Hurricane ISAIAS Gets Close to South Florida

Hurricane ISAIAS Gets Close to South Florida


This post has four sections: (1)Orlando Sentinel, (2)Washington Post, (3) Opening Shutters concern, (4) Aquarius Management Office Documents concerning Hurricane Preparation


Hurricane Isaias prompts hurricane watch for parts of Florida east coast

JUL 31, 2020  11:03 AM

Florida’s east coast communities were issued a hurricane watch Friday morning as Category 1 Hurricane Isaias continues its approach toward the Sunshine State with expectations it will begin riding up the coast Saturday afternoon.

The watch includes communities from Deerfield Beach northward to the Volusia-Brevard County line, the National Hurricane Center said in its 11 a.m. update. An earlier tropical storm watch from Key Largo to Sebastian Inlet has been turned into a tropical storm warning as well.     Full Article HERE

Hurricane Isaias batters Bahamas as storm targets entire U.S. East Coast

July 31, 2020 at 1:58 p.m. EDT       Washington Post

The storm could bring torrential rain, coastal flooding and strong winds to many parts of the Eastern Seaboard

Hurricane Isaias became 2020′s second Atlantic hurricane overnight Wednesday on its way to the Bahamas, which it has already begun to blast with drenching rain, strong winds and ocean surge. The storm is now poised to ride up the East Coast, first encountering Florida this weekend before zipping up the rest of the Eastern Seaboard through the Mid-Atlantic and New England during the first-half of next week.

Tropical storm conditions could begin along the east coast of Florida as soon as Saturday as the storm makes a beeline northward on a menacing path along the coast.

“There is a risk of impacts from winds, heavy rainfall, and storm surge late this weekend from the northeastern Florida coast and spreading northward along the remainder of the U.S. east coast through early next week,” wrote the National Hurricane Center.

The European model run on Friday morning simulates the probability of tropical storm force conditions associated with Isaias. (WeatherBell)


Aquarius residents with no Impact Windows should make sure their protection is fully functional. Storm Shutters are known to present problems when needed. Now would be a good time to verify if they close properly in case of wind speed increase. Units with Impact Windows also could benefit to verify all opening close securely.


The Management Office of Aquarius issued 3 documents of great relevance for Storm Preparation. It is a great time to review them

  1. Aquarius Hurricane Procedures  

  2. Hurricane Season Top 10 to Know List

  3. Be Prepared For Hurricane Season

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Hollywood Beach is OPEN

 The beach of Hollywood  is OPEN

From the City of Hollywood web site 

City News Updates
Posted on: May 26, 2020
Beaches in Broward County Reopening Tuesday, May 26
Hollywood Beach Limited Reopening.

All beaches in Broward County are permitted to open as of 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, May 26th per Broward County Emergency Order 20-13.

All persons utilizing the beaches in Broward must comply with the requirements listed in the guidelines below. Failure to comply with the requirements may result in penalties (civil or criminal) for violators and require beaches in Broward County be re-closed.


All beaches in Broward County may reopen for limited ocean activities (such as surfing, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, body surfing) as well as limited active recreation and exercise (such as walking, running, biking). 

Beach Restrictions Per Broward County EO 20-13:

  • Beach hours shall be limited to between sunrise and sunset.
  • No picnicking, sunbathing, sitting, or lying on the beach.
  • No umbrellas, canopies, chairs, loungers, or coolers allowed.
  • No group or organized sports including, but not limited to, volleyball, soccer, or football.
  • No group gathering or events of more than ten (10) individuals.
  • Individuals must maintain a minimum six feet of physical distance from others at all times, except between members of the same household or group.
  • Municipalities shall have the ability to enact more stringent requirements than set forth herein, and, as with all other aspects of this Emergency Order, municipalities are authorized to enforce the requirements of this Emergency Order.


André Rieu with Melissa Venema play TAPS – Il Silenzio with the background of the Alps near Munich


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Business Opening in Hollywood May 18




City of Hollywood

COVID-19 Update

Sunday, May 17, 2020

As the City moves forward with the reopening of parks, recreational areas and businesses in Hollywood, we must all continue to take the necessary precautions to protect our safety and well-being. Please remain vigilant in following the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Florida Department of Health guidelines. Compliance with these recommendations is critical as we transition from safer at home orders to reopening businesses.

Broward County Reopening Begins Today,

Monday, May 18th

Governor Ron DeSantis has authorized Miami-Dade and Broward County to join into the State’s Phase 1 Safe. Smart. Step-by-Step Plan for Florida’s Recovery beginning on Monday, May 18, 2020

Under the Phase 1 order some businesses previously closed or open only for certain activities will be able to reopen with restrictions.

