Aquarius East Deck Demolition August 2017

Aquarius East Deck Demolition    August 2017


The East Deck of Aquarius demolition proceeds at a fast pace. This is to prepare the new deck with the T-Shape Infinite Beach Entry style swimming pool and several improvements according to the plans approved in January.

Also the demolition of all balconies is almost complete. The General Contractor  – Structural Restoration – announces that before the end of August it will start the work rebuilding the balconies of the South Tower of Aquarius. Recently the Board approved an extension on the width of the balconies. The North and the South facing balconies will be 6 inches wider. This will more than offset the 3 inches needed for the installation of the modern glass railings.

All this is part of the 40 Year Re Certification exercise. So far, even with many rainy days, the master schedule is being kept.

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The Passing of Rochelle Stern

The Passing of Rochelle Stern


We are sorry to inform the passing of Rochelle Stern, Apartment 1101 S.  Our hearts go out to her husband Lazlo Stern and the family

The funeral is Friday, August 11, 2017    at 3:00 pm at:

  • Levitt Weinstein Beth David 
  • 3201 NW 72nd Avenue
  • Hollywood, FL 33024


Shiva wil be held Sunday August 13 at Apt. 1101 S  10:00 to 4:00 pm.



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Would you have time to close your windows shutters?

Would you have the time to close your windows shutters?


There is no doubt that Windows Shutters offer a proven protection in the case of a strong storm. But sometimes the storms arrive without early warning. Would you have the time to close your shutters in a case like this video:

Would you have time to close your windows shutters?

These water spouts are very rare in the Southern Hemisphere.  This one in Brasil was seen in 2015.

The Northern Hemisphere seems to be more vulnerable to water spouts. At the Florida Keys  they are very frequent. The good side is that very seldom the touch the shore. Until they do.


You can have more information on this weather phenomenon at     HERE





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Dear Resident: Some notes on Impact Windows: It’s Time to Act

Dear Resident: Some notes on Impact Windows

A couple of weeks ago a resident of the South Tower had made her mind. She really wanted Impact Windows in her apartment. She asked me for some information. Bellow the e-mail I sent to her. Very few changes. I believe the information is of value for many – South Tower or North Tower. Please read it and call me if you need to talk. Time is of essence.


Dear Resident

Here a list of Impact Windows vendors that have worked at Aquarius. I ignore any complains but I do not recommend any of them. The choice must be yours after due diligence. Be aware that there are many other providers of Impact Windows in Broward County.


“”Removal and re installation of the storm shutters   (Construction Committee Meeting Minutes of February 23, 2017)


The reoccurring question about storm shutters removal, re installation and potential additional cost to the owners was asked by the Aquarius resident. Hillman confirmed their previous explanation on this subject by the following statement:

 a) All qualified shutters will be removed during the construction and reinstalled back with no additional cost to the owners. 

Qualified shutters are: 

1) Installed after 1996 

2) Installed with permit 

3) Must be operational.


 b) Most shutters installed before 1996 are not qualified due to the changes in building code. Contractor will remove shutters, but it will be the owner’s responsibility to pay for new shutters or replace existing windows and doors with the impact windows and doors. 


At 11am today  [February 2017] , the BOD arranged presentations by three impact windows and doors contractors.[ The Board had organized presentations on the subject last year, this was another one]  Hopefully, the information presented will help owners in making this tough decision.

 Impact Windows Installers:

  Coastline Windows & Doors, James Monteagut954-658-5322

 Action Window & Glass, J.Scott Sandstrom954-294-3553 

 Broward Impact, Joe Marshall, 954-922-0606 

 Hanes Hurricane Shutters, 954-458-6866 

Each Aquarius unit must have either storm shutters or Hurricane impact windows and doors. 

The cost of association Master Insurance is significantly discounted because of storm shutters and/or impact window and doors. The absence of shutter in units without impact windows and doors will result in the loss of discount, therefore increasing the association insurance cost.””


My take:

I would recommend you and any resident interested in having Impact Windows installed in their units to start contacting several vendors so the work can start as soon as the 40 year Re-Cert exercise is complete. This means as soon as the balconies are ready. The units can not be left without protection. If the installation of the windows is not consecutive the old shutters (if eligible)  must re installed. It this happens and you decide to have impact windows this cost to install the shutters will be added to the cost to remove the shutters.

Please ask for additional information at the Management Office about this topic.

In the blog we have several posts addressing the Impact Windows issue.

Of particular interest are:

Specifications for the installation of impact windows at Aquarius

Should you wait for a group discount?         

Very Good Reasons for having Impact Windows 

Please note that the information presented here is my individual responsibility. The Office Management and the Board of Directors are not responsible for it.

Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

With the best wishes 

Cecilio-Augusto Berndsen

703-439-4902  mobile


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Where is the East Deck Aquarius Swimming Pool?

Where is the East Deck Aquarius Swimming Pool?


The demolition of the Aquarius East Deck. With the target date to have all South Tower Balconies and the East Deck demolished by the end of August 2017 (if the weather helps), the work has been going on is brisk pace.

The noise and the dust are a problem but we all know that the results are going to be very good.

About half of the Balconies of the South Tower have been demolished. When this step is complete next job is the reinforcement of the steel bars and new concrete that resists a pressure of 6 ton.  Right now the old balconies had a dangerous concrete under the compression ratio of 2 ton. 

