Monday, March 26th, 2018 Helicopter at Aquarius

Monday, March 26th, 2018 Helicopter at Aquarius. This time for real.

The Federal Aviation Administration – FAA has issued the permit for the helicopter flight for Aquarius Water Cooling Tower replacement operation.

The helicopter will be here on Monday, 26th of March from early in the morning and possible most part of the day.

What do residents need to do for a smooth and safe operation?

  • Both Penthouses units  from South and North towers residents need be out. According to Federal – FAA – disposition. The penthouse units need be completely clear.
  • Most cars from West Parking lot will need to be removed. This area is needed for helicopter landing and refueling
  • During a period of 10 to 12 days we will have no Air Conditioning. The new Water Cooling Towers need to be operating before the AC can be restored. When this happens we should have AC in the hallways as well.

Please give all help you can give. The more the residents collaborate the shorter and better this operation will take place.



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Very, Very Important Message from our General Contractor Structural – SPS

Very, Very Important Message from our General Contractor Structural – SPS  for SOUTH TOWER

We just got  this message from Caley the Manager of the General Contractor of Aquarius SPS – Structural Preservation Systems.  Please open windows of your apartment when there is no work being performed. That means: Monday to Thursday from 7 to down is no windows open. Sometimes work is performed Friday and Saturday to recover rainy days and other postponement. So, please,  be alert and do not get hurt by a swing stage.

Hi Team,

As you know, there has been a recurring issue with residents in the South tower opening their windows and even worse sticking their heads out of windows while we are working on a swing stage directly above them (see attached photo from earlier this week of unit 405 doing so). This is extremely dangerous and we cannot express strongly enough how residents need to abide by the rule of not opening windows during working hours. Besides the extreme safety concern they will be exposing themselves to dust and pressure washing spray should they open the windows, for which we cannot be held liable for.

I’m sure you have already, but please send out notices again and reiterate this very important concern to the residents. We do not want anything to happen.

Thank you,

Cale Delaney

Sent From Procore.



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Aquarius Celebrates St. Patrick March 17th. 2018

Aquarius Celebrates St. Patrick March 17th. 2018


At the Aqua Bistro residents of Aquarius Condo. celebrate the Day of Saint Patrick.

Judith Ort  took some candid pictures.

Here they are:   Click any photo and start the slideshow.


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Three Billboards – Movie Night March 20, 2018

Movie Night March 20, 2018

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Aquarius Library, 3/20/18 7:00 pm. No promises, but if you arrive earlier you may find some Pinot Grigio to drink.

THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI is a darkly comic drama from Academy Award winner Martin McDonagh (IN BRUGES). After months have passed without a culprit in her daughter’s murder case, Mildred Hayes (Academy Award winner Frances McDormand) makes a bold move, painting three signs leading into her town with a controversial message directed at William Willoughby (Academy Award nominee Woody Harrelson), the town’s revered chief of police. When his second-in-command Officer Dixon (Sam Rockwell), an immature mother’s boy with a penchant for violence, gets involved, the battle between Mildred and Ebbing’s law enforcement is only exacerbated.

Clips, critique, discussion:  (clicking the links takes you out of this blog)

imdb        Rotten Tomatoes

Click the arrows below to watch the movie clips:⇓


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Purim at Aquarius

Purim Celebrated at Aquarius


March 4, 2018 a good number of Aquarius Residents got together to celebrate Purim. Purim is a happy celebration that dates back from the 4th BCE.

It is jewish celebration that at Aquarius is shared with any religious or not religious inclination. It a carnival like where neighbors share suits and deserts and have a good time.

Here some photos of the event courtesy of Zina Chase. Click any photo and start the slideshow.


The heroes of the Purim celebration. These are the ladies that worked and mobilized the  community for the happy event.


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Helicopter working at Aquarius

Helicopter working at Aquarius


The IRMA storm damaged our Air Conditioning Water Cooling Towers. They need to be replaced. The Cooling Towers were delivered a few weeks ago. They are in the West Parking Lot.

It is time to put them in the roof of  both buildings. The new towers are very heavy. They will be disassembled in parts so they can be transported to the roof in stages. For this an helicopter will be used. As you can imagine some safety and security measures are very much needed.

In addition there will be no Air Conditioning service during the removal of the old damaged Cooling Towers and the reassemble and installation of the brand new Cooling Towers. This will take about 12 days. When the Cooling Towers are in place the Apartments and the Hallways will have Air Conditioning again.

We should have a cool summer. Patience, collaboration and neighborly behavior is a must. Aquarius Residents have had their share of inconveniences but if we all work together we should achieve our objectives. We can do it.

