks, and the ArtsPark at Young Circle remain open and outdoor events like the ArtsPark Friday Night Movie will continue. The indoor art studios at the ArtsPark Gallery will be closed. All Community Centers will be closed and no inside activities will take place, with the exception of School Aftercare and Barry University Programs.

City Commission/CRA Meetings:

A number of options remain for members of the public to view and participate in the City Commission and Community Redevelopment Meetings, including an in-person option for those wishing to speak.

Watch the Meeting:

Submit a Public Comment:

Any member of the public wishing to comment on any matter, including specific agenda items and/or Citizens Comments may do so by submitting a comment via the City’s website. Those requiring additional assistance by call the Office of the City Clerk at 954.921.3211 during normal business hours. Comments will be read into the record, as time permits. All comments received during the submission period will become part of the public record.

In-Person Public Comment Registration:

Those wishing to make public comments in-person must register their attendance in advance via the City’s website. General public admission into City Hall will be granted only to those individuals who have pre-registered to speak. Everyone entering City Hall must pass through a temperature checkpoint prior to admittance, no exceptions. Once an individual is called, they will be invited into the Chambers to speak for three minutes. Once finished, individuals will be required to leave City Hall, unless commenting on multiple items. If commenting on multiple items, individuals will go to a designated waiting area until they are called again. Masks covering your nose and mouth are required at all time, and individuals must remain socially distanced from others while waiting to enter the Chambers.

Additional Information: 

  • Links to submit public comment are posted to the City’s main website, by close of business on the Thursday prior to a meeting.
  • Comments are limited to 400 words and/or 3 minute spoken maximum.
  • Comments left on voicemail machines, emailed, posted to the City’s social media accounts or submitted after 6:00 p.m. on the day before a meeting will not be accepted.

For additional information, please call the appropriate City Department listed below:

  • Mayor and City Commissioners: 954.921.3321
  • City Attorney’s Office: 954.921.3435
  • City Clerk: 954.921.3211
  • City Manager’s Office: 954.921.3201
  • Community Redevelopment Agency: 954.924.2980
  • Budget & Performance Management: 954.921.3206
  • Development Services: 954.921.3471
  • Code Compliance: 954.921.3061
  • Design & Construction Management: 954.921.3410
  • Emergency Management: 954.921.3053
  • Financial Services: 954.921.3234
  • Procurement Services: 954.921.3221
  • Treasury: 954.921.3232
  • General Accounting: 954.921.3228
  • Fire Rescue and Beach Safety: 954.967.4248
  • Fire Inspectors: 954.967.4404
  • Fire Investigation Reports: 954.967.4404
  • Human Resources: 954.921.3216
  • Labor Relations: 954.921.3519
  • Information Technology: 954.921.3479
  • Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts: 954.921.3404
  • Police Department –Non Emergency: 954.764.HELP (4357)
  • Office of the Chief: 954.967.4300
  • Police Information Desk: 954.967.4636
  • Communications, Marketing & Economic Development: 954.921.3620
  • Public Utilities: 954.967.4455
  • Reconnect Water Service (Weekdays): 954.921.3938
  • Report Emergency Leaks: 954.967.4357
  • Public Works: 954.967.4526
  • Garbage/Recycling Services: 954.967.4200


This alert is a courtesy of Frank Rise, Hollywood Beach Civic Association President


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Aquarius Condominium 2021 Survey Results 1/2

Aquarius Condominium 2021 Survey Results    1 of 2

Thirty three Aquarius Residents answered the Survey. Here the results. A few respondents did not understand the projects under consideration. This shows that additional information is very important. There were comments also on the cost of the proposed stairs. In January both stairs added up to $100,00. In July the quote came up to $ 173,000.

Very interesting are the comments writen by the respondents. This is object of another post.

Have a good reading.







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Aquarius Condominium 2021 Survey Results 2/2

Aquarius Condominium 2021 Survey Results COMMENTS  2/2


There were 33 responses to the Survey. About 18 respondents had comments on the Survey. Here are the comments and two additional messagens received via email.  Thanks everybody for your participation. Every opinion is very important.

