Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?     Movie Night

Thursday January 24, 7:15 pm Aquarius Library

from 6:30 to 7:15 we will be drinking wine, eating popcorn and mingling with our neighbors while listening  Elton John’s “40 Million Dollar” concert.
“Fall in love with Mr. Rogers all over again.”  Evan Sauthoff

Critic Acclaim:    85/100 Metascore-IMDB,  98% Tomatometer, 95% Audience Score-Rotten Tomatoes,   Awards: 37 wins and additional 33 nominations.

“The question is not did you cry, but rather how many times and when.”       Christy Lemire

“A celebration of kindness and acceptance that offers an antidote to the hostility endorsed by much of the current social and political culture.”        John Beifuss   



Laughing time:

Don’t you miss the time when the White House and the Press could have fun together?



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Fun and Games at Aquarius – updated III

Fun and Games at Aquarius – updated II

January 2019 update

Some fun and healthy activities you could take part in at Aquarius       

Yoga   ♦   Ping Pong   ♦    Pool   ♦   Zumba   ♦   Mahjong   ♦   Bridge   ♦ Gym ♦ Aqua Aerobics

♦ Yoga: Tuesday and Friday at 12:00 noon. Questions?
M. Carolyn B. 914-819-8355  Chair and Regular Yoga. All levels participate. Bring you mat if you have one or just do it in the chair.


Ping Pong:
Ask these guys and join the fun:  Arkady C.  954-674-8754, Leo Blyumin 301-580-0663, Zhak Bluband 612-414-0601, Alfredo Herrera 786-553-3996.


Pool or Billiards:
These neighbors are frequent players. They could accept your invitation to play: Sam Lev 954-924-8071, Arkady Brodsky 954-925-2047, Michail A. 305-979-6059


Free Zumba:  Now it is Waking Indoors
The group meets Tuesday in the Cascade Room at 9:00. Please call to learn details: Nancy  Arman 954-923-4540,    Nuri Gupta  954-589-1426


♦  Mahjong:
Beginners and Veterans. All levels accepted and welcome. Talk to M. Carolyn B. 914-819-8355


♦ Bridge:
Sophia Geyfatsman is organizing a group of players: beginners and veterans. Interested? Call Sophia (267) 259-7139


♦ Gym:
Sometimes you need some guidance to use the Gym exercise equipment. Many early mornings Orlando Herrera and Ines Felipe 786-326-6056 are in the Gym working out. They are experts and they may be able to provide you with some valuable hints.

♦  Aqua Aerobics:

for the time being is Zumba
Every Wednesday at 10:00. It is Zumba at Cascade Room  until the weather warms up. After the Zumba the classes may change to Aqua Aerobics. You will have fun anyway. Vigorous exercise in the swimming pool. Additional information with Inez Felipe 786-773-8454 or 786-326-6056


Break time:

Sometimes a gift is much more than a gift.  Happy Holidays everyone!

watch now

Yeah, sometimes the eyes do get wet…




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2019 Beach Nourishment Plans

2019 Beach Nourishment Plans

Our neighbor Carole Pumpiam was kind enough to send information on the latest plans to re-nourish the beach of Aquarius. This is a plan contemplating the seashore from Port Everglades to the South County Line – Hallandale Beach. The project is under the supervision of the United States Army Corps of Engineering. Resources will come from the Federal Government, the State of Florida, the Broward County and the cities of Dania Beach, Hollywood and Hallandale Beach.

The project is scheduled to start in January of 2019 and should take 2 years. The firm hired to execute it is Eastman Aggregate Enterprises of Lake Worth, Florida. The total cost is estimated to be under 60 million dollars.

Upon completion this project will give the residents of Aquarius C.A. so much-needed protection from the periodical storms and the threat of rising sea level.  Additional information on the links bellow.

   _Broward County Beach Renourishment Official Site      current information

__Broward County Beach Renourishment Project Starts Soon  dredgingtoday.com   website  December 9 2018

The information bellow has been provided by Mr. Keith London, former Mayor of Hallandale Beach.

Friends & Neighbors,

Here is the latest update on restoring sand onto the beaches from Hallandale Beach to the South to Port Everglades to the North.

Keeping you informed,

Private Citizen Keith London

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District awarded a $7.86 million contract on December 6 to Eastman Aggregate Enterprises, LLC of Lake Worth, Florida, for Contract A of the Broward County Segment III Flood Control and Coastal Emergency Beach Erosion Control Project 2018.

