Live and Become March 24 at Aquarius

Live and Become         March 24 at Aquarius

6:30 some wine, 7:00 show at the Aquarius Library

VA, VIS ET DEVIENS (LIVE AND BECOME) (GO, SEE, AND BECOME)  a film in Hebrew, French & Amharic – English Legends.       Radu Mihaileanu, Director

7.9/10 IMDB       93% Audience,  Rotten Tomatoes   85% Tomatometer

12 wins & 7 nominations

Cultural confusion and the lack of true identity plague a young boy swept away from his mother during a joint American-Israeli rescue mission in director Radu Mihaileanu’s fact-based drama. … …Shaken to the core by the radically different culture of Israel, Schlomo does his best to adapt to his new surroundings as his presumed salvation slowly gives way to the inner decay of a fading identity. Rotten Tomatoes  

“Fundamental issues of ethnic and religious identity and the agony of exile are at the heart of Live and Become.”  Stephen Holden  New York Times, Top Critic

“Both a love story and inspirational tale of an individual finding peace with himself in a hostile environment.”     Jack Mathews  New York Daily News,  Top Critic


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Impact Windows for Aquarius – Group getting together to get discounts — UPDATE

Impact Windows for Aquarius – Group getting together to get discounts —- UPDATE


Dear Neighbors

A few days ago you got an email message regarding a group organized by Joel Cohen, 1401S,   tel.: 954-922-7988,

Mr. Cohen informs that more than 20 owners have contacted him and gave their names to negotiate a group discount for Impact Windows installations.

Mr. Cohen asks anybody interested in discount Impact Windows to not sign a contract before the group gets a better price. He says that there is strength in numbers.  If you have already signed a contract with a vendor you will probably not be eligible for any discount.

If you have not signed a contract and would like to explore the possibility of a discount please contact Joel Cohen as soon as possible.


copy of the message of 3.22.2017

Dear Neighbors                                                      March 22, 2017

Aquarius owners interested in having Impact Windows are forming a group to get discount from the vendors.
Mr. Joel Cohen is organizing the effort. He has already a number of interested neighbors.
Why don’t you give him a call and find if you also can benefit from a ‘group discount’ on Impact Windows?
Joel Cohen (1401/1408 South)   telephone is 954-922-7988    his email is
Why Impact Windows?
Check these links:


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Should Aquarius have a T-Shape Pool? Point and Counterpoint

Should Aquarius have a T-Shape Pool?  Point and Counterpoint

Mr. Scott Bennett, Apt. 302S believes changing the shape and location of the East Deck Pool is not a good idea. His opinion is preceded with an opposing view.   Point and Counterpoint.


March 24, 2017

Here some points that were agreed with by immense majority of three groups. The Board, the Construction Committee and many owners that participated in the 4 or 5 workshops during September, October and November with  Tom Laumbethal our Landscape Architect.

  1. Cost: Rebuilding the present pool with the semicircle corners is expensive, does not add use advantages and is not a modern conception.
  2. Cost: The new design costs about US $ 1.814 per unit in average. Smaller apartments will pay less and larger apartments would pay more. This is using Mr. Scott numbers 487/269=1814
  3. The Architect and the Engineer of record (Tom L. and Hillman) assure us that there will be no loss of parking spaces.
  4. Piles to support the new pool have to be done anyway. The present piles are being assisted by steel rods. This is necessary because the pool is sinking and the piles need to be removed and rebuilt. The removal and reconstruction may end up more costly than the new construction.
  5. Cost Benefit: Good point. In a building with 2 pools is may be difficult to assess the value of a new pool shape. It must be considered the other benefits such as offering more space for the favorites spots. At any sunny day we see pool goers congregating at the east rail with sea view and at the Northeast corner. Circulation in these areas is very difficult and dangerous. The new pool location will grant ample space for sunbathing and free movement. Did I say that it will be possible to have the double of chairs and lounges there?
  6. Three pools in one? (1)  Many residents have grand-kids. The present pool is not welcoming to small persons. The beach access solves this problem. (2) Also the access for people with mobility challenges is facilitated. The beach entry allows for easy pool entry. (3) Finally the swimmers are today confined on their laps to early morning and late afternoon. It is difficult to swim what the pool is crowded. The deep end will be less crowded because, we imagine, most people will congregate in the shallow areas of the pool.
  7. Another important factor: Touching – as we must to repair a crumbling structure – the pool may oblige Aquarius C.A. to conform to the American with Disabilities Act. In the present design a lift may be necessary. With the new T Shape design and beach access the ADA requirements are satisfied. No ugly dysfunctional lifts at the pool side.
  8. The T Shape, beach access (suave slope with no stairs), infinite pool look seems to be a sensible and smart design.