  1.  We’ve had 2 assessments since we bought our place and it seems like this will be the third one. We are getting tired of what seems like special assessments every few years. Not only does this cause our condo to lose value it puts financial strain on retirees and people with fixed incomes. Please only do what is absolutely necessary to fix the building and get multiple bids from contractors to insure a competitive bidding process.

2.  Re-roofing the building is an overdue necessity; a must have and not a nice to have such as the rest of the Architectural and aesthetic projects. Water ponding and leaks weakens the structure. Waterproofing and roofing are essential to the structural integrity of the building. Can’t postpone the roofing project another season; let’s get on with it.

3.  I need to educate myself about most of these projects.

4.  Not including the Roof in the 40 year inspection project is a major failure on the Board’s part.

5.  We need to focus on the items that are required to maintain the structural integrity of the building or to address residents/staff health and safety. These items must be completed first and as soon as possible. Other items are nice to have and can be addressed later.

6.  Beach Access Door and Ramp for $ 50,000 in my opinion does not make any sense. First of all who needs a rump for accessing the beach? People with serious disabilities? But in my 13 years living in Aquarius I’ve never seen any person with a walker or in wheelchair on sand. Do any neighboring beachfront condos have ramp? The second question (I give it name “second” with respect to people with disabilities) is a danger for structural integrity of Aquarius. The opening been made as a temporary measure on time of the project of the 40-year recertification. Now, when the project is completed, the opening in the wall, even with new door installed, is a disastrous possibility of see water penetration inside the building property on time of hurricanes or high tides. Very questionable reason as access to the beach for $50K is not good enough. Besides the point, new door cannot warranty waterproofing (unless door is designed for submarine). Structural integrity of Aquarius and safety of residents at the end of the road is the most important factor. Probably we should direct issue and ask for professional opinion of responsible officials from Broward County before making any decisions. Beach and Maintenance Stairs for $173,000? Cannot judge price of the object, but we do need access to the beach and if existing 40-somthing years construction doesn’t technically and aesthetically responds today’s design – so be it. On time of construction I would advise to build under the stairs closed storage compartment for beach equipment (umbrellas for example). Which expenses are emergency, firsthand needed or preferable should decide competent members of the Board with engineering support of specialist (probably with participating of Management, who taking complaints from residents). Technical questions about roof repair, door for mechanical room, west parking lot, domestic pump, etc. are out of my knowledge and are area of concern for specialists (qualified engineers and Board members). Using only life experience and logic impossible to judge about needs of roof repair. South Tower Chiller. If this is the one which suppose to cool 18 floors of corridors in South tower – we do need to do something because temperature in common areas (corridors) of South tower constantly well above 80 degrees.

7.  I strongly agree with the project‘s that are necessary for the saftey of Aquarius, before considering more Beautyfication.

8.  As noted in letter these were “estimated costs”. Who provided the estimate? These estimates are very excessive and do not reflect actual cost. For each item on the schedule at least three (3) estimates from reputable companies should be solicit and awarded. All estimates should be shared with the Aquarius tenants. Some of the items on to do list are not clear: 1. Domestic pump replacement: It was discussed in the meeting to install a 2nd/bypass pump. So what is it a replacement of existing pump or installation of additional pump. Is this for one building or for both ? From my experience with such work this estimate is grossly excessive. 2. South TWR chiller: Is this for corridors or something else? Is this to replace existing chiller or refurbish? 3.Storage cages: What work is intended to be done 4. West parking: What work is intended to be done 5. Professional fees: Why we need additional professional fees for structural / electrical engineering if we just completed the 40year certification. Engineering of what exactly? All these questions should be addressed and clarified.

9 and 9a.   We always will support any of necessary projects to make our Buildings better. But all proposals should be reasonable price. We would like to see several contractor offers and Board, not a Management must decide the Beads leader. Our opinion for a new projects -estimate or calculations was Triple OVERPRICED. For example, we sent to Buck and Manager pictures and Contractor names who have done nice work to the beach access at Sea Air Condo. Did anyone ask them to give an estimate? Secondly, we’re wondering why should we spend our money for same engineering company, who screw our previous concrete projects as: balconies, pillars, beams, deck. Look, there’s two years as concrete work done and we already complain about cracks and leaks. Do we need those Engineers and poor jobs Contractors – money suckers? We think Board got to concern about Contractors hiring, shares with residents, publish offers and be economical.