These businesses include:

  • Professional Services

  • Restaurants and Food Establishments

  • Personal Services such as barbershops and salons

  • Drive-In Movie Theaters

  • Community Rooms, Fitness Centers and Gyms in Housing Developments

  • Public Community Pools and Private Club Pools

  • Museums

Click here for additional information about the businesses that may reopen and the restrictions that must be followed.

Beaches remain closed

Source: City of Hollywood website


Frank De Risi,    President HBCA


You will be the judge. Is this a bossa nova style? It may sound like it. Some say Arpi Petrosyan, from Armenia, is like Julia Roberts but with a captivating voice.

How about a little Ravel?   –  Bolero Julliard  – At home together  

Hugs to this
Congratulations to graduates! Here are Juilliard School students, faculty, alumni and some famous faces collaborating on a choreographed virtual performance of “Bolero.” You haven’t lived until you’ve seen beautiful ballet performed with a broom from a tiny kitchen.

New York Times 5/18/2020

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Hollywood Reopens some Parks May 6

Hollywood Reopens some Parks May 6



Source: City of Hollywood website   

Restrictions:    Guidelines for Limited Reopening


Frank De Risi
President, HBCA 


Father and Son. Cat Steven Lockdown Parody


Original song Father and Son by Cat Stevens with lyrics.

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From: Kiet Ngo to Cecílio Berndsen

From: Kiet Ngo to Cecílio Berndsen

from:   Kiet Ngo                 April 28, 2020 

to Cecilio-Augusto Berndsen

I really do appreciate the emails and updates. Just wanted to point out that in the face masks for everyone link, you seem to bold the points…

ordering that all persons outside their homes and within a public place such as a grocery store, hardware store, pharmacy, restaurant, or other deemed essential business, are mandated to wear a cloth facial covering consistent with the current CDC guidelines.

to prove your point but you forgot the most important part of the statement…the “and”. “…Outside your home AND within a public space such as a grocery store, hardware store…or other deemed essential business”. Basically it’s outside your home AND essential business. Our public space is not really considered an “essential business” as stated in the ordinance.  My family and I do wear our masks around the building to protect my family and others for the most part but just wanted to pass along another way of reading the ordinance.

Thank you for taking your personal time to send out these emails and links!  I get a lot of my Aquarius news from you.



From: Cecilio Augusto Berndsen

To:  Kiet Ngo

I stand corrected. Thank you very much. I appreciate your comments.




It is always fun in the race track!  Coronavirus Horse Race by Ken Elder. Must see.  click the arrow


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Aquarius Swimming Pools open Friday May 1st., 2020

Aquarius Swimming Pools open Friday May 1st., 2020


Now it is official. Aquarius pools open May 1st.. Check out the safety rules imposed by the Board in this message from the Aquarius C.A. Manager: 

Dear Residents,

As we prepare for the soft reopening of our pool, I want to emphasize some very important items;

Aquarius Condominium has been fortunate to have zero cases reported. We are one of the few buildings on the strip with no cases reported by any resident or staff! This is due to the enforcement by staff and your cooperation in following all the rules and restrictions we have set in place!   We would like to continue this path; therefore, it is extremely important that we double our efforts and take all the precautions necessary and continue cooperating.

Broward County has issued an Emergency Order allowing the reopening of pools in condominium buildings! They have outlined strict guidelines and have left the enforcement responsibilities on the individual Boards as all buildings are different.

The Board of Aquarius will be reopening our pools on Friday May 1, 2020 and will be implementing the rules on the Order, and adding some additional regulations to make sure we err on the side of caution.

Section 1 of Order 20-80 states that we are to continue adhering to ALL CDC guidelines. While the staff will make sure that we are fully compliance, it is also your responsibility to make sure you are also adhering to those guidelines.

The Board, Management, and All The Staff will take every measure to ensure our facility is clean, safe, and enjoyable. Please keep in mind that using the pool and pool deck is at your own risk.

That Being said here are a few reminders;

  • People 65 years and older and people with serious underlying medical conditions should take special precautions  because they are at higher risk of developing severe COVID-19 illness.
  • All persons whose point of departure originates from outside the State of Florida, in an area with substantial community spread, to include New York Tri-State area (Connecticut, New Jersey and New York), and entering the State of Florida through airports, to isolate or quarantine for a period of 14 days from the time of entry into the state of Florida of the duration of that persons presence in the State of Florida, whichever is shorter”.
  • Facial coverings are to be worn at all times.
  • All common areas remain closed.
  • All Social Distancing Mandates are still in effect.
  • All restrictions, policies, and any precautions previously put in place are still in effect.

COVID-19 Pool Rules and Precautions

The Board reserves the right to close the deck if the rules listed below are not observed!

