2018 Aquarius condominium Association – Maintenance Schedule of Payments

 Aquarius Condominium Association

2018  Maintenance Fee Schedule       (This doc. has 3 pages)

Regular Operational Assessment no Reserves
January 1, 2018   to December 31,   2018
Apartment Type Monthly Fee  
N- #01. #04 $841.34  
  N- #02. #06, #07 $624.75  
  N- #03 $540.51  
  N- #05. #08 $916.62  
  N- PH 1. PH 4 $891.84  
  N- PH 2, PH 6, PH 7 $715.53  
  N- PH 3 $617.24  
  N- PH 5, PH 8 $916.62  
  S- #01,#04 $840.15  
  S- #02, #06, #07 $638.76  
  S- #03 $540.51  
  S- #05, #08 $914.50  
  S- PH 1. PH 4 $891.86  
  S- PH 2, PH 6, PH 7 $715.53  
  S- PH 3 $617.27  
  S- PH 5, PH 8 $914.50


You may use several forms to pay the Aquarius Regular and Special Assessments

The proposed 2018 budget was passed on November 16, 2017 by the Board of Directors. Also, the membership successfully waived the funding of the reserves for 2018.

Included in the package that will be delivered very soon is a coupon booklet for regular maintenance and a coupon booklet for your interest-only special assessment payments. Please refer to the payment options and lockbox addresses information below to ensure your payments are received on time.

Forms of payment:

– Using owner’s Bank payment service – free, guaranteed, usually requires 5 days lead time. Can be set for periodic payments and changed any time. It works for Regular and Special Assessments. Please avoid the use of the “memo line” to identify owners unit.  Include your unit number in the “pay to the order of” or  “payee”.

Check mailed or hand delivered to Management Office – free. This is the traditional way to pay. The disadvantage is that must be done every month. The Management Office does not keep checks to be posted in the future. For non-permanent residents may be an inconvenience.

ACH -(Automated Clearing House) – Management withdraws directly from Owners Bank account. Can not be used for variable payments like lumps sums of Special Assessment for example. It works well for ‘set and forget it.’  Requires a set up by Atlantic Pacific Management. Forms available at the Management Office.

DUESPAYMENT. (duespayment.com) This is a service available to Aquarius owners. The main advantage is to  accept credit cards and debt cards. Payments can be made from anywhere – Canada, Brazil, Abu Dhabi etc. For non-USA funding the Credit Card or Debt Card is very helpful. The cost varies depending on the funding source it may
be 2% to 2.95% plus additional fee in some cases. The set up is in the  website   duespayment.com

The correct address for the Special Assessment 2017 is:

c/o Atlantic Pacific Management
P.O. Box 163633
Miami FL  33116-3633
The payee line should have the following:
Aquarius CA –  SA 2017 Apt. XXXXX   (where xxxxx is the unit number)
The correct address for the Regular Assessment 2017 – Maintenance is:

c/o  Atlantic Pacific Management
P.O. Box 19767
Miami FL 33101-9767
Pay to the order of:  Aquarius CA- Maintenance – Apt. XXXXx  (where xxxxx is the unit number)



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Hollywood Beach Nourishment 2017 2018

Hollywood Beach Nourishment  2017 – 2018

Great News!

Another Hollywood Beach Nourishment project will start very soon. Aquarius is going to benefit from this initiative.  The gallery bellow show some technical details of this beach nourishment. So it’s not very far ahead that will have a wider sand beach and a much better protection against king tides and storm surges.

Beach nourishment is not only for recreation. It is for serious ocean front residences protection. In New Jersey and New York all the beaches that have had beach nourishment enjoyed a much better protection in the Storm Sandy in 2012. Homes and other buildings in areas without beach nourishment suffered great losses.

Some highlights of the project

  • Project has a North and a South Segments. Kick off December 2017.
  • Each segment will take from 6 to 7 weeks
  • Word stage for South Segment will be at Magnolia Terrace between Quadomain and Wave Condominiums, at Keating Park.
  • Aquarius Condominium work area is depicted at slides 9, 10 and 12.
  • South Segment will will North at Iris Terrace to the area in front of The Tides Condominium by the Hallandale City limits.
  • 3600 Truckloads of sand will be used.