And an addition: what’s going on with new water tower, with new elevators ets? Keep this in your mind, thanks.

11.   I do not know what Beach Access Door and Ramp is? to close or remain? I do not know why a “door” costs so much. Mechanical Room Door Engineering Fees, we have been taken advantage of constantly. West Parking Lot, will it be repaved and Drains reworked? I thought the Roof was going to be short term repaired, for another year or 2 and then redone?

12.   I feel that we need to make sure that are building is safe. In the past we put bandaids on problems and we “fixed” them again and again costing more than if we fixed the problem in the first place, I want problems correctly taken care of. I have no idea the cost of an engineer, but we need to hire one that knows what they are doing and does not make mistakes that have to be fixed at a later date paid by the Condo. Please do not hire anyone because they are a nice person or because they are the son of someone, please check references and look at the work they have done in other building and check with the Better business bureau and the licensing board to see what complaints have been filed against them.

13.    Engineer not doing his job and has to be replaced . This is my own opinion since meeting him .

John Youssef  1106 N

14.   Beach and Maintenance Stairs $173,000 and Beach Access Door and Ramp $ 50,000 are paid before Roof $1,200,000 to expansive The budget should include money to protect the building from vibration and noise on the roof.

15. In what time frame would these items be completed?

 16.  As usual, I support all the work that needs to be done in order to repair and enhance our property. I would like to thank the current administration for their determination to complete this goal. Not a single board in the history of the Aquarius Condominium Association has had the courage to pass the assessments of such magnitude! My major concern however pertains to the budgetary estimates of the projects listed in the enclosed list of the tasks to be completed. They seem to be on the high side. And I have similar concerns related to the projects already completed to date. How did we manage to get the overran in excess of  5 million dollars on the 15 million dollar assessment? Didn’t we pay our engineering company about 1.5 million dollars to make sure that the projects are completed within the budget and the time frame specified in the contracts? Did the Association sign the open ended contracts? How about the quality of work? Why did we encounter so many problems? What is going on with apparently endless elevators endeavor?

We, the unit owners have very limited access to the information. First time in the history of the Association we do not have the Finance Committee. The construction Committee was discontinued. The meetings of this committee were the most informative forums, where concerned unit owners had first hand access to the pertinent information. Somebody apparently said that the construction is over. OK, create a technical committee. It appears that nobody in the current administration is uniquely qualified to address all technical problems we experience.

Our concerns submitted to the board often remain unanswered. According to the Florida Statute 718.111, “ The owners of units shall be shareholders or members of the association. The officers and directors of the association have a fiduciary relationship to the unit owners.” We elect the board, and we expect them to make sure that we all have equal access to the information, and that all our concerns are properly addressed, especially when these concerns are related to our quality of life and living conditions. Our maintenance group has very limited man-power. They hardly manage to attend to day-to-day emergencies. We need to hire another technician, well qualified, and create already a preventive maintenance schedule. Every once in a while, I have to lubricate our trash chute door, otherwise it gets stuck.

Many of us would like to help. However, “cancel culture” was apparently born in the condominium environment long before the social media became widespread. This community is the home for all of us, not just select “cheerleaders”.

Arkady Chase, Apt. PH5 N

17.    It seems odd that after more than 6 months that these improvements have been under consideration no firm prices collection took place.

18.    The prices do not seem right.

Notes sent extra SURVEY:

19     You are a nice gentleman, Cecilio.  But, your survey questions are inadequate.  I do not even understand the reason why you have circulated this survey.  If Surfside teaches anything, it instructs that repairs and improvements must be made to our condo.  Why don’t you tell your followers how everything is improving here, after years of neglect by previous BODs.

 This BOD is doing a great job.  Finally, we have a manager who can manage and manage well.

So I, for one, expect you to publish another Blog now and you may quote me if you please.  It’s time for all the condo owners to come together in harmony and get the job done.

Joel Cohen,       1408 S

Hi Cecilio,

Attached is my response to the survey.  Any questions? Let me know.