  • There will be one attendant stationed on each pool deck to set up your chair and enforce all rules between the hours of 9am -5pm. **Please note Section 8 of Order 20-80 Which states Browards County Sheriff’s office and Municipal law Enforcement agencies are authorized to enforce the order and we will utilize them if anyone jepordizes the safety of Aquarius. **
  • There will be a Rover on both pool decks to enforce all exercising rules between the hours of 7am-9:30am and 4pm-7:30pm.
  • No more than six individuals will be allowed in the pools at any given time.
  • The Pool Deck and Pool will be open for exercise only (swimming or walking) between the hours of 7:00am and 9:30am and 4:00pm-7:30pm. Those walking must observe social distancing and use facial coverings.
  • Pool Deck and Pool will be open for recreational activities during the hours of 10am-4:00pm
  • Pool and Pool Deck are strictly for permanent residents only. Under no circumstances will guests be allowed even if they are pre-registered guests.
  • Only gray wrists bands will be allowed on decks.
  • Any persons wishing to utilize our chairs or chaises must give the attendant their ID in order to have the chairs set up and must retrieve their ID upon leaving to ensure we keep track of when you are done and we can sanitize the chair or chaise.
  • To allow for maximum use by all our residents, the use of the deck will be restricted to two hours per person.
  • Absolutely no congregating in any area of the deck.
  • Absolutely no congregating on the East railing facing the beach.
  • Towels must be used on chairs and chaises at all times.
  • Pavilion will be closed.
  • No food will be permitted on the deck.
  • Absolutely no access to the beach from our deck.
  • Absolutely no walking around the deck during recreational use hours unless its to your seating area or the pool.
  • Face coverings must be kept on at all times unless you are sitting on your chair or chaise or in the pool.
  • The pool attendant will be wiping down and storing all furniture after each use. It is strongly recommended you take your own precautions as well.
  • If the pool deck is full, there will be a waiting list and you will be called once a spot has opened.
  • Absolutely no reservations or holding chairs or chaises; chairs or chaises unoccupied for longer than 15 minutes will be disinfected and stored. With the exception of those swimming, please be kind and monitor your time so that everyone can enjoy the facilities.
  • Chairs and chaises will be placed approximately 7-8 feet apart. Under no circumstance are the chairs and chaises to be moved.   Special accommodations will be made to those living in the same unit, no more that 2-3 persons per unit permitted at one time. All must have a gray wrist band!
  • Bathrooms will be opened and cleaned continuously. Please take your own precautions as well.
  • Any unit owner violating the rules and refusing to cooperate will be asked to leave. If it becomes a continuous occurrence, we will suspend pool use rights and call authorities if we must.

I understand some of these rules seem invasive and inconvenient and I personally apologize; however, I truly hope you understand that as we slowly open things back up, we are trying to take as many precautions as necessary to ensure everyone’s safety, both residents and staff.

As you know this new normal is changing every day; therefore, we all have to adapt as circumstances change. The rules listed may be modified as we navigate these uncharted waters.

Warm Regards,

Adrian Paredes


He can do it! Why not you?



Attachments area
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Aquarius Pools to be open soon

Aquarius Pools to be open soon

Good news Aquarius Condo. swimming pools are scheduled to be open soon. According to message from the Aquarius Management Office the pools could be open as soon as May 1st.

Please do not leave your apartment without:

  1. Face Mask. It is not bad to have a spare one on the pocket. Sometimes the masks malfunction. My mask protects you. Your mask protects me!

  2. Gloves. Gloves are an important accessory.

  3. Napkins or similar disposable protection when door knobs and similar stuff needs to be worked on.

  4. Social Distance: Allways. Always. Always. 6 feet.

  5. Going to the pool: Sun protection lotion. I like 100 SPF. Consumers Report says that anything under 30 SPF gives no or very little protection. 

Broward County relaxes a few COVID 19 precautions. Check out the message that Frank de Risi was kind enough to send.


No mask? We are ready for you! Check a sample of our services in the clip bellow.


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Meanwhile in time of quarantine

Meanwhile in time of quarantine

The order is stay at home and they mean it!


When everything is over I will stay 15 days away from home!


Unwelcome Advice:

Old Uncle: My dear I have an excellent paper  by astronauts that spent many months isolated in the spacial station. It’s full of advice to cope with stay-at-home.

Nice (mother of 4 young ones): Do they have kids in the space station?

Old Uncle: No

Nice: You may throw this paper on the trash!!!


Toilet paper is scarce…


Rescue team for a price


Stay away savior


Made in China


Ultra, Super, Absolute NEGATIVE!