Cecílio Augusto Berndsen, 1005N –

This is a private owner opinion. This is not a Board of Directors note.




March 24, 2017


In my opinion, the answer is no because of inevitable loss of parking, increased cost without increase in value, minimal benefit and increased maintenance costs.


Without doing extensive research, moving the existing pool further west would  cause loss of parking.   Maybe you would not lose parking on the existing pool but you would have to move the external heating and cleaning equipment east of the pool.  However, when you add the T extension you are going to lose parking even though in some areas the pool may not be that deep to cause loss of parking due to the beach walk in concept.  You are still going to lose parking spaces.  The unit owners cannot afford loss of parking spaces.  In addition to the permanent loss of parking there will be greater loss of parking in and around the new pool area for an extended loss of time during the constructing of this added pool area.  

Support columns will have to be cut and strengthened.    I think that supporting a ceiling of concrete and supporting a pool holding approximately 1500 plus gallons of water which is approximately 6 plus tons of weight not including the weight of the pool structure would require stronger support.

Do you really want your car parked under hundreds of gallons of water?


The increased cost based on the Board’s estimate of $487,000 would cost each unit owner between $1,952 and $3,310 additional per unit.  Would the value of our units increase the same?  After talking to several realtors and looking by map at all of the condominiums along the ocean from Hallandale to Fort Lauderdale the evidence or lack thereof would not support any change in value of our units.

Would the new shaped pool increase the benefit to the unit owners as a whole or just a few?  There is no change in the linear footage along the ocean, the most desirable sitting area.  How often is the pool so crowded that you can’t find a desirable seat?  My apartment has a very good view of the east pool area.  I will tell you that there are limited times during the year when this occurs.

What is the point of the new proposed food bar in the pavilion area on the proposed architect drawing.  Your not suppose to bring food to the pool.  There already exists plenty of sitting areas outside and near the restaurant.  Why do we need to build an area for eating that will not be used.


Instead of causing loss of parking and adding a pool structure that will be of little use and will not add benefit or value why don’t we modernize the existing pool.  You can make it flush desk like the west pool.  You can add a waterfall.  You can put seats along the perimeter of the pool if you want.  You can put designs in and around the pool.  Add modern lights.  Just a few ideas to make the pool look nicer and more modern.    The cost would be substantially less and you would have a beautiful pool.  



If the suggested pool addition added value, benefit and beauty I would vote yes.  I am for beautification at the Aquarius and willing to pay for it when it makes good sense.

However, in my opinion it does not.  I suggest that you vote no.  In addition, if you have already voted yes  you can modify your vote to no by filing a new voting certificate.



On the other hand I suggest you vote yes to glass balconies.  My quick research showed that the change in value and beauty by having glass balconies would repay you for the entire cost of the 40 year certification and balcony modification.   I believe the facts showed that it would double your required investment in your beach side apartment .


Respectfully submitted


Scot A Bennett – 302S



P.S.: Why the blog publishes some opinions and not all opinions?  If the opinion is signed, dated, comes with a request for publication, it is not divisive, illegal or offensive it is most likely to show in the blog.

No anonymous material will be honored.


