Aquarius South Tower is almost done

Aquarius South Tower is almost done

During the month of August several stacks are being returned to their users. By September the entire building exterior should be completed. What does it mean?

  • Residents may have furniture on the balconies and enjoy the breeze.
  • Residents may have tiles installed if desired (special waterproofing is required).
  • Impact Windows installation may proceed any work day if desired.
  • New Aquarius look may be appreciated from the outside.
  • Did I mention some absence of noise? Ah! Isn’t silence golden?!?!

Please use the balconies with care. If workers are present don’t go to the balcony or open your windows. Safety first! If you see swingstage lines it means work is in progress. Please avoid accidents.

What else to expect?

East Pool Deck:  Promised for before Christmas (it was before Thanksgiving but…)

North Tower: Completion expected for March or April 2019.  Some electrical problems, still being corrected, have caused a delay in the demolition of the balconies of lines 2 and 3. These are the last stacks partially standing. All other stacks have been demolished. Some stacks have curing new concrete already on 5th. level or higher.

Elevators: Very soon (a week or two) a second elevator (no cab finish yet) will be available for a more reliable and joyful ride in both towers. As soon this is done the renovation of the third elevator starts.

Hallways: Still in a planning phase. No date for the start-up of the renovation has been determined yet.

Some new and some old snapshots. Click or tap (touch screen only) on any photo and start the slide show.  Some photographs are courtesy of Cale Delaney, Senior Project Manager of Structural Preservation Systems.



Fatherhood:  For a father they are forever children


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Is Seaweed Here to Stay?

 Is Seaweed Here to Stay?

Many ask: why so much seaweed? It seems this year the amount of  seaweed is very large. Not only we have so much seaweed as the seaweed season seems endless. Some are concerned with the tourism, some even are afraid of a loss on real estate value.

The Hollywood Beach Civic Association was kind enough to send as some words from Silvia Glazer, City of Hollywood Public Works Department Director. Along with the letter from Ms. Glazer there is an article from Miami Herald. These  two pieces try to shed some light at the phenomenon. Let’s hope that the seaweed goes a little bit away so all of us can enjoy the ocean.

This material was also suggested by Carole Pumpiam.

Hollywood Beach Civic Association

Dear All (2318 HBCA Recipients ) 

Sylvia Glazer, Public Work Director, City of Hollywood, responded to several comments we received  from our members regarding the ever increasing seaweed  showing up at our beaches.
Please see her remarks below.
” As the article mentions below, both coasts of Florida, along with areas such as the Caribbean, Africa, South America have experienced much larger amount of seaweed this year and in recent years, and there are many causes creating this.
The seaweed is not only showing up along the sand but exists in constant large quantities floating in the ocean,and then repeatedly floats to shore. As quickly as you bury or remove it , more floats in right behind it. This year and last year have been particularly bad in seaweed amounts.
The problem with constantly trying to remove seaweed is that it is not only very expensive to do so-and is labor intensive, but that more seaweed comes up right behind it, and you are also removing precious sand from the beach along with the seaweed.
Therefore, the City tries not to remove it, but instead we bury the seaweed.This action helps to create a barrier under the sand that helps Prevent beach erosion by keeping the sand in place. The seaweed also provides nutrients to the sea-life.

Effective with the new budget year beginning October 1, 2018, we were approved to hire another equipment operator. This added operator will assist us in cleaning and sifting the beach sand to remove Sand and debris. It will also help in burying seaweed with our related equipment.”

Sylvia Glazer
Public Works Director 
City of Hollywood Public Works Department
(954) 967-4526


Miami Herald on SEAWEED

or see it here on the Miami Herald

Hollywood Beach Civic Association, 1301 South Ocean Dr., Hollywood, FL 33019


It looks like they are having lots of fun…

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Aquarius Gym News

Aquarius Gym News




The Aquarius Harry “Mr. Gym” Smith Fitness Center is getting new equipment. Orlando Herrera invested a good amount of time effort to sell some old and not-so-much-safe equipment. He also was very dedicate to acquire, at basement prices, new and professional exercise machines that will replace the old obsolete stuff.

Of course there is a lot to be made to bring the Aquarius Gym to the pleasant, agreeable and modern situation that the building residents need and desire. But these initial renovation steps represent a great advance thay will please the wellness adepts. A huge thanks for the time and effort Orlando Herrera generously gave to the community.