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Face Masks for everyone. It’s the law 04/09/2020

Face Masks for everyone. It’s the law                 04/09/2020


Dear All ( 2556 HBCA Recipients ) :

Emergency Order – Facial Covering

The City of Hollywood has issued an Emergency Order effective tomorrow, Thursday, April 9, 2020 at 12:01 a.m. ordering that all persons outside their homes and within a public place such as a grocery store, hardware store, pharmacy, restaurant, or other deemed essential business, are mandated to wear a cloth facial covering consistent with the current CDC guidelines. All individuals providing delivery services shall wear a form of covering over their noses and mouths while making deliveries.

For additional information click: read the order on the City’s website(Full transcript at the bottom of this post)

Frank De Risi

Pres. HBCA


No mask? No problem.

U.S. Surgeon General shows how to make face masks. All required it is a piece of cloth, a couple of rubber bands. It takes less than 45 seconds. Bellow there is another suggestion. It takes even less seconds…


This one from men’s brief takes just under 30 seconds. It is also possible to make a facial mask from panties. Youtube is full of creative suggestions that help you protect yourself and protect others.  



On March 11, 2020, a State of Emergency was declared in the City of Hollywood by Mayor Josh Levy relating to the Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (“COVID-19”), and subsequently redeclared on March 18, 2020, March 25, 2020, April 1, 2020, and April 8, 2020.

COVID-19 is believed to spread by respiratory droplets that come from the mouth and nose. It is believed that people who are asymptomatic can still spread COVID-19 by breathing, talking, laughing, coughing, and sneezing. Recently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) issued guidance that the general population should wear cloth facial coverings to capture the respiratory droplets of asymptomatic people to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, numerous local governments have adopted various versions of orders that request that all persons outside their homes wear a cloth facial covering consistent with the current CDC guidelines. These orders are designed to protect the health and well-being of the community by slowing the spread of COVID-19.

As of today, the City of Hollywood is aware of confirmed cases of COVID-19 within its jurisdictional boundaries. To limit the potential community spread of COVID-19, it is now necessary for the City of Hollywood to continue to implement restrictions for the general health, safety, and welfare of the community.

Pursuant to Section 252.38(3) and 252.46, Florida Statutes and Section 1.01 of the Charter of the City of Hollywood, as well as section 40.01, City Code of the City of Hollywood, the City has the power to issue emergency orders with the force of law. The City Manager has expressly been authorized to issue Emergency Orders.


 Section 1.     Covering of Nose and Mouth. All persons outside their homes and within a public place such as a grocery store, hardware store, pharmacy, restaurant, or other deemed essential business, are mandated to wear a cloth facial covering consistent with the current CDC guidelines. All individuals providing delivery services shall wear a form of covering over their noses and mouths while making deliveries.

Section 2.    Types of Coverings. A covering over the nose and mouth shall include a face mask, homemade mask, or other cloth covering, such as a scarf, bandana, handkerchief or other similar cloth covering. All persons should avoid the utilization of surgical masks or N95 rated masks as those are critical supplies for health care workers, police, fire, emergency management, or other persons engaged in life and safety activities.

Section 3.   Other Personal Protective Equipment. All essential businesses are strongly encouraged to implement policies for employees to use other personal protective equipment, such as gloves, subject to the availability of such items. All essential businesses are strongly encouraged, subject to availability, to provide alcohol-based hand sanitizers (at least 60% alcohol content) for use by customers and employees, provide disinfecting wipes at points of entrance, cash registers, and/or other appropriate locations, for customers to disinfect carts, shopping baskets, or point of sale terminals, or, alternatively designate staff responsible for disinfecting carts, shopping baskets, point of sale terminals, and other areas as frequently as possible.

Section 4.       Enforcement. This Order is in addition to, and supplements, the City’s Declaration of a State of Emergency, City Emergency Orders, County Emergency Orders, and State of Florida Executive Orders and shall be strictly adhered to at all times. This Order may be enforced by City law enforcement personnel through issuance of Notices to Appear or arrest, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 252, Florida Statutes, and other applicable state, County and City laws, rules and regulations, or through the issuance of Code Violations and Notices of Violation pursuant to applicable provisions of Florida law, Chapter 162, Florida Statutes, and City Code.

Section 5.          Effective Date.    This Emergency Order is effective as of 12:01 a.m. on April 9, 2020 and shall remain in full force and effect until terminated.


Ordered by: _____________________________
Dr. Wazir Ishmael, City Manager



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Are Masks Helpful? Covid 19

Are Maks Helpful?   Covid 19

If you have 4 minutes you may want to watch this clip. It comes from the Czech Republic.

Some find it an extremely valuable lesson.  Facial masks are now mandatory in the City of Hollywood, FL. 04/09/2020.


Remember:  I protect you. You protect me.




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