News on the Gym Bathrooms from the desk of the President

LOGO WATERNews on the Gym Bathrooms from the desk of the President


Finally today, after 10 working days of plumbing leak repairs, changing  PVC pipes to cast iron, and other changes required to meet the code, we reached a milestone by having Passed the inspection.

We were not able to call for a rough in inspection to close the walls, start water proofing of various areas and progressing with any type of tile work thus far. Hopefully, now we can get the other inspection scheduled for Monday, the city inspection office is closed on Fridays.

We have already passed the mechanical and electrical inspections. We can also schedule closing of ceiling and start repair work required in the Green room.

Will keep you posted.

Buck Gupta (from the iPhone)  12-1-16



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An Update on the 40 Year Re-certification Program of Aquarius

LOGO A An Update on the 40 Year Re-certification Program of Aquarius


This message was e-mailed to Aquarius Condo. Association members. Nov. 30, 2016:

This mailing is to keep all of the unit owners up to date as to the work mandated by the Forty Year Recertification on our balconies and on the East pool deck.

Some of you have attended all or some of the construction meetings which take place every Thursday, but many of you have not.  At each meeting our engineer and Landscape Architect reports to the construction committee members and answers questions from the floor.  It is always informative and most of all puts many unfounded rumors to rest.


 Our engineers have prepared a scope of work to repair or replace our balconies.   Several weeks ago tests were conducted on the balconies.  These tests showed a substantial degradation of the compressive strength of the concrete to 25% to 50% of its original strength.  Because some people were not happy with the results they engaged an engineering firm to write a letter questioning the method used.  This firm did not come to the Building nor did it inspect any of the balconies but simply relied on what they were told.  Because of this, the scope of the study was increased and RAS, an engineering firm with no affiliation with our engineering firm, was hired to conduct the redundant  work.  Samples were taken from twenty units chosen randomly.  This was at an additional cost of $12,545.00 and a two-week delay, and it simply confirmed the accuracy of the previous study.The test conclusions confirmed that all our balconies will have to be replaced.  Replacing the balconies will take less time and substantially less money per square foot to replace rather than repair.   Contractors were provided with bid packets and six contractors bid on the project.  Estimated completion time for the project to be 20 to 22 months.

 East Pool Deck:

Several workshops and many construction committee meetings were held for several months in order to present the suggested design for the mandated replacement of the East pool and the East pool deck.

Due to the severe deterioration of the pool and the deck, both must be totally removed and replaced.  Since these items will necessitate a substantial expenditure of funds, Landscape Architect Consultants, Inc. was retained to give us suggestions as to how to improve the layout from its current configuration.  Because of requests by unit owners to have a 6′ deep pool in order to swim laps, and also owner requests for an easy entry for disabled persons, the Landscape  Architect suggested a T shaped pool which would allow a 6′ depth for swimming and the leg would allow for a beach type entry.  Because of requests for more seating in the sun, the Landscape Architect suggested that the pool be moved away from the edge of the deck to allow a second row of seating along the ocean and also along the Trump property.

The sun shade structure is to remain in approximately the same place as it is now, either in canvas as it is now, or replaced with a lowered hurricane proof permanent structure.   All of the planters must be removed and only a few will be replaced allowing for more space.  There were requests for a built-in barbecue, for a covered area with or without a bar with tables and seating, and a louvered hurricane proof permanent structure to replace the awning by the restaurant.  The Landscape Architect put all of these requests into his design.     Check here for the renditions    It opens in a new tab

A bid package will be prepared and distributed after final decisions are made on the design.

The membership will be asked to consider all of these suggestions and to vote as to whether we want to spend a little more money to get a lot more from our pool and deck.

Aquarius Beautifulagain <>


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Evaluations of the Construction firms participating in the Aquarius 40 Year Re-Cert Bid

LOGO BLUEEvaluations of the Construction firms participating in the Aquarius 40 Year Re-Cert Bid

In November 2016 Aquarius Condominium Association with the specifications prepared by Hillman Engineering, asked for proposals to conduct the required concrete and electrical repair to satisfy the legal requirements of the 40 Year Re Certification program. This exercise is required by the Broward County to assure the safety and integrity of 40 years old buildings.

The following firms presented proposal that are under consideration with the purpose to find the best fit for the needs of Aquarius.

These evaluations are just indicators of past performance of the Construction firms (General Contractors, commonly called GC’s). Two organizations were consulted: BuildZoom and Better Business Bureau. Here the results:

Carousel Development and Restoration: (West Palm Beach)

Build Zoom:

Their BuildZoom score of 122 ranks in the top 1% of 191,428 Florida licensed contractors.

