Free (and not) Movies and Shows for you at Aquarius

Free (and not) Movies and Shows for you at Aquarius

Free movies and TV shows are abundant at Aquarius. Let’s see some ways to find them:

Of course you must have the X1 system installed in your apartment. Also the internet connection must be properly set up. If you have not upgraded your installation some features may not be available. Have you user id and password of your Comcast account handy!

Comcast Xfinity offers thousands of free on demand films. They also offer recent releases for a price. It helps to browse the computer to find the titles. The link  gives a panoramic view of  the free offers.

The premium Channel HBO that is included in our Aquarius contract with Comcast/Xfinity is another gold mine of good titles. HBO offers also thousands of films. The quality tends to be better than Comcast on demand. Also the series are remarkable. Game of Thrones, Sopranos, Little Big Lies are a few of the great number of good series available.  With your Comcast account you can watch the HBO collection anywhere in the United States. Check out HBO GO and HBO NOW. The catalog may be seen here

PBS also presents a limited catalog on demand. You may check it out here  after finding your preference the search of Comcast will locate the specific program. Of course you may want directly to the search available in your TV you may use even the verbal search but the functionality is not always the best. A computer or a smart phone may help you find item faster.

There are temporary offers that ave very interesting:

Amazon Prime. If you are not a subscriber you can get a trial subscription valid for 30 days. Amazon Prime has about 14.000 (yes fourteen thousand) titles available. It offers more that shows, films and music. In the spirit of Amazon there are many titles that Prime customers have to pay. How to get there? Comcast now has a link to Amazon. You also may use your smart TV or you BD-DVD player to get Amazon Prime. The Comcast search not always presents all you can get with Amazon Prime. Here again the computer or the smart phone may be of help to find the show you are looking for.

Netflix offers a month free you are not a subscriber. Depending on who you ask there are 4.000 or 6.000 titles offered by Netflix. Many British TV series are available (Father Brown?). Netflix has many in house production that are exclusive for Netflix customers. Some of them are Oscars winners others not so much. The quality varies but there are many interesting productions.

Disney+ the new streaming  service offers a 7 days free trial. The catalog includes 500 movies. It is a must if kids are in the household. Disney is free for one year to Verizon smart phone clients.

Also there is Hulu a complex offer that may be an alternative for those that have no cable. It is not the case for Aquarius residents. But they have exclusive titles not available anywhere else. There is a bundle of Hulu plus Disney+ that may be of interest.

Until April 19, 2020 the following premium channels are free:

Showtime (Billions, Homeland), Epix (Godfather or Harlen, Hunger Games), History Channel Vault, Pluto are a few other free offers with very interesting content.

And about some study? Great Courses, Coursera, TED are some options. But this we will discuss another day. Have you ever browsed YouTube. They also offer a free trial for their Premium service.

Do you have any suggestions? Please make a comment in this site or better yet send an eMail to (sometimes I read my email hehehehehehe)


Corona virus worries you? Check this by the Israel Defense Minister:


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Corona? L’Italia Non Si Ferma

Corona? L’Italia Non Si Ferma



Laugh is good for your health:


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Hollywood Groundhog Day – February 2 – Only for the Brave

Hollywood Groundhog Day   February 2            Only for the brave!     Braves of all ages are invited!

Breakfast and T-Shirt included for the benefit of the Hollywood Beach Lifesavers.

Frank De Risi

President, HBCA


More information:

tel 954-929-9334  or

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Join the Board of Aquarius few days left

   Join the Board of Aquarius very few days left to register intention to run!


Ben Franklin said: “You have a Republic if you can keep it.” The meaning is clear: participate or loose it.


♦  The deadline is  Thursday December 12.

♦  Isn’t time for  you to  throw your hat in the ring?

♦  Five (5) positions for the Board are open.

♦ A strong community is a community where all participate.

♦  Bring your love for Aquarius into action!

♦ The Aquarius Condominium Association needs a few men and women of course!



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Aquarius Elevators Project Overview 2019

Aquarius Elevators Project Overview


The renewal of the elevators of Aquarius project was funded in December of 2016 with the approval of a Special Assessment and a Loan from Popular Bank (also known as Popular Banking Association).

The 15 million Special Assessment (2017 SA) reserved one million dollars for the renewal of the 7 elevators of Aquarius.

In November of 2017  the  RFP (Request for Proposal), received proposal from four elevators firms. The range of proposals was from 1.4 million to 2.45 million dollars. The winning bid was awarded to Premier Elevators of Georgia, which was the lowest bid, under the advice of the Special Consultant hired to oversee the renovation project.

Premier Elevators’ bid excluded the cab finishes, electrical upgrades and civil construction needs. It also excluded the external elevator doors.

