A Note from Eugenia Rosen September 24, 2016

A Note from Eugenia Rosen          September 24, 2016


eugeniarosenThis morning Eugenia Rosen, South Tower, asked to put in writing some of her thoughts.

She is very thankful to the Board of Directors of Aquarius that the Jewish holidays are being observed. She is especially attentive that for the Aquarius Meeting of October 4 there was a change of schedule to respect the Rosh Hashana – Jewish New Year.

She is also very pleased that the Yom Kippur  — Day of Atonement has been declared a non  working day at the building.

The idea, says Eugenia R., is that the community is diverse. Celebrating and respecting this diversity makes all living in here more aware, more congenial, more appreciative of other cultures and their traditions. At the end all live in a stronger and better community where conflict is replaced by harmony, dissent by consensus and competitiveness is replaced by collaboration.

The fact that the Board of Director is attentive and respectful of the several beliefs present in the Aquarius Association is very positive and conducive to the well-being of all.

Eugenia Rosen







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Roni Komie on the Rosenthal & Quintaro Wedding 9/18/2016

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Roni Komie on the Rosenthal & Quintaro Wedding  9/18/2016 Rosenthal/ Quintaro Weddding On Sunday, September 18, 2016, my son, Jonathan got married here at The Aquarius. The ceremony was in the Cascade Room and the reception was in the card … Continue reading

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Important Meetings – Your Participation is Very Important Sept. 26 & 29 and Oct. 4

Logo blue girlImportant Meetings – Your Participation is Very Important


In the following weeks we have very important meetings with serious impact on the return of Aquarius to its condition of Jewel of the Beach. It is of major importance that all owners come and participate so the information is shared and the full understanding is achieved.

All meetings are in the Cascade Room

September 26:  2:00 PM   — Workshop with Bill Coleman discussing the required vote on Sprinkler Retrofit waver and changes in the some governance items.

September 29:  6:30 PM — The monthly open Board of Directors Meeting. Progress Report, Committees Reports, Financial Review, Managers Reports among items to be aired.

October 4:  7:30 PM  —  Owners of Aquarius Meeting to wave mandatory Fire Sprinkler System and change of some Condominium Association items related to governance.

atencao_animeThe complete package with for this highly relevant meeting can be downloaded here
–  This is a large document, please be patient it may take some time pending your internet service provider.



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Aquarius Mini Gym September 2016

LOGO LADYAquarius Mini Gym     September 2016



As many Aquarius residents are aware we are refurbishing the Gym Bathrooms. This work will provide the community with an  40 + years update. It will make the place safer, more comfortable with all vapor and dry saunas working.

Unfortunately during the construction it is not possible to keep the Gym open. It is not safe and it will delay the construction exercise. In an attempt to minimize the inconvenience a “MINI GYM” has been installed in the Alcove (between the Library and the Cascade Room).  There we have four stationary bikes, one treadmill and two inversion equipment.

The always caring Harry Smith selected the machines that have the most use and that could be transported without danger of breakage. He is studying the possibility to bring some free weights to complement this make-up, temporary mini gym.

Click on any picture and start the slide show using the arrows.


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Status of Aquarius South Tower Electrical Elevators Power Feed 2016

Status of Aquarius South Tower Electrical Elevators Power Feed

This is the condition of electrical conduits supplying power to our elevators in south tower similar to what we found in North tower causing emergency shut down the other week .

This is what we have for neglecting maintenance for number of years. We should post it on Web and invite unit owners specially engineers to volunteer to fix the problem.

Bhagwan (Buck) Gupta, BOD President   09/19/2016


Aquarius Property Management A|P is getting proposals from specialized firms to address the problem.

Construction Committee meeting of September 22 will address this item. Please attend.


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Aquarius Gym Gets a New Roof September 2016

. Aquarius Gym Gets a New Roof      September 2016


After a couple of days of intense rain Best Roof could start working in the replacement of the Aquarius Gymnasium Building roof. A series of photos show the progress of the work.

Now let’s enjoy 20 years with no leaks in the Gym with its warranty against hurricanes. This is what one can call peace of mind.

Day one - demolition of the old roof - September 14

Day one – demolition of the old roof – September 14


Second day - September 15

Second day – September 15


Third day - The work goes on.  September 16

Third day – The work goes on.


September 17 – The work is almost done!

The roof of the Gym should be done very soon. The firm Best Roof will give the work as finished and the S & D Engineering will verify and certify the work according to the specifications of the bid.



The robber dog

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Landscape Architect for Aquarius 2016

Logo blue girlLandscape Architect for Aquarius         2016


Aquarius Condominium Association is actively working to satisfy the  Law mandate 40 Year Recertification requirement. Hillman Engineering is verifying the structural, electrical and other components of building that once repaired and recertified will assure about next 10 years of safe enjoyment.

This Law came to Broward County after the example of Miami-Dade. To avoid fatalities and unnecessary danger Miami-Dade County instituted this re-certification program that looks for any aspects that presents danger or is otherwise unsafe in large structures as is the case of Aquarius. Broward County that is in the same climate conditions adopted very similar rules that aim to give the dwellers of these structures peace of mind and safety that they deserve. This is us.

The East Deck, the East Deck Pool and several of Aquarius balconies are going to be subject of concrete restauration. The work of Hillman Engineering is to point out where the reconstruction is necessary. After the demolition and the subsequent rebuilt a there is the opportunity to improve the look and use of these areas. It not enough to just rebuilt everything as it was before. New plans – even if they look exactly as they look now – need to be prepared so the engineering constructing firm can finalize their job.

With this need in mind the Board of Directors, working with the management firm Atlantic Pacific and Hillman Engineering, started a selection process to contract “LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT FIRM.”

On September 8 there was a special meeting where two firms presented their ideas, background and references.

The majority of the Aquarius Board of Directors is very much impressed with the work of the firm Landscape Design Workshop.

It may seem premature to commit such important endeavor after only two presentations. That is not the case. Several firms were invited:

Tony Grimaldi Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architect Consultants, Inc.

Savino Miller

KWDesign Landscape Architecture

Michael E. Pirich, Landscape Architect, P.A.

Rhett Roy

For a variety of reasons they could avail themselves for our needs. Many of them could only engage in the preparation of plans after the month of November. Too late for Aquarius.

Want see a draft prepared for Aquarius in 2009 when the Association was planning to start this work?   CLICK HERE

Coming soon the General Contractors list. The list of Concrete Restauration firm that have been invited to make presentations to the Board and to the Owners of Aquarius.








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Aquarius celebrates Labor Day September 5th, 2016

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Aquarius celebrates Labor Day   September 5th, 2016   After singing “Happy Birthday to You” to Lisel Meyer and Irma Deutsch more than 70 Aquarius Community members went to the Aquarius Restaurant to enjoy some hamburgers, franks, chicken, salad and of … Continue reading

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Lisel Meyer and Irma Deutsch: 100 Years Celebration!

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Lisel Meyer and Irma Deutsch: 100 Years Celebration!   Many members of the Aquarius Community came to celebrate the 100 years of two of their distinguished members. Lisel Meyer, a Holocaust Survivor and Irma Deutsch two ladies just completed, in … Continue reading

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Report on Aquarius Elevators by Carey Associates (2015)

Logo blue girlReport on Aquarius Elevators by Carey Associates  (2015)


Here an abstract of the findings of the survey on Aquarius Condo. Elevators. The document contains the recommendations from the special consultant Carey Associates. This survey was conducted in February of 2015. Most issues remain to be addressed.


For a complete view of the report Carey Associates please click HERE  This link goes to a new website that is under construction. Excuse the mess.



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