Eastman Aggregate will renourish 7.2 miles of critically eroded shoreline along the beaches of Mizell-Johnson State Park, Dania Beach, Hollywood and Hallandale in Broward County.

For this first phase of the Broward County Segment III beach renourishment project, Eastman Aggregate will place an estimated volume of 123,200 cubic yards of beach-quality sand above the mean high water (MHW) level to avoid water quality impacts while the design of the full construction template is underway.

Sand will be placed beginning immediately south of Port Everglades Inlet in two placement areas, a 1.5 mile segment known locally as the Mitzel-Johnson State Park, and a 5.8 mile segment within Dania Beach, Hollywood Beach and Hallandale Beach, reported the Corps.

Construction for Contract A is scheduled to begin in early January 2019.

USACE also added that the design of the full construction template will involve placing 1 million cubic yards of sand, but will require environmental coordination and permitting that will take two years.

In the last 2 budget cycles the City Commission put monies aside to fund Hallandale’s portion. 

We anticipate that this renourishment project will total close to $55 Million.  The cities of Hollywood, Hallandale Beach and Dania Beach would only be responsible for between $1.13M to $15.3M, depending on the actual total and amount of reimbursement received from the State and Feds.  See attachments for details.

Keith London
613 Oleander Dr
Hallandale Beach FL 33009-6531 United State



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Aquarius Neighbor Success: Cafe Cita at Hallandale Beach

Aquarius Neighbor Success: Cafe Cita at Hallandale Beach

The City of Hallandale Beach just did a short video about the  husband of Carole Pumpian, Yossi Cohen, introducing him and Cafe Cita on the Beach.

This is an establishment in the South City Beach Park of Hallandale Beach. 

Cafe Cita on the Beach
1870 S Ocean Dr
South City Beach Park of Hallandale Beach, FL 33009  

Check the outstanding reviews at YELP

and visit the Cafe Cita on the Beach website


For the fun of it:

Western Australia Member of the Parliament makes a unique speech.

MP Singing in Parliament of Western Australia “Plastic Bags banned” [Sounds of Silence]. David Templeman an MLA from Western Australia,  is also the Minister for Culture and the Arts, 

“Didn’t know that MPs were allowed to sing in Parliament. But this guy has a decent voice – “Hello Speaker my old friend.” Hon David Templeman, Parliament of Western Australia. Enjoy! ”     Guitar Singapore Travels


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Yoga For All at Aquarius


Yoga For All

    • .
  • Every Tuesday and Friday from 12 to 1 pm Yoga at the Cascade Room 
  • Mary is back. Bring your mat or do it in the chair. All levels welcome and challenged

  • Try it. First Class is gratis. Each session 5 dollars. No contract. No obligation. Bring your friends.

  • Questions:  M. Carolyn B. 914-819-8355  


Herman, What are you doing?

Domestic Scene.  Hermann finally has some free time to relax and sit around doing nothing. His wife seems to have different plans. German cartoon with subtitles.



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Aquarius West Pool Deck will open soon

Aquarius West Pool Deck will open soon

Will the the West Deck Pool be open this week-end of December 29, 2018?

Now that the concrete work on the South face of the North Tower is complete the re-opening of the West Deck Pool is near. There are few safety concerns and the chance of debris falling from the construction effort is not anticipated.

The deck dead plants have been removed. The deck pavers have been power washed. The furniture has been cleaned up. The protective cover of the swimming pool is not there anymore. The pool water chemicals are in the proper level. The pool walls and bottom cleaned and sanitized.

There is just one additional hurdle to overcome: the boiler (water heater) is not working to its best performance. The maintenance firm has already been contacted. Lets hope they can correct the problem before the week-end.

Click any picture and start the slideshow.


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Recycle Often, Recycle Right

Recycling is good for our Mother Earth. Let’s do it!

Here is a printer friendly version of the poster. Why not print one and tape it to the refrigerator door? The family will help in the Earth Preservation Mission!


Recycling is:

  • It’s easy
    If it’s an acceptable recyclable, put it in your bin. We’ll handle the sorting on our end.
  • Less waste
    Recycling gives new life to all types of materials. In this case, less is definitely more.
  • Conserves Energy
    Recycling can deliver tangible energy savings compared to manufacturing all-new products.


fun section

Did I understand the Doctor’s order right?