Bellow is the notice and additional information provided by the Building Management. Please be aware of the two critical dates: March 16 and  March 20/


FRIDAY MARCH 16, 2018. @9:00AM



  TUESDAY MARCH 20, 2018. @9:00AM


  1. Aquarius Parking west parking Lot in front of buildings need to be evacuated the day of the lift with no access to any personnel other than VMECH, Midwest, and security (This area will be the Main landing and staging area for Helicopter (Arrangements are being made)
  2. Aquarius Beach Area Needs to be clear of people for the day of the lift, as this will be the emergency alternate landing area for helicopter. Two crowd control personnel are needed to keep are clear
  3. Top Floor of both North and South Towers (PH LEVEL) will need to be Evacuated the day of the lift until helicopter work is finished.
  4. 100 Ft clearance around Helicopter Unloading Zone (UNIT SETPOINT). NORTH TOWER is fine, For SOUTH tower we will need to clear a few parking spaces of THE RESIDENCES by FAA regulations. (SEE 100’ FAA Regulation)
  5. We will need a total of 10 crowd control people
  1.  Side walk (qty 4)
  2.  Residence top parking (qty 2) we should only have 1 person here, no need for two
  3.  South boundary control (Qty 1)
  4.  North Boundary control (Qty 1)
  5.  Beach control (Qty 2)

The helicopter  lift will last approx. 8 – 10 hours.

I have attached the Lift Service Agreement with list list of requirements for the lift for your review.   These are FAA regulations and we must be in compliance.

If you park in the west lot and plan on moving your vehicle for the day please advise so I do not have to account for your car.


Safety and Operational Instructions from the Helicopter Firm

Helicopter Airways, Inc – Nationwide Service


Since wind caused by  helicopter rotors is strong, the following safety precautions MUST be taken BEFORE the arrival of the helicopter.



  1. All loose materials of any type (the lighter the more hazardous it is) MUST BE REMOVED   OR ADEQUATELY WEIGHTED DOWN, BOTH AT THE PICK SITE AND THE SET SITE! For example: Items that roll or slide easily, loose plastic sheeting or tarps plywood, loose hoods or vents, insulation, shingles and other roofing materials must be covered, weighted down or secured. **loose awnings must be secured**
  1. Notify any other “trades” working in close proximity to the helicopter pick and setting sites, to protect any of their loose materials in a similar manner.
  2. When selecting a staging area we need an area approximately 100 feet by 150 feet for landing, fueling, etc.
  3. Try to locate units so helicopter has a clear approach to roof. We must block off all streets that we have to cross.
  4. Federal regulations prohibit other workers, not connected with the job, from working on the two floors directly beneath areas where units or lifts are to be set. Notify other trades to VACATE THE IMMEDIATE AREA DURING THE LIFT OPERATION. This includes the flight path from the pick point to the set point.
  5. If the pick site is sandy of dusty, water or other means should be used to thoroughly soak the area before and during the lift operation.


  1. Offload units a minimum of 100 feet from public roads, houses, open stores, etc. Space units a minimum of 5 feet apart. If you have questions on where to offload / flatbed stage the units, call our office *DO NOT STACK UNITS.
  2. All crating and packing materials must be removed from the units and the pick site prior to our arrival!
  3. Attach lifting eyes if they are available (minimum 1-1/2 hole).
  4. If there are no lifting eyes, raise the units on a 2 x 4 or 4 x 4 so that nylon slings can be used.
  5. Be sure units are well clear of overhead obstructions such as power or phone lines, pipes, roof overhangs or extension arms on transmission or other towers. (Helicopter length from tip to tail is 65 feet; main rotor diameter is 58 feet).
  6. When units must be precision set: Number the units (on the side) and number the curbs (or frame etc.) with the same number. Place the numbers on each unit and curb so that when the numbers are lined up, the unit is facing the proper direction for final connection, etc.
  7. Have the lifting order written down with copies available for your people in charge on the ground and on the roof.
  8. Midwest will provide standard rigging (cables, straps and shackles). If you have any questions about rigging, please call our office.


  1. We will be at jobsite approximately 30 minutes before beginning the lift(s).
  2. Our crew will inspect the pick site and set site and confirm the controlled area is void of people. Safety dictates that WE CANNOT WORK UNTIL THESE SITES ARE CLEARED AND SECURED!
  3. Our crew will hold a safety briefing with those persons responsible for attaching, detaching and directing the loads into place. All persons involved should have hard hats with chinstraps and protective safety goggles.
  4. In order for you to obtain maximum benefits from the helicopter, Midwest will conduct briefings relating to the manner in which
    the helicopter work will be performed. Work will begin only when mutual agreement pertaining to said work is reached. Failure
    on the part of the Contractor to cooperate with us shall give Midwest the right to (a) stop performance of the work or (b) leave
    the job, with the Contractor liable to Midwest for the liquidated damages as specifically provided for in the principal construction
    agreement (Bid/Proposal or Contract). In either event, Midwest shall have no liability to contractor for consequential damages.
  5. A normal flight crew consists of a pilot and two signalmen, one at pick site and one at the set site. Even though they are equipped with headsets and two-way radios, more effective coordination will take place if both pick site supervisor and set site supervisor each have a copy of the lift schedule.