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Aquarius St. Patrick’s Celebration March 17, 2017

Aquarius St. Patrick’s Celebration  March 17, 2017


The 2017 Celebration of St. Patrick, Purim and St. Joseph was a great success. Many Aquarius Community members came to share great food and friendly conversation. The food was mostly the contribution of excellent cooks we have in the property. The names are too numerous to list. Anyway here the thanks and the appreciation for all delicious collaboration.

The thanks should be extended to the Aquarius Social Committee. Sherry Smith and a handful of hard working ladies made this nice gathering possible. It is not only coordinating the food contributions, but also the planing, the general organization, the decorating, the provision of utensils and all innumerable details the must be worked out before and after the party.

On behalf of the Board and the Aquarius Community thank you very much ladies:

The Irish Spirit was present in the party.

Sherry Smith, Social Committee Chair

Angela Perrone  

Ema Smith   

Lana Beckerman

Larissa Mitnsky

Linda Satz

Luba Finkelberg

Nancy Armen

Zina Bluband


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No interest payment of Special Assessment 2017? First Draw Notification

No interest payment of Special Assessment 2017?  First Draw Summary Payment Notification


For those Aquarius Community Members interested in paying the Special Assessment of 2017 without interest it is important to stay ahead to the amounts withdrawn from the credit line.

Click here for the first notification prepared by the Atlantic Pacific Director William Coleman      2017 03 01 First Draw Summary Payment Notification



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Aquarius Impact Windows – List of Owners Interested

Aquarius Impact Windows  – List of Owners Interested


Recently it was posted a quick note on the advantages of installing impact windows in the apartments of Aquarius. In this note it was also listed a number of windows vendors that have done some work at Aquarius.

You can read this note by clicking HERE

We have a list of owners that are interested in having their units protected by IMPACT WINDOWS.  You may be inclined to talk to them and find out their reasons to possible make this smart investment.  Click here for the list   2017 03 11 Owners Interested Impact Windows


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Membership Meeting – March 14th, 2017 Change Aquarius R & R

Very Important:          Aquarius Membership Meeting – March 14th, 2017  6:00 PM  

Cascade Room

Update: With a very broad margin the motion to bring the “material alteration” clause from needed 66% to 50% +1  was approved.            Congratulations Aquarius!

Change Aquarius R & R to permit “Material Alterations”

A quorum of 50% of the 269 apartment owners is needed. Even if you plan to be present please sign a proxy so the meeting can proceed. Even you plan to personally plan to attend the proxy is very important to assure quorum. Proxy forms available on the Management Office.

Let’s all work for a beautiful Aquarius.



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St.Patrick’s, Purim, St.Joseph’s

St.Patrick’s, Purim, St.Joseph’s

It does not matter what your holiday may be:  Let’s celebrate together!

Friday, March 17, 4:40 to 6:30 PM                                               Aquarius Green Room

Bring in a dish of your specialty, a big smile and your own beverages

RSVP a must by March 14        please call 

  • Larissa Mitnitsky  — 954-923-3624  or

  • Nancy Arman —  954-923-4540   or

  • Zina Bluband —  612-414-0601   or

  • Sharon Smith  —  954-922-8209

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Should I Have Impact Windows?

Should I Have Impact Windows?


A good number of owners have installed impact windows and doors in their apartments. The interest on impact windows has increased at Aquarius.  A list of owners interested in the impact windows installation got more than fifty names.

If you install the impact windows in your unit you will have several advantages:

  • Hurricane and Storm protection 100% 24 by 7 by 365 days of the year
  • External noise reduction. The windows are almost noise proof.
  • Energy costs – air conditioning – may be lowered up to 70%. Better insulation assures better thermal results.
  • Increase comfort. Insulation makes the internal temperature more stable. No more hot and then cold volatilities.
  • Ultra-Violet UV rays increased protection. Furniture and belongings protected from UV light. Less fabric fading and other materials deterioration.
  • Turtle lights code complaint.
  • Possible homeowners’ insurance premium discounts.
  • Increased the value of your property. Increased “curb appeal.”
  • Sash protection.
  • Make Aquarius beautiful without eyesore and dangerous shutters.