These ancillary items had an estimated cost of $200,000. Each cab about $25,000, thus 4 cabs for $100,000. Electrical and construction items about $100,000. To this we should add contingency and miscellaneous expenses.

So, the overrun on the cost of the project was $600,000 ($400,000 of the bid plus ancillary of $200,000).

Time-wise we also had very long delays. Each elevator was supposed to take 15 weeks. Both Aquarius Towers were supposed to be worked simultaneously. So, the overall time should have been 45 weeks. To this we should add another 15 weeks for the Gym and West Deck elevator.

In the most conservative estimate, the project should have been completed by December 0f 2018.

A good project management strives to complete the work on time and under budget. This did not happen in the Aquarius elevator renewal.

Projected Time: 60 weeks or December 2018. The time it took to reach the substantial completion: 104 weeks as of November 2019. A 100% delay.

Budget estimated at       –>         $1,000,000

Spent at least                   –>         $1,600,000

Notwithstanding the budget overrun and these issues, we still struggle with several miscellaneous items.

What is still needing attention?

  1. Many doors are noisier than the old elevators. Some progress has been observed in recent months but several doors where rubbing metal to metal which need to be addressed.
  2. Electrical panels: on some floors they are affixed with tape. The LED signage is also faulty in several floors.
  3. The verbal floor announcements seem to work randomly.
  4. Same with the loud bells for the elevator arrival announcement. When they work, they are too loud.
  5. The tile flooring in the South Tower personal elevators are not the same. One has glossy tile while the one next to it has a satin finish. It’s difficult to understand the reason for this kind of discrepancy.
  6. The elevators do not display the required License of Operation. The North Tower A Elevator exhibits a license that is expired. The other elevators do not show the operation permits.




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Sun Shuttle: It is free and replaces the Hollywood Trolley

Sun Shuttle: It is free

and replaces the Hollywood Trolley

The new way to go around in Hollywood is the Sun Shuttle. It is a hop on-hop off service offered in 3 service areas.

For Aquarius residents the most relevant it is “Hollywood Beach.” It serves the AIA (Ocean Drive) from Hallandale Beach Blvd. (7/11 – Convenience Shop  –  Hide Beach Residences) to Dania Beach Blvd (Renaissance Condo. – Quarterdeck – Dania Beach Fishing Pier).

The  two additional service areas are: Downtown Hollywood and US-1/Federal Highway. Maps and details available here

How to catch a ride on the Sun Shuttle? Two ways:

1. Get the RIDE CIRCUIT app and request the ride. Or

2. Wave Down the passing Sun Shuttle.

The free Sun Shuttle accommodates 5 passengers and provides storage for beach gear such umbrelas, chairs, toys…

The ON-DEMAND free Sun Shuttle is easy to request if you have the app on your phone. It is available for Apple (iPhone)  and  Google (Android).

Get your app here:     App Store and Google Play

The shuttle service is free (non mandatory tips to the drivers are  welcome, of course) and runs every day from 10 am to 9pm. Fridays and Saturdays it is available until 10 pm.

Additional information maps, details at the Hollywood web site:  here  or

scroll to the botton for more info.


You also may visit to see the CIRCUIT availability in several areas such as F. Lauderdale, Miami, San Diego, NYC, Jersey Shore, Boston and several more.

The app will work in any of the served areas.


Do you miss the Hollywood Trolley?   This site has some information on this no more operating service.


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ALERT: Trump at the Diplomat Hotel – Saturday 12/7/19 – A1A will be closed from 6 to 9 pm

ALERT:   Trump at the Diplomat Hotel

Saturday 12/7/19 

A1A will probably be closed from 6 to 9 pm

Be advised that a that traffic will be very difficult at this time  and heavy police presence is expected.

Please make your plans accordingly.  Sun Sentinel note.

According the Hollywood Police the presidential visit is not expected to disrrupt the Candy Cane Parade that starts at 7:00 pm (12/7/2019) at the Hollywood Broadwalk –  from Missouri to Harrison Street.

This is the 64th traditional annual Hollywood Christmas Celebration. The Master of Ceremonies will be stationed at Hollywood Beach Theatre across from Margaritaville.

Additional details may be found in this link here       Sun Sentinel




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Please Join the Board of Aquarius

   Please Join the Board of Aquarius


♦  The deadline is  Thursday December 12.

♦  Isn’t time for  you to  throw your hat in the ring?

♦  Five (5) positions for the Board are open.

♦ A strong community is a community where all participate.

♦  Bring your love for Aquarius into action!

♦ The Aquarius Condominium Association needs a few men and women of course!



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What floor cover for Aquarius hallways?