READ AND ACKNOWLEDGED BY                                                   COMPANY


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Are You Leaving 2 Big Ones on the Table?

Are You Leaving 2 Big Ones on the Table?


Most residents are aware that the Board of Aquarius approved a Special Assessment 2018 to cover the expenses to fix the damages of the IRMA Hurricane of September 2018.

We had damages in the Air Conditioning Water Cooling Towers, in the Roof, in the floor cover of the hallways and several other areas. The insurance claim is still being composed.

Our Aquarius Condo. Association insurance policy has a deductible that must be covered. Regardless the amount of damage this deductible will be not be paid on the claim.

Attached you find the amount any unit owner needs to contribute to cover this deductible.

But this amount may get some help from your own private unit homeowners insurance policy. Most insurance policies under Florida law must cover what is called  LOSS ASSESSMENT.  The usual coverage is $ 2000.00. It is not enough but it helps.

This is what you need to do, if you didn’t do it already:

  1. Check out your Homeowners Insurance Policy
  2. Find if it covers the LOSS ASSESSMENT
  3. Submit the insurance claim with the attached documents.

If you can not print the attached documents the Management Office is likely to be able to help.

What if you do not have Homeowners Insurance covering your apartment? You will have to bear the full amount of the Special Assessment 2018 to cover the Aquarius Condo. policy deductible. It maybe be advisable to change or get your homeowners insurance policy for future mishaps.

The Condominium rules require all owners to have an Homeowner Insurance Policy.

Click the links for the documents you need to post your insurance claim:

 2018 02 22 Irma_Special_Assessment Payments

2018 02 22 Special_BOD_Minutes

P.S.: Some owners and friends already got their $ 2,000.00 check from their insurance. Did you?



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The Dams of Aquarius

The Dams of Aquarius

The high tides and the Northeastern strong winds make the ocean take over  the Aquarius sand strip. The high waves invaded the East South Tower Storage Room. The waves were high enough to also reach the area were the beach lounges and chairs are stored adjacent to the Sea Wall.

About 10:00 am of Sunday Priscilla called from the Security Desk sounding the alarm.

With the help of Fritz, Security Officer and Dominic and Walter from the Custodians Team we were able to put some sand bags that – we hope – will prevent more water in the Storage Room. Also the path leading to the chairs and lounge storage has been protected with sand bags.

Click any picture to enlarge and start the slideshow.

After 5:00 PM Walter will close the Beach Access Door and protect the Storage Room with a few sand bags.

Tides in Hollywood, FL

Sunday March 4, 2018:

10:54  am    High     2.4 feet

5:59  pm      Low        – 0.6 feet

11:20  pm     High     2.3 feet

Sometimes the size of the tide is greatly affected by the winds. This seems to have been a factor  in this morning incident. It may happen again.

Anyone with property in the East Side Storage Room of the South Building should inspect the respective binn to avoid water damage of the belongings.



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Purim Party Sunday March 4, 2018 Green Room 6:30pm – Oscars Red Carpet Cascade at 5:00 pm

Purim Party Sunday

March 4, 2018  Green Room

Oscars Red  Carpet Show will start at 5:00, Cascade Room

The Aquarius Social Club invites:

Purim Party

Sunday, March 4, 2018, 6:30 PM  – Green Room

All Residents are welcome

Bring a dessert to share and your own drink

At 5:00 it will start the Oscars Red Carpet presentation. Be there to watch. The TV show will continue during the party.

Please RSVP:

Zina Chase     954-251-7008

Sharon (Sheri) Smith 954-922-8209

What is Purim?

The jolly festival of Purim is celebrated every year on the 14th of the Hebrew month of Adar (late winter/early spring). Purim 2018 begins on Wednesday night, February 28, and continues through Thursday, March 1 (March 2 in Jerusalem). It commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia from Haman’s plot “to destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews, young and old, infants and women, in a single day,” as recorded in the Megillah (book of Esther).

More info? click HERE

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Melanie Dayan – Resident Aquarius Realtor

Melanie Dayan – Resident Aquarius Realtor


Melanie Dayan

Hello My Name is Melanie Dayan, I live in Apartment 1804N and am grateful for everyday I get to wake up and see the ocean and feel this beautiful South Florida weather.

I am a Broker Associate for Sunny Isles Realty Inc. I have been in the business for over 20 years and I have seen the business go through major changes and I am still here loving what I do.

I have been blessed to sell many apartments in this building and I am happy to help my neighbors with any real estate needs they have.

I am here anytime for a cup of coffee or a chat. 

Melanie Dayan,  Sunny Isles Realty Inc


Apartments available at Aquarius

 Looking to buy an Aquariuss Apartment? Click HERE.


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