Image result for woman in windowsMoreover, the most important factor of all: Peace of mind. Never worry if your shutters have been properly closed. The protection of your apartment is permanent. Being in your apartment or being away the storm and hurricane protection is there for your undisturbed enjoyment.

A very important factor at this time in Aquarius: The installation of Impact Windows now will assure that one’s unit is fully waterproofed by the 40 Year Re-Certification Project. Windows installed now will be double-checked for waterproofing. If installation is done after the 40 year exercise waterproofing will done by the windows vendor but the opportunity of the double check by the firm in charge of the 40-year project will be gone.

The insurance policy of the Aquarius Condominium determines that every unit must be hurricane proof. This rule is also in the by-laws. In the last storm threat Mathew – October 2016, it was impossible to close many units’ shutters. It is the obligation of every unit owner to have fully functional protection.  If shutters do not close and the storm penetrates the apartment it is possible to damage other units. Would the owner insurance policy cover this? Probably not.  Only a costly umbrella insurance policy would be able to cover such catastrophe.

Image result for woman in windowsThe Board of Directors of Aquarius encourages every unit owner to consider carefully the installation of Impact Windows.

Here some vendors that have done some work in the building. The Board or the Management does not endorse or recommend any of this vendors, but there are no complains of the work they performed at Aquarius.

  • Coastline Windows and Doors —  954-776-5827 Nancy or J. Monteagut 954-658-5322
  • Hanes Hurricane Shutters and Windows — 954-6866 Allie
  • Impact Windows and Glass —-  954-294-3553 J. Scott S.
  • Broward Impact and Door —-   954-922-0606   J. Marshall

Make your home more secure and your Aquarius building gorgeous  –  install Impact Windows now! It looks great from the inside and from the outside!

Important questions to ask before hiring a vendor (1) Warranty? (2) Delivery time? (3) Permits? (4) Shutters removal? (5) License? (6) Liability and Workmen’s Comp. policies? Out of the door comprehensive cost?


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Channel 10 TV News at Aquarius: Again?!?!


Channel 10 TV News
at Aquarius: Again?!?!


Some Aquarius residents, many of them that lost the recent elections to the Board of Directors and are unhappy with the 40 Year Recertification exercise in progress, brought Channel 10 TV News to Aquarius again.

Their intent seems aimed to intimidate the community and paralyze the effort to bring the Aquarius Condominium to a safe condition. Not only these manifestations reflect a disdain for the community as they reflect a lack of respect for the Law, Construction Codes, safety and security of all.

In the last decade this group seems to have been successful intimidating past Boards of Directors and residents preventing most initiatives to recover and rebuild the property to prosper.

This is not true anymore. The present Board feels that a strong community support exists to do the right thing. The present Board will not yield to scare tactics. The community seems to be unhappily surprised with these attempts to stop sane measures. These ill-conceived attempts depress the value of our property by spreading words that devastate the Aquarius Condominium reputation.

The details of this shameful action are well described by a letter Victor Rocha wrote. It is transcribed bellow.

It is also interesting to read the reactions of several conscientious owners disgusted with the actions so negative to our community life. Here are just the written notes. It would be hard to reproduce the countless phone calls and hallway recriminatory comments the Board received.

Dominic Facchini, Diane Benson, Susan Spain, Zakh and Zina Bluband, Paul Wilk, Pamela and Kenny Ippolito, Paul Finfer, Valerie Girard are some that have manifest their disbelief with what happened February 23. You are encouraged to manifest your opinion. Scroll past Victor Rocha’s letter to see what they wrote.



Letter from Victor Rocha, the Board of Directors Treasurer of Aquarius

February 24, 2017

Dear Aquarians,


I hope each and every one of you is doing very well.

As a member of the Board I must inform you regarding the intrusion by Channel 10 news into our home on February 23rd, 2017.