For the residents that are not in the property some pictures give an idea of the progress of the 40 Re-Cert progress.

August 5

August 3

August 2


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What Color Building Would You Prefer?

What Color Building Would You Prefer?


It is time to paint the Aquarius exterior. For around 10 years we had it white. White like so many high-class building in the neighborhood. Just look at Beach Club, Apogee, Hyde, Diplomat Hotel and Diplomat Residence (not the Convention Center), Palms, Trump and so many others.

There are some residents that would like some color. Some would like it white.

These two buildings down the street give a good idea of the contrast pure white versus color. They are 1701 and 1601 South Ocean Drive. Cambridge Towers and Oxford Tower. The Wellington is pure white with a very light blue accent from the glass balconies railings. Cambridge used several tonalite of beige, coffee, caramel with white windows and doors.

What is nicer? Clean white and with the light accent of the glass balconies railings or  color stripes? What is more modern, appealing and cleaner look?  What of the is more classic looking, with a more conservative traditional view?

You are the judge.

Now lets see how Aquarius could look like.

Aquarius today. Full white. A more modern and clean look.


Aquarius in 1999. Used several colors predominantly dark gray and white showing a more conservative and seventies look.

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Eugenia Rosen is with us no more

Eugenia Rosen is with us no more

It is very sad to inform that Eugenia Rosen will have her farewell event today.

Eugenia Rosen a very friendly and active Aquarius Community member leaves behind her long-term companion Michael Alpert and many friends at the building and any places she went and would always spread her lovely smile and positive lively attitude.

The religious ceremony and burial  was at the:



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Impact Windows: Are You Sure You Want to Wait?

Impact Windows: Are You Sure You Want to Wait?

Since last year the Unit Owners of Aquarius had several presentations regarding Impact Windows.

The advantages of Impact Windows over Metal Shutters are many. Safety, convenience, resale value, energy efficiency are just a few.

In the beginning of the year a large group of owners was interested in improving their apartments with these storm resistant windows. With the development of the 40 Year Re Certification project the interest increased. A number of owners recorded their interest in a list. In this blog many posts showed the many aspects of impact windows installation.

A list of interest owners, a list of some vendors that have done some installations and the engineering recommended standards of the materials of impact windows.

A group of owners has looked for group discounts for some months. So far we have not seen any results from this group.

Some have pointed out that the installation of impact windows in the South Tower is problematic – in reality only the windows of the bedrooms and kitchen can get new windows. The balconies are off limits during the 40 Year Recertification.

Some owners in the North Tower have decided to install their Impact Windows without further delay. Some are done and happy. Some others are afraid to lose the opportunity to install their windows when the balconies reconstruction begins – what will happen in less than 35 weeks. They signed their contracts and wait for the imminent installation.

In addition, the prices are creeping up. Should you wait or should you hire a Window Installer now? This is a question that only you can answer. It is important point out some aspects:

  • You are not hiring the first Installer. You will ask around for cost estimates. This takes time.
  • You need a Construction Permit from the City of Hollywood. This takes time.
  • The materials take time to be available. It is necessary in most cases 8 weeks or more.
  • Prices have increased recently.
  • Once the construction starts in the North Building all you can do is to install the windows in the bedrooms and kitchen. The balcony  Impact Glass must wait until the balcony is rebuilt.
  • If you do it now the waterproofing will be done again by the General Contractor (Structural). The bottom line: you get the waterproofing by the Impact Windows Vendor of your choice and a second coat done by the Contractor paid with the special assessment. No problems with fixing up paint, mortar or finish that the removal of metal shutters may cause.

Remember when a something is too good to be true … it is probably not worth the wait.

Cecilio Augusto Berndsen, Member of the Aquarius Board

List of  Owners Interested in Impact Windows. This list if of March 2017. Several Owners have already their impact windows installed. Clik here for the liste

Click Here for Impact Windows Specifications

Should I have Impact Windows?  Many reasons why Impact Windows may be smart invetiment. Click Here

You may want talk with other Aquarius Owners considering Impact Windows. Clike HERE


Reasons why you may gain safety



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Easy Yoga – every Tuesday and every Friday 1:00 PM

Easy Yoga –  every Tuesday and every Friday 1:00 PM – Cascade Room


 Mary, the instructor is out-of-town. Arkady Chase is out-of-town. The other guy is out for a couple of weeks. Is the Easy Yoga still going on?

Yes, Yes, Yes. Rain or ShineImage result for rain or shine free clip art

If you have any questions please call:

  • Bea Kriss ( N 307 ) tel.  954-920-9622 or
  • Joseph Paez (Aquarius Security Director)  786-355-9974

They will answer any questions.

Come, try it, you’ll like it. We accept participants from 5 to 110 years old. 

If you can’t come you still can do it at home. It is good for you, I was told. The 1 hour Yoga clip with Tatis Cervantes is right here. Just follow it.



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The Balconies Demolition Advances at Aquarius

The Balconies Demolition Advances at Aquarius

July 2017

Now 8 balconies at the South face of South Tower are down. With the favorable weather the pace of the 40 Year Re Certification project will increase.

In addition the demolition of the East Deck should start very soon.


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