Good idea about the survey. Unfortunately, my liking or disliking of project has nothing to do with the need to complete it.  Any opinion on the subject so important to Aquarius operations should be informed one.  For the components of building systems planned to be replaced, would be helpful to know costs of associated repairs and maintenance versus the replacement cost, For the project titled ‘Beach and Maintenance Stairs” would be helpful to know what is included, since the original costs of new beach stairs was estimated well below $173,000.  I have no understanding on why “mechanical room door” and “beach access door” (that has to be hurricane safe) are of the same price.  I can only assume that the “lobby floor” with cost of $30,000 is for floors cleaning and polishing. If this assumption is correct, this cost should be part of operating costs and not included in the capital expenditures.  I definitely do not like beach access door from south tower storage room. This door was never there for more than 40 years. It was installed to provide temporary access to the beach during the 40-year certification.  There is a reason why seawall is 20″ thick. The principal function of seawall is preventing or alleviating overtopping and flooding of the land and the structures behind due to storm surges and waves. It is doubtful that any door will successfully perform this function.  The storage room has standing water on floor all the time, therefore the presence of a mold in this area is very likely, and the mold will continue to spread throughout  the lower level of the south tower hallways creating health concerns for all residents.  And so, to answer survey question, I would like to know more and only then I may be able to provide the inform opinion (that may not matter at all).  Simply speaking… here is an example:  On Monday my water heater started to leak. is leaking. The technician concluded that repairs are not possible, it has to be replaced. Do I like it? Absolutely not. Does it have to replaced? Absolutely yes.  I genuinely hope that during the Board of Directors meeting we will have information enabling us to understand the need for all planned projects and the cost estimate associated with each one.

Have a great day,

Best Regards,                      Zina Bluband,    902N

If you would like to identify your comment, please, send me your Name and Apartment Number with the comment number so I can attach it to your comment.  The Survey software makes it very hard to identify the authors of the comments .

Of course if you have something else to say it will published if so you wish.


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Aquarius Projects: Survey on the forthcoming Special Assessment

2021 Aquarius Projects: Survey on the forthcoming Special Assessment

Please click here, go to the SURVEY and offer your opinion. Here at the Aquarius we have a list of projects on the pipeline. What are your toughts? What is more important? Are any important items missing? Do you have comments?

This survey has been going on since last Thursday. Many owners/residents have already completed it with their responses and comments. Have you? I will try to tabulate the responses before the Board meeting this Monday August 16.  It would be great if you could spare a few moments and respond to the survey as well and your opinion count.

So far I have received two letters in response. These two owners preferred not to answer the survey but presented interesting opinions to consider on deciding the on the new special assessment details. These letters will be published a long with the survey results.

The plan is to post the results late tomorrow night August 15 late at night or early Monday morning. It would be great to include the answers to the Survey. Why not publish the 20 plus answers already received with tabulation and the very pertaining comments now? Because it is important for each Aquarius Condo. member present their opinion independently.  To present preliminary incomplete results does not seem the best practice in surveys administration.

Bellow are three documents that are very helpful to inform on what may be needed done at the Aquarius.

  1. Projects List, July 2021 by Marie Goehl
  2. Projects List, January 2021 by Adrian Paredes
  3. Aquarius Reserve Study, by ‘Association Reserves, Planning for the Inevitable‘ a specialized firm with broad national footprint. Study valid up to December 2020.

  1.     AQUARIUS CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, INC  July 23, 2021 by Marie Goehl

 Dear Residents of Aquarius,

As discussed at previous Board meetings, there are many items that need to be addressed. Below, I would like to give you a brief overview of the upcoming projects and estimated cost for each item.