We would like to thank Mr. John Waszak, from ATM Engineering,  that shared the slides of his presentation on this exciting project that will benefit and protect Aquarius.

Click any slide and use the arrows to see all the presentation.




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This is the Season to be Generous at Aquarius!

This is the Season to be Generous at Aquarius!

Aquarius Staff Appreciation Fund

The Holidays Season is a great opportunity to recognize the service and dedication of the Aquarius C.A. staff.

Please participate in this initiative in the spirit of the Season. The collected funds will be distributed  among all employees based on their length of service and their performance.

Fifty dollars ($50) is considered the minimum donation. Of course any amount bellow or over (we hope) is mostly welcome. Could you do it before December 11,2017?

Please write the checks payable to Aquarius Condo. Association Christmas Fund. Please delivery the checks to the Management Office. If you are out-of-town please mail Aquarius Condo. Association, C/O ACA Management Office, 2751 S. Ocean Drive 33019. Not to be mailed or sent  to the A|P Management directly.

Your generosity is one more way to build up a great community.


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Zumba, Yoga, Ping-Pong, Mahjong it is FUN time at Aquarius

Fun activities you may participate at Aquarius:

November 2017


♦ Yoga with Mary: Tuesday at 12:00 o’clock Questions?      Ask Zina C. 954-251-7008   or M Carolyn B. 914-819-8355

♦ Zumba with Jane Pilloid: Tuesday   Doubts?        Nury G. 954-589-1426 or Nancy A. 954-923-4540 will be glad to help.

♦ Ping Pong Aquarius Squad:  Arkady C. has a group and invites you. Join them.  954-674-8754

♦  Mahjong:    Beginners and Veterans. All levels accepted and welcome. Talk to M. Carolyn B. 914-819-8355


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It’s not just Rand Paul’s street: Americans are a lot less neighborly than they used to be

It’s not just Rand Paul’s street: Americans are a lot less neighborly than they used to be

By Christopher Ingraham, Washington Post, November 7, 2017

Why is this article in the Aquariusuno.com blog? What does this have to do with out community life?

Read it by clicking HERE⇑. Is Aquarius neighborly? How could we make it more neighborly? What could be your personal contribution? 

It is your house…     …how do you want feel about it?     


 __Is is not Rand Paul



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Aquarius Balconies Restoration Schedule 2017/11/01 update

 Aquarius Balconies Restoration Schedule 2017/11/01 update

40 Year Re-Certification Exercise

Follow the construction progress with the periodic revised schedule




Printer friendly file format of the Balconies Restoration Schedule      2017/11/01

2017 11 01 Balconies Rest Schedule 12 S


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Aquarius East Pool Deck Construction Schedule Rev.: 2017/11/01

Aquarius East Pool Deck Construction Schedule Rev.: 2017/11/01

40 Year Re-Certification Exercise

Follow the construction progress with the periodic revised schedules.

Printer friendly file format of the East Pool Deck Schedule   2017/11/01        2017 11 01 E Deck Schedule S


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So little time so much happening at Aquarius

So little time so much happening at Aquarius


Let’s start with the fun stuff:

Ping Pong Aquarius Squad. Interested? Call Arkady Chase   954-674-8754  or  201-923-9377   arkady.chase@gmail.com

Zumba: Sign up with      Nuri Gupta     954-589-1426       ng7162@yahoo.com  or     Nancy Arman  954-923-4540      nanceea353@aol.com

Yoga: Sign up with        Zina Chase  tel.: 954-251-7008 or  201-916-0402   email: zinaz.chase@gmail.com    or  M. Carolyn Butera  914-819-8355        cbjm5@netzero.net

Aquarius Library: Our honor system Library (take one try to donated one back) is full of interesting books and magazines. Check it out.

There are also lists to sign up at the Lobby Security Desk, if you prefer. The fact is that the Gentle Coordinators have last minute relevant info.