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Publix across the street from Aquarius?

Publix across the street from Aquarius?

Is there a Publix Supermarket in Aquarius’ future?

Publix applied for a new store to be erected at 3100 S. Ocean Drive. This is a parcel next to The Residences of Hollywood. It is almost across the street from Aquarius.

The final plan for a construction of about 62,000 square feet has been presented to the City of Hollywood. It is not approved yet. There was a meeting before the Technical Advisory Committee  (TAC)  on December 3rd, 2018. If approved by TAC the next step is to get the approval from the Planning and Development Board (PDB). The PDB will announce a public hearing with 15 days in advance.

Individuals interested in this development may appear to voice their opinion, ask questions and comment on the proposed plan.

Additional questions may be directed to Deandrea Moise, Project Planner, Division of Planning and Urban Design, City of Hollywood, tel.: 954-921-3471 option 3.

At the City of Hollywood website some information will be available HERE.  Also going to the home page of the City of Hollywood   or http://www.hollywoodfl.org/  and using the search box with the word  – agenda – some additional information should be available soon.

Channel 10 News has a short report on how this Publix may look like if approved.

Groceries by Boat?  Channel 10 News

Do you like the  idea of having a supermarket just across the street?



fun time

The evolution of the desk. Has yours followed the times?  From 1982 to present times.



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This is the Season of Giving – Let’s be generous with the Aquarius Staff

This is the Season of Giving – Let’s be generous with the Aquarius Staff

For many people, the holidays are a time for giving back—whether that means donating to a favorite charity or helping out someone financially. How about the AQUARIUS STAFF?

They support our life in the building. Security, Maintenance, Management Office are a few of the performed activities that make Aquarius more agreeable.

When one gives one receives.

Please remember December 14, 2018 is the last time to hand in your check. No cash, please. In the check kindly write “Aquarius Condo Christmas Fund.”  The name of the recipients of your generosity are at the bottom of this page.

Aquarius 2018 Holiday Staff List


The photos of some staff member may be found BY clicking HERE

Management Office and Maintenance

Adrian Paredes, Manager
Natalie St. Just, Assistant
Misael Flores, Assistant

Ruslan Knochenko, Maintenance Supervisor
Emilio Cruz
Eldine Exilien

Security, Concierge & Valet

Joe Paez, Security Director
Diana Abreu, Deputy Director
Jeimy Penaeda
Priscilla Nunez
Milicent Parker
Sivan Kahlon
James Harry
Mackenzy Sainteme
Nelson Criado
Paul Judener
Derek Hockaday
Denis Joe
Chris Romero
Pedro Orsini
John Vanegas

Housekeeping (ASI Custodians)

Emilio Mendez (Supervisor)
Carminia Mercado
Guadalupe Sanches
Leo Alverez
Mauricio Martinez

Other Support

Patrick Lovely, Pest Control
Kenny, Pest Control

Carol, USPS Mail Carrier


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Aquarius Stairs to the Beach – New 2018 Design

Aquarius Stairs to the Beach – New 2018 Design

The President of the Board of Directors of Aquarius approved a new design of the Aquarius stairs to the beach. These stairs allow access to sea-shore from the East Deck. Residents using the East Deck Swimming Pool can go directly to the beach as it was done in the past.

The new stairs are needed because the cost to rebuild the old stairs would, probably, be higher given the great amount of repairs needed. Besides the old stairs do not met the Construction Code. The steps are too short and to high and the top landing is very small.

Previously another design was considered  (The link will open in another tab).  In October of 2017 this blog published the artistic rendition of this previous concept. It had 5 landings and it was very similar to what is now under progress. Two factors determined the change. The estimated cost was near $60000.00 and it was a long set of steps.

The new design has just 3 landings and has an estimated cost of under $40,000.00. It is not easy to understand why it took so long to finalize this East Deck detail. Cost was one factor but also technical aspects may have come into play.  The final details of the project are still under study. The City of Hollywood construction permit has not be applied for yet.  Hillman Engineering,  our engineering firm of record,  is working on it. Aquarius has been promised the final plans and permit application to be done in a few weeks. This post is of December of 2018.

Let’s hope for a quick resolution. Check out the new design bellow and compare with the previous one of October 2017.

View from the ground

Side view

Top View




Cannabis in Canada.  

We already can see some results of legal marijuana in Canada



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