Regretfully, this intrusion was secretly coordinated and or assisted by none other than one of our members who ran for the Board of Directors during the last election, Mr. Robert Leviyev. Evidence gathered from our security cameras and access point logs captures this individual, secretly and without authorization, allowing the Channel 10 crew into the West Parking Lot, thereby circumventing the valet parking.

To further exacerbate the situation, the video and access point evidence also captures Mr. Leviyev letting the Channel 10 crew in through the pedestrian gate of the parking lot into our home, completely circumventing our security team.

It was also reported that Ira Bell was seen across the street with the Channel 10 reporters. Mr. Leviyev, Mr. and Mrs. Sapozhnikov, Ilya Gonorovsky, Albert Volchek, Boris Goldberg, Edward Khemelevsky, Constantine Visnozsky, Nusin Stern, Sam and Luci Lev and others then proceeded to Green Room and interrupted some residents who were playing cards and proceeded to have a meeting with the Channel 10 News crew.

Several of our residents were thereafter accosted by the Channel 10 crew while relaxing by the pool. Mr. Levier’s and others’ reckless behavior yesterday resulted in an unnecessary invasion of our residents’ privacy while they were trying to relax and enjoy their home.

The Board is alarmed by this behavior and regrets that you, our residents, were inconvenienced in such an underhanded manner. The board will be reviewing this matter and will assess the appropriate sanctions to those residents who violated the rules of the Association and breached our security measures. Once again, the Board deeply regrets the unlawful and unauthorized intrusion by Channel 10 news yesterday and will have our attorneys contact Channel 10 to have them cease and desist from further trespassing on our property.


Have a beautiful evening!

Victor E. Rocha

Aquarius Board of Directors Treasurer


Dominic Facchini    <      February 28, 2017


To the BOD

It is obvious that these residents who took part in this disrespectful action against the remaining Aquarius residents have no intention of bringing our home up to the safety standards that is required by law.

They fail to see that the most important factors in community living are a Safe, Secure and Healthy environment to all residents, employees and visitors to the community.

My wife and I applaud the Board for donating their time and hard work to accomplish and complete what needs to be done.

Buck, Linda, Victor, Judith and Cecílio please don’t give up on us now; your hard work is not going unappreciated.

Our property values will be where they should be, not below the market values for similar smaller units,

Once again continue with the long needed repairs and stop this patch up and fix tomorrow business.

Change is a good thing! If you don’t change you are not living!

Have a great day and thank you once again to the Board.


Dom & Fran        1006S



From: Diane Benson <>
Date: February 27, 2017 at 9:52:37 AM EST

To the Aquarius Board:
I was on my way into the building after spending a few hours on the pool deck. I noticed a group of building residents walking into the pool area accompanied by a cameraman filming upwards at the corner line of balconies. I also noticed a reporter with a channel 10 microphone.


The reported noticed my dissatisfaction with their presence and began to ask me questions like “You think the balconies should be redone?”  Honestly, I would have spoken to him on behalf of the new board’s accomplishments but I was in a bathing suit and cover up and didn’t feel comfortable. The reporter followed me into the lobby and into the North building hoping to get me to speak to him. I did say that I DID feel that all the balconies needed to be redone.
I feel these men were in my building illegally, that their being there was both a security and privacy breech and violation. They had no idea being either outside or inside of the Aquarius.
They were not taken upstairs to see the new pool nor did they see the condition of the big pool from underneath in the garage. All the heard was complaints about the balconies. And by the way, I had been noticing groups of four or six, dressed, walking around both pool decks surveying the balconies on several occasions. They were looking up and pointing at various balconies.
Diane Benson



Susan Spain   806 S                     February 25, 2017



Thank you for your beautiful letter we all received. The Board of Directors has worked hard to come to this point! We will now begin the process of the final repairs to: “Aquarius, the Gem of the Ocean.”
What are these people thinking, calling a television crew to complain about our building and what repairs will begin shortly… Having the station here only showed the progress that we have made and what a difference there is from the last time the same people called the station to complain! I am sure Channel 10 will not return again to meet with people who don’t understand that majority of residents want this building brought back to what it originally was…
Let us all stay united and move forward with confidence, security and know, within two years our Condo will once again be: the Gem of the Ocean.”