In a few weeks the new equipment will arrive and here is a preview of what we will get:























Just for fun:

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Table Tennis Anyone?

Table Tennis Anyone?


Finally the Ping-Pong, or better yet the Table Tennis players of Aquarius got a decent, regulation complaint table. The acquisition of the new table and its location took more time and deliberation than necessary, but the project is now complete.

The tennis table table is in the Aquarius Game Room,  just at the entrance of the Aquarius North Tower.

Paddles and balls are loaned out at the Security Desk. Of course the real enthusiasts have their very own equipment. They would not settle for less. But the casual player let’s say grandpa versus grandkid team will play with the paddles made available by Aquarius.

If you click any photo it will start a slideshow.

Are you interested in playing? Call these members of the Aquarius Table Tennis Team (ATTT) and challenge them for a match, join the team or form your own:

  • Arkady Chase   (954) 674-8754  or (201) 923-9377
  • Leonid Bluymin   (301) 580-0663
  • Mikhail Adronov  (519) 919-1970  or (305) 979-6059
  • Orlando Herrera (786) 553-3996
  • Zackary Bluband  (612) 414-0601  or  (954) 239-8002



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Aquarius 40 Years ReCertification Travails – June 2018

Aquarius 40 Years ReCertification Travails
June 2018

The 40 Year Recertification work at Aquarius has 2 main components: (1) Concrete Work of Towers and East Deck.  There are two other items provisioned by the Special Assessment 2017: (1) Elevators renewal and (2) Hallways remodeling.  These are not discussed in this post.

Conclusion best estimate

Master Schedule presentation date:      Expected Conclusion date:
Towers work
: September 2017    ……….        January 8, 2019
………………………June 2018          …………..        March 14, 2019   updated 

Expected South Tower completion: August 10, 2018

Deck & Pool Work: September 2017  …..      November 26, 2018
……………………………….May 2018   …………….   November 26, 2018   updated

This post presents 4 photos galleries of the exterior concrete reconstruction.  The galleries show some of what is already accomplished in the North and South Tower and the East Deck. The Valet Deck and the West Pool Deck was addressed from 2009 and work completed late 2015. They are not the target of this exercise.

At the end of the post the most recent Master Schedule (Critical Path Method) may be seen in simplified form.

Photo Galleries:

  1. South Tower North Face. Stacks 2 and 3 already have Glass Railings, floor and soffit done. The return to the dwellers may happen before August 2018. Click or tap any photo and start the slideshow.  (8 photos)


2. Aquarius South Tower South Face side. Stacks 6 and 7 already have their Glass Railings and may return to the use of the residents as soon as all finishes are complete and the Hillman Engineering approves the work. Click or tap any photo to start the slideshow. (3 photos)

3. North Tower: The balconies of all 4 corner units are demolished. The work of forms for the concrete is already in progress. The Apartments of lines 06, 07, 02 and 03 have their windows protected by plywood and the demolition has started.  (2 photos)

4. East Deck. The East Deck has part of the concrete slab ready. The Swimming pool shell has its concrete structure curing and planters of the North Side of the deck are advancing. The water proofing has been completed for these planters. (4 pictures). Click or tap any photo to start the slideshow.


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Aquarius ReCertification Master Schedules update Towers & Balconies

Aquarius ReCertification
Master Schedules update   Towers & Balconies        June 12th., 2018


Master Schedule of Aquarius Towers and Balconies 40 ReCertification Exercise update 6/12/2018


Previous Schedules

May 31 2017 partial           90 days schedule

October 22, 2017               Towers & Balconies

November 1st, 2017          East Deck and Swimming Pool

November 11, 2017           Towers & Balconies

December 13, 2017           Towers & Balconies


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Aquarius ReCertification Master Schedules update E. Deck

Aquarius ReCertification Master Schedules update East Deck of May 16, 2018

Master Schedule of Aquarius East Deck and Swimming Pool 40 ReCertification Exercise update

Previous Schedules

May 31 2017 partial           90 days schedule

October 22, 2017               Towers & Balconies

November 1st, 2017          East Deck and Swimming Pool

November 11, 2017           Towers & Balconies

December 13, 2017           Towers & Balconies


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I really do care, shouldn’t you?

I really do care,
shouldn’t you?



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Fourth of July at Aquarius

  Fourth of July at Aquarius


Come to celebrate with the Community

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Father’s Day June 17, 2018

Father’s Day June 17, 2018



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