O Brother, Where Art Thou? movie night May 5th, 2017

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

adventure, comedy, crime 

Movie night: Friday, May 5th, 2017, 7:00 PM, at the  Library

some wine pours at 6:30, sometimes even popcorn shows up

You never saw Homer’s Odyssey of 8th Century BC recounted this funny way. Now it is the 30’s  in Mississipi  the Great Depression.

IMDB: 7.8/10  Tomatometer: 77%  Rotten Tomatoes Audience rate: 89%

with George Cloney, John Torturo and Tim Blake Nelson, directed by Joel and Ethan Coen

In the deep south during the 1930s, three escaped convicts search for hidden treasure while a relentless lawman pursues them. (IMDB)

In the Depression-era deep South, three escapees from a Mississippi prison chain gang: Everett Ulysses McGill, sweet and simple Delmar, and the perpetually angry Pete, embark on the adventure of a lifetime as they set out to pursue their freedom and return to their homes. With nothing to lose and still in shackles, they make a hasty run for their lives and end up on an incredible journey filled with challenging experiences and colorful characters. However, they must also match wits with the cunning and mysterious lawman Cooley, who tracks men, bent on bringing the trio back to the prison farm. (Rotten Tomatoes)

Aquarius needs volunteers for the movies nights!

Could you do it?  You can do it. We can help!  

                                                                                                                      (sorry Home Depot)


O Brother, Where art thou?          


This film is loosely based in the Homer’s poem Odyssey.


Did You Know?

Odysseus, the hero of Homer’s Odyssey, spends 20 years traveling home from the Trojan War. He has astonishing adventures and learns a great deal about himself and the world; he even descends to the underworld to talk to the dead. Thus, an odyssey is any long, complicated journey, often a quest for a goal, and may be a spiritual or psychological journey as well as an actual voyage.


Some parallels O Brother film and Homer’s Odyssey:

Blind railroad conductor prophesizes the future of the main characters.  ===  Tiresias prophesizes the future of Odysseus and his crew in Land of the Dead.

Evert McGee: Cunning, quick-tongued, sharp, leader, wants to go home and see his family.        ===     Odysseus: Cunning, quick-tongued, sharp, leader, wants to go home to see his family.

Characters disguised as KKK to free Tommy.  ====  Odysseus and his crew hide under the sheep to escape from Polyphemus.

Big Dan T’s death by the flaming, wooden cross.     ====  Polyphemus’ blindness caused by the flaming spear.

Evert’s constant concern for his hair. (Use of hair products and hair nets, his pride.)   ===    Odysseus’ pride and tragic flaw.

Singing about their lives for money.    ====  Odysseus telling King Alcinous about his tale for a ship ride home.

Pete and Delmar: Go along with everything Evert suggests, Pete ends up going to jail again and all three become outlaws because of it.    =====  Odysseus’ crew: Go along with everything Odysseus suggests, end up dead because of it


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40 Re-Cert: No Permit but the work already started

40 Re-Cert: No Permit yet but the work already started.

May 5, 2017


While we wait for the Construction Permit from the City Hall of Hollywood a robust construction mobilization has started. The Building Department of Hollywood has approved most of the areas under their supervision. The last aspect to give Aquarius the green light to proceed is Zoning Planning. They are working on this item since March 22, 2017 according to the records. We expect the permit to be issued any time now.

While the construction permit is not ready Structural Preservation is getting ready deploying all the necessary equipment, swing stages, scafolds, storage areas. All this will support the work as soon as the permit is issued.

Here some pictures of the work on the Southeast side of the building facing the neighboor building Residences of Hollywood. Click any picture and start the slide show by clicking the arrows.

How long the work should take? Each tower balconies,building waterproofing and other restoration work is scheduled to take 40 weeks in a total of 80 weeks.

What is the construction approach? It is called horizontal restoration. All around the building from top to bottom the balconies and other areas requiring attention will be demolished. The reconstruction moves in the opposite direction. From bottom to top.

What can you do to help? Facilitate workers access to your unit. Reserve  space inside your apartment to store the shutters if you have these.  Move all your valuable furniture, pictures, china away from the balconies and windows.

Are you a snow bird? Could you contact the office and offer your space for a short term? All parking spaces in the East side will be barricaded. If you allow a fellow neighbor which space will be unusable to park in your space it will be a great help.

Be patient.

The results should not only increase the value of your property but in addition it should make Aquarius a much more pleasant trouble free building.


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Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Details of His Son’s Birth & Heart Disease May 1st.,2017

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Details of His Son’s Birth & Heart Disease


May 1st, 2017

Youtube, also available in  New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and hundreds of newspapers and news vehicles.

We even had atheists praying! Said Kimmel


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Chair Yoga at Aquarius – JOIN US Every Tuesday and Friday 1:00 PM

Chair Yoga at Aquarius   Join Us

chair-yogaCome to the CHAIR YOGA class.

All levels welcome.

It is healthy and fun.

Every Tuesday and every Friday  1:00 PM

Call   Zina C.       954-251-7008  or

M. Carolyn B.        914-819-8355    for details







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Mother’s Day Special at Aqua Bistro – March 14

Mother’s Day Special at Aqua Bistro -Sunday  March 14



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Status of Discount Program for Impact Windows – Aquarius



April, 16, 2017.

Without cost to the Condo, Hillman Engineering, the engineer of record  for the 40 year reconstruction project,  has undertaken preparation of specifications for impact resistant hurricane windows [impact windows] for the residential units of the Aquarius Condominium.   This will:

  1. Identify and differentiate the 4 model
  2. Field measure all windows within the 4 model units
  3. Correspond with the board of directors to incorporate desired aesthetic and alternative options into the design
  4. Provide all engineering wind load calculations and attachments the windows
  5. Provide a window manufactured with a Dade County Product Approval with a Notice of Acceptance specification that will conform to the engineering requirements and aesthetics

When complete, Structural Steel, the general contractor for the reconstruction project, will secure prices for the impact windows that will allow for a discount in bulk price based upon the number of unit owners who join in the discount program.  The more that join, the lower the price!

Structural Steel will secure the firm to install the impact windows, but the responsible party will be Structural for down payments, for performance and for warranty, that will insure the unit owners of a responsible firm to look to should problems arise.

We now have some 44 owners who have indicated they are in the discount program.

It is important for all