Susan Spain                    806 South



Zina Bluband        February 26, 2017


Thank You to the Board for acting on our behalf.

One of the factors beneficial to the life in condominium is a
perceived feeling of security. Unauthorized entry by Channel 10 crew
is not only the invasion of privacy; it is a trespassing defined as
the act of unauthorized entry.

It is unfortunate, that some of the residents jeopardize their
neighbors’ right to privacy and security in the name of what?
Actually, the Supreme Court has consistently ruled that the First
Amendment does not protect journalists from laws of “general
applicability” that don’t specifically target the press, including
trespass laws.

It is a trespass to enter private property without the consent of
the owner or possessor of the property. We sincerely hope that it will
never happen again, and if it does the law enforcement is involved.


Zakh and Zina Bluband,                         902N


Paul Wilk, 204 N                            February 27, 2017.


Dear fellow Aquarius owners, how unfortunate that a small group of owners continue to degrade our community. First with the Condo from Hell on channel 10 news & now another attempt at smearing mud on the board that is working so diligently to bring the Aquarius back to what is was & should be .We are at a crossroads & it’s time to step forward & sign the letter allowing for the 51% majority vote to allow the board to complete its mission. Please don’t be shortsighted & realize the true potential of the beautification project to allow us to all gain equity while upgrading the building with new amenities. If anyone would like to discuss this with me I would be happy to explain the benefits in detail. My thanks go out to everyone involved in this project & hope that we can band together for the greater good of the Aquarius.

Kind regards,

Paul Wilk                     204-N


You can share this with all you can. We need to stand together to protect our rules.

From: Pamela Ippolito<>1103 & 1104 N

Date: February 25, 2017 at 7:44 AM
Subject: Channel 10 Invasion of Privacy

I thank you for acting on our behalf. As I am here alone some of the time and my husband was quite upset when I told him of the Security Breach.

After all, 24 Hour Security is the main reason for us purchasing our home here knowing I would be alone some of the time.

This is the second time some of these people have brought the “10 NEWS” on our property and filmed people without permission and or knowledge of the owners. I do hope there will be a heavy monetary fine to each of them to let people know they just cannot break our privacy laws to do what they want when they want.

Note:  Remember for the future: regarding these illegal actions most of these people ran this year for the Board. Are these people you can trust to run out Board and Building and take care of our money? We know that we cannot trust them.

From these actions they show that will do what they want, when they want and not give any attention to the rules we live by.

If they do not like living here – get the hell out.  Just because they cannot get their way they cannot break the rules without consequences.

Maybe sneaking around is the way to do things in other places. Here in Aquarius it is not and this will not be tolerated. Only filthy rats sneak around. Since you cannot walk strait and honest I despise you Our Opinion

Pam & Kenny Ippolito



Paul Finfer       702 S  

For willfully violating/evading security requirements/rules and disturbing the quiet enjoyment of the  premises by many Unit owners, I believe (based upon previous cases) that an action should be filed against Robert Leviyev for his actions (as perfectly described by Victor Rocha in a previous email) and that he should be put before the Grievance Committee.  While the Committee can certainly fine him up to $100, I believe the punishment should fit the crime and in addition to any fine that may be assessed against him, the Committee should consider barring from using any of the common areas of the buildings (except for going directly to and from his Unit), for a period of at least between 2 to 4 weeks.

Just so you know, depriving a Unit Owner of the use of the common elements (except to go back and forth to his/her unit) has been used many times before, and is an acceptable/legal type of punishment.

Paul Finfer      702 S


Valerie Girard      1606 N                  February 28, 2017

Dear fellow Aquarius owners,

I fully agree with Paul Wilk!

My family has been owners of our unit in the Aquarius when it was first built and was then a beautiful, luxury building!

The present Board is doing their utmost to complete the projects to beautify our building and bring it back to the luxury building it once was. Please support our Board!
Valerie Girard            1606-N



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