Project List Estimated Cost
Beach and Maintenance Stairs $173,850.00
Beach Access Door and Ramp (est.) $50,000.00
Mechanical Room Door Replacements (est.) $50,000.00
Roof Replacement (est.) $1,200,000.00
Domestic Pump Replacement $75,000.00
Roof Exhaust Fan Replacement $32,000.00
South Tower Chiller $68,000.00
Lobby Floor Refinish $30,000.00
Electrical Repairs – Roof $30,000.00
Storage Cages $15,000.00
West Parking/ Drainage $75,000.00
Professional Fees (Engineering, Design, Consulting)
Structural / Electrical Engineering (Est.) $100,000.00
Subtotal $1,898,850.00
Permit Fees (Est. at 2%) $31,617.00
Contingency (10%) $189,885.00
Total $2,120,352.00

Please keep in mind that the prices listed above are just estimated, as we will need an Engineer to determine the final costs associated with each project. The projects outlined above will be discussed at the next duly called Board of Director’s meeting. Also, please note there may be additional items that need to be addressed that are not included in the chart above.

Printer friendly table above

On Behalf of the Board of Directors,

Marie Goehl
Aquarius Condominium Association 2751 South Drive, Hollywood, Florida 33019                          Phone: (954)921-7924                  Fax: (954)921-976

2.  January 13, 2021


 Items identified as needing attention:   by Adrian Paredes

Restoration of Lobby Marble (Refinishing) $22,000.00
Roof Replacement for both Towers $1,400,000.00 (Please note that there are active leaks in our roof system. $33,000 has been spent trying to address these leaks, unfortunately our system does not allow for guarantees on repairs)
Beach Stairs (Stairs facing North) $65,000.00 (Designed – Not built)
North East corner Maintenance Stairs $35,000.00 (Designed – Not built)
Storage Room Cages Cost Unknown
Beach Maintenance Access Door $20,000.00
Beach Access Ramp $15,000.00
BDA Requirements Cost Unknown
Emergency Generator Upgrades Cost Unknown
Cameras in Hallways $100,000.00 (TBD)
Back-up Water Pump Upgrades $40,000.00
VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drive) for equipment Cost Unknown
Garbage Room Doors $6,700.00
Roof Access Doors $25,000.00
Drainage of West Parking Lot & Parking Space Striping $20,000.00
East Pool Bathrooms Upgrades Cost Unknown
Lobby Impact Windows (Green Room, Lobby) $70,000.00 (TBD)
Leak Detection System $100,000.00 (TBD)

Printer friendly complete note of January 13, 2021. The table above is in page 3

Adrian Paredes
Aquarius Condominium Association 2751 South Drive, Hollywood, Florida 33019                      Phone: (954)921-7924                  Fax: (954)921-976

3.     Reserve Study  This study was valid up to the end of 2020 but it contains projections for a long term. Its relevance to understand the variables to keep Aquarius top shape is key. If you find too long and detailed at least browse the ‘Executive Summary‘ at the beginning of this valuable report. I could not find information if the Association will order another Study. The best practices recommend a new Study every 2 years at least.

Miscelaneous:   Click here for  SURVEY 

Stairs to the Sand Beach

East Deck plans 


Musical moment

Don’t let the old man in

Did Clint Eastwood say don’t let the old man in?
“Yep,” Eastwood replied. So, Keith asked the filmmaker what keeps him going. “He said, I just get up every day and don’t let the old man in,” Keith remembers.
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My body’s weathered and worn
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Don’t let the old man in
Many moons I have lived
My body’s weathered and worn
Ask yourself how would you be
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When he rides up on his horse
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Look out your window and smile
Don’t let the old man in
Look out your window and smile
Don’t let the old man in
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Toby Keith
Don’t Let the Old Man In lyrics © Tokeco Tunes
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Is Your Air Conditioning Unit OK?

Is Your Air Conditioning Unit OK?


It highly recommended that your air conditioning unit have:

  1. Filters changed regularly. Maybe less than a three months period.
  2. Full maintenance review including: cleaning of coils, completion of level of refrigerant, overall inspection addressing eventual leaks and other problems. This should be done once every year,

If you have a appliance maintenance contract this is, in general, included without any additional cost. This maintenance check up, as we said, must be done at least once every year.

Many Aquarius residents have contracts with TOTAL APPLIANCE. This firm will perform the must have annual A/C check once a year with no charge. Other firms probably have similar clauses.

But it is necessary to ask for the service. It’s not done automatically. Let’s do it?




This alert was suggested by Joel Cohen

A rose to brighten your day:


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