Carousel Development and Restoration Inc has a BuildZoom score of 122, which places them above 99% of 191,428 contractors in Florida.

Projects with public value disclosure average:  $243K   — 287 projects in the last 11 years

BBB not accredited, rate: A  +


Coast to Coast G.Contractors , Hollywood Fl

Coast to Coast General Contractors, Inc has a BuildZoom score of 123, which places them above 99% of 191,428 contractors in Florida.

Permits average $ 880K     219 projects in 11 years.

BBB since 1999, A + rate from BBB


National Concrete Preservation  – Miami, FL

Their BuildZoom score of 124 ranks in the top 1% of 191,428 Florida licensed contractors.

Permits average: $ 292 K         230 projects in 11 years

BBB: not accredited      NR rate (no rate)

Bengoa Construction,  Hollywood, FL

Their BuildZoom score of 121 ranks in the top 1% of 191,428 Florida licensed contractors.

Permits average:  $  137 K    86 projects in 9 years

No BBB eval. – firm not in BBB database


Strcutural  Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, Fl (Pompano Beach, FL   alias: Structural Preservation Systems

A + rating of BBB – Structural is not BBB accredited

BuildZoom does not have a file on this firm. Strucutural has branches in many East Coast locations. The office for our area (Ft Lauderdale & Miami territory) is in Pompano Beach. They have conducted very large projects from Stadiums to Nuclear Plants.



Since there are many firms with similar names it is important to specify full name of the firm and its location. Structural with many offices does not have evaluations, for example.

Given the size of these firms they do not have evaluations in places like Yelp, Angie’s List and Home Advisor. These evaporators are dedicated to home improvement.

Of course these reviews are not enough to determine a final decision. Serious analysis of the proposals and solid negotiations are necessary to achieve the best fit to the Condo needs.



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New Look for Aquarius East Deck

This gallery contains 7 photos.

New Look for Aquarius East Deck   As it is well-known the Aquarius East Deck needs to be replaced. The cost to put it back exactly as it is a little less than to make notable improvements aligning the area … Continue reading

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The Aquarius Balconies Concrete Strength Tests

LOGO BLUEThe Aquarius Balconies Concrete Strength Tests


The 40 Year Recertification Exercise mandated by the County of Broward focus on two main variables: general structural sturdiness and electrical installation safety. With the purpose to have Aquarius Condominium pass the 40 certification Hillman Engineering, the firm hired by the Condo, conducts a complete survey of the concrete of the building. The Valet and West Decks have been considered satisfactory given their recent restoration in 2014 and 2015. The attention now has been on the East Deck and the Balconies. The visual and auditory test has determined the need to total restoration of the East Deck.

The Balconies of the building were also tested a second time. The first test was conducted in 2014 and indicated extensive areas requiring attention. In the current 2016 another comprehensive test was conducted. The findings of 2014 were confirmed with additional areas of concern. Given the extension of problem areas is was recommended a total replacement of the balconies of the building. To better justify this recommendation a “Concrete Cores Compressive Strength Testing” (ATSM C-39) was conducted in 6 balconies. The results can be seen in the table bellow. The desired and safe benchmark of 4000 psi (pounds per square inch) was achieved  by just one of the core tests. This was a clear confirmation of the visual and auditory tests conducted. The  test was performed by Florida Engineering & Testing, Inc. Their full report can be seen here.

Some owners found that additional tests were necessary. The engineering firm Hillman, the Construction Committee and the Board of Directors felt that this request would help in making crystal clear the need to replace the balconies. Another firm was commissioned to independently test the concrete: RS Engineering, P.A., of Hallandale, FL.  To complete a grand total of 10% of the balconies  20 balconies were random selected. Now we have 26 balconies tested.  The  RAS report on the 20 balconies can be seen here.   4 pages

The  results were very similar to the previous 6 balconies tested. This makes very clear that the total replacement is needed.

Not only the above 45% of area of balconies is compromised in visual and auditory tests as the strenght of the concrete is well bellow the minimum 4000 psi. Fourty five percent is a recomended limit to repair or replace. If the area is under 45% and the rest of the concrete is in good condition repair is recommended. It the repair area is over 45% replacement is not only better in financial terms as the construction time can be abbreviated. Another advantage is that the area replace will offer less opportunity for future piece meal repairs.