What floor cover for Aquarius hallways?




Porcelain or Carpet in the Aquarius Hallways?


Since 2017 Aquarius C.A. hallways have a bare concrete floor alternated with some marble in the elevators landing.

What are the alternatives to repair this important component of Aquarius? The options are immensely varied. One of the most important decisions is: should the floor covering be hard or soft?

The modern trend is luxury condominiums and 5-star buildings like hotels and commercial spaces is to have hard floors.

The traditional approach is to install carpet as Aquarius had in the past. This was the standard in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

What are the advantages of hard floors, like porcelain floors?

  • Durability – apparently a well-maintained porcelain floor may last 40 years. Stains are easy to remove.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. The use of vacuum cleaner followed by mopping with a wet cloth is all that is required most of the time.
  • Odors do not adhere to porcelain.
  • Porcelain does not get mold and mildew.
  • It is easy on people with allergies.
  • Pet impervious.

Negative aspects of porcelain floor:

  • It may be noisier. In the case of Aquarius, we have had the experience of more than 2 years of bare concrete in the hallways. This seems to indicate that noise may be not a factor specially when we note that the second floor has hard marble and no complains of noise have been registered in the 45 years of the building existence.
  • Some variety of porcelain may be slippery. Again, many areas with marble in the building have not registered accidents. Also, there are always non-slippery alternatives.
  • It may be hard to repair if there is not a reserve of tiles. A good reserve of tiles may address this issue.


How about a softer approach? Installing carpet except in the elevator’s landings. Advantages:

  • Warmth and coziness.
  • Better sound control than porcelain.
  • Easier and faster to install.
  • Potential lower cost may allow for periodic replacement.
  • A high-quality well-maintained carpet should last 10 years

Problems with carpet flooring:

  • Hard to maintain
  • Tends to accumulate dust and allergens
  • Cleaning and maintenance are harder. Requires periodic shampooing to remover stains and odors.
  • Pet incidents will adversely affect the area.
  • Gives the building an older, out of fashion appearance.
  • Clear colors (to avoid the cavernous appearance of the walkways) should be avoided. So, the choice of colors is restricted to darker colors making the hallways gloomy.

How about cost per square foot?

Porcelain comes in an infinity array of colors and patterns. One trending pattern is imitating wood plank floors. Will this fad last? It is hard to tell. It is also possible to have porcelain that imitates natural stone like marble, flagstone or travertine. Porcelain may come in four major categories: (1) full body, (2) multiple loading, (3) twin pressed and (4) standard and colored body glazed.

The choices in carpet are also wide ranging. A new trend is to install carpet in tiles. CVS pharmacies opted for this modality. The advantage of the carpet tiles is to change those damaged or soiled and keep the still presentable ones.


The cost varies. informs that $ 9.50 is a fair estimate for porcelain tiles installation including the acquisition. estimates a cost from $ 7.00 to $ 14.00. A base estimate is installation only of $ 4.00 to which the cost of the tile and underlayment (vapor barrier-sound suppressing, like) should be added.


Carpet also comes in a great variety of cost estimates. The recommended one is the cut pile carpet. For hallways shag of cable should be avoided. estimates a cost from $7.00 to $12.00. offers a range from $6.00 to $ 15.00. Some would suggest a cost as low of $2.00 per sf.

Are there other alternatives?


Wood, natural stone, stamped concrete are some additional alternatives. Also laminate and sheet vinyl are often mentioned.


One relatively new option is epoxy. The Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport has opted for this flooring in all areas that have been renovated. Epoxy has many advantages. Low weight, immense variety of patterns, colors and

Luxury Epoxy Flooring

surface finishes and the promise of very long and carefree enjoyment. Epoxy has been used in garage floors for its resistance to abrasive and acid substances. The evolution of more refined patterns and artistic possibilities has made this alternative more and more popular in more sophisticated areas.



So, the cost for porcelain and carpet seems to be similar. The preference should go to porcelain if durability, cleanliness and a more contemporary look and feel is desired.   Carpet could be preferred if warmth, softness, and old tradition are the most  desired variables.


My vote? Porcelain! What is your opinion?







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Sip and Mingle – Sunday December 15 at the East Pool

Sip and Mingle  – Sunday December 15 at the East Pool 

Season Greetings

The Board of Aquarius invites: 



Laughing matter:  (yes, chauvinism and bigotry exists!!!!)

There was an English Language competition. 2000 individuals participated.  The challenge was: To write in one sentence meaning PEACE, CALM, HAPPINESS.

The award winner wrote:

“My wife is sleeping.”

The legend is that the competition judges hugged the winner with tears streaming down their cheeks while presenting him the award.





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