Boring but needed stuff. An almost (in)complete list of what is going on:

  1. Aquarius Governing Documents: Final restated version is ready and with the Lawyers for filing. We reduced the documents from 160+ pages to less that 70. Easier to read, easier to understand. It will take a few weeks to register.
  2. Budget Meeting. Scheduled for November 16. Please sign the the ballot. It assures quorum required for the meeting. Establishment of Reserves under consideration besides the Regular Assessment (Maintenance) 2018 budget proposal.
  3. Hallways carpet. Removal to start promptly. Three floors a day promised. No more mildew, mold and other nasty stuff.
  4. Air Conditioning Water Tower reconstruction. This will allow the Hallways A/C to be reestablished and service go back to normal. A/C rental units will be used while towers work is under way.
  5. Elevators: Work to renew elevators already started with Service Elevators. Full project completion for after mid 2018. Check blog post with tentative schedule.
  6. Least but not last:  South Tower balconies with concrete pourings in progress. East Pool Deck also advancing. The BOD is making every effort to accelerate this project. GC Structural P.S.  is authorized to work all Fridays and Saturdays as needed to keep or better follow the master schedule. The master schedule version November 2017 to be post very soon in this blog.
  7. Rumor Mill: It possible that work on North Tower be anticipated. If you are thinking to have Impact Windows installed it is time to act now. The GC feels it is not safe to have other contractors (verbi gratia Window Installers) working at the same time they are demolishing and rebuilding the balconies.  The anticipation of work will be announced in a timely manner.
  8. What else: lighting at the West Side Parking Lot, Cameras in the same lot. Also all locked internal and external Aquarius entrances will be Fob access controlled. No more cumbersome keys are being considered.
  9. There is more but this post is already too big! Every Thursday at 11 o’ clock  Construction Committe meeting. All (almost all) doubts cleared.



And now a little Satchmo  for you  “What a wonderful world”


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When will my Baseboards be back in Place?

When will my Baseboards be back in Place?

Many Aquarius Residents look forward to have the baseboards in their apartments back in place.

As many know a good number of units suffered water intrusion during the Irma hurricane  of September 2017, and following strong rains a few days later. The information on the repairs needs to be shared. This is an attempt in that direction.

Let me share with you my personal experience.

As recommended by the Board and Management I called my own Homeowners Insurance Co. (St. Johns)  and I was informed the following:

1) Their responsibility – if my claim is accepted – will be painting and new baseboard (or use of the old ones – not possible in my case because they were destroyed).

2) It would be responsibility of the Aquarius Condominium Association (ACA) to replace all damaged dry wall (sheet rock, wall board) and finish and sand it leaving it paint ready. The Aquarius Condominium would not be responsible for painting and replacing or re-positioning baseboard.

What is the Aquarius Condominium Association doing: We hired a very reputable firm with a tradition to work with Insurance Claims  “Merlin”  to prepare a comprehensive claim to our Aquarius Insurance firm. The work of Merlin is being assisted by our Legal Counsel Katzman & Chandler.

As you know we had extensive damage from Irma hurricane. Our air conditioning water cooling towers were damaged in both buildings, our hallways carpet have mold, mildew and other contaminants among several other issues. The preparation of the claim is a technical and arduous job that is taking sometime because it needs to be done the right way. We want to avoid any problems with the claim.

What is the bottom line? We have to wait to submit the claim and get a response from the Insurance Company. In the mean time some urgent tasks are taking place such as removal of the carpet, hiring a firm to rebuilt the A/C Water Cooling Towers, rent temporary A/C units, repair of the lights at the parking lot and other tasks.

So at this point we do not know what is being covered by the claim. We need some more time and you will be informed of the results. It is important that no repairs are done until we have a response from the Aquarius Insurance company.

It is not good to have the baseboard out and the drywall with holes but we need patience so we are able to get the insurance protection that we believe we are going to get.


Leonid & Friends pay tribute to Chicago: If you Leave Me Now  – Moscow 2017
The original score by Chicago (Frankfurt, DE, 1977)  got  YouTube 8,675,974 views. It may be interesting to watch and listen. 

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Ping Pong Anyone?

Ping Pong Anyone?


Arkady Chase is organizing a Ping Pong group at Aquarius.

Are you interested?  All ages welcome. All levels from beginning to pro are welcome.

Please call Arkady Chase    954-674-8754  or  201-923-9377 

arkady.chase@gmail.com   or leave your name at the Security Desk


How about a little Marmalade?


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