Average of the Concrete Tested in
26 Aquarius Balconies:  1946.769  psi

Minimum safety level:  4000 psi

RAS Engineering, P.A.    Tests conducted 11-3-2016

Unit        Compressive Strength in psi

1          1504 S        1744                    RAS Report here
2         1602 N        1737
3          1102 S        1732
4           702 S        1742
5          1801 S        1721
6         1204 N        1742
7          1401 S        1689
8         1401 N        1704
9          406 S        1750
10       1601 S        1850
11         708 S        1737
12      1605 N        1744
13       805 N        1737
14     1208 N        1689
15       708 N         1766
16     1403 N        1599
17      1206 S        1766
18     1001 S        1737
19       307 S        1744
20      304 N        1726

Florida Engineering & Testing, done in 8/11/2016
unit     psi strength                   Full Report click HERE

1       5-4        1180
2      8-3        1970
3      1-9        2600
4      4-9        2070
5      8-2        2980
6      5-9        5160


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Very Busy End of Year at Aquarius

LOGO AVery Busy End of Year at Aquarius


Not only we have had Sunday meetings, Membership Meetings, Board Meetings as the activity continues:

Here is a partial list of activities and meetings planned  for November and December. Some activities are missing and dates are tentative.


17  Construction Committee Meeting (weekly)

17  Regular Monthly Meeting of the Board of Directors

18  Final day for bidders for the Construction of the 40 Year Re certification exercise (we expect at least 5 offers)

22. Special Board Meeting to open and start evaluation of the General Contractors offers for the 40 Year Re-certification Exercise

23 Membership Meeting to confirm if the installation of fire sprinklers will be waived

24 Festive Thanksgiving celebration at the Aqua Restaurant (fee required)


5  Presentation of the Ygrene program. Financing of Impact Storm Resistant  Windows (tentative). This is voluntary program that allows the windows to be financed in long term with fiscal incentives.

6 Last day to show your appreciation to the Aquarius dedicated staff. Fifty dollars minimum suggested. Any amount accepted. Please be generous. Share the wealth and count your blessings.

8 2017 Budget Meeting to determine Regular Assessment for 2017 – maintenance fees

8  Candidates for the Board present their intention to run

18 (TBA) Christmas & Hanukkah  pot luck Aquarius Condo. Association organized and sponsored (Social Committee)

January 2017

20 Elections of Board of Directors

To be determined:

  • Special Assessment to cover 40 Year Re Certification effort.
  • Approval of “Material Alteration” covering: East Deck, Balconies, and several other items to be proposed.

How important is your participation? Very important






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Aquarius will have the Gym back in January of 2017

AQUARIUS-3D logoAquarius will have the Gym back in January of 2017


All those that use the Aquarius Gym have only a temporary Gym installed in the Alcove near the Library. There a bare skeleton of what is our Gym offers a few exercise machines. The reason is the full remodeling of the Gym Bathroom and Spa project.

The target date now is January of 2017. A few PVC pipes found by the Inspector of the City of Hollywood have to be removed. These pipes that were under the floor of the Men’s and the Ladies facilities were revealed when new drains were installed. This constitutes a fire hazard and iron pipes need to be installed. Also a few details of the electrical installation require repair. Some very old repairs were performed without much attention to the Building Code.

Now when the Gym reopens we will have not only a aesthetically attractive bathrooms and spas as we will have safe Code complainant  that could be used without leaks and accidents for many years to come. The sacrifice and the cost will pay out.

Check the revised schedule recently presented by the General Contractor T & T. Bellow a  series of recent pictures of the work in progress at the Gym/

2016-11-16gym-bath-scheduleClick any picture to start a slides show of the work under way in the Aquarius Gym.


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Regarding the Aquarius Washing Machines Proceeds Collections

LOGO BLUERegarding the Aquarius Washing Machines Proceeds Collections


The Board of Directors of the Aquarius Condominium Association would like to make clear that:

  1. Linda Satz, Director Secretary of the Board has collected the coins from the Aquarius washing machines and dryers since January 2015. In this period the Board had 3 Presidents: Messrs. John Yousef, Ilya Gonorovsky and Buck Gupta. She is the only person authorized to perform these collections.
  1. Ms. Satz has done, among many other tasks, this job dutifully. She also makes the regular and timely deposits in the Association Bank Account.
  1. At this point the actual Board would like to renew our total trust and confidence in Ms. Satz and thank her for her dedication, hard work and devotion for a better Aquarius Condominium.


Hollywood, November 2016.

Bhagwan (Buck) Gupta
Cecílio Augusto Berndsen
Victor Rocha
Judith Ort


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Chair Yoga at Aquarius JOIN US Every Tuesday 1:00 PM

Logo_black Chair Yoga at Aquarius   Join Us

chair-yogaCome to the CHAIR YOGA class.          All levels welcome.              It is healthy and fun.    Every Tuesday 1:00 PM

Call Zina C.   954-251-7008 or

Emma  954-241-4620  for details

Classes start November 1st., 2016  1:00 pm






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Aquarius Notice of Reconvening Special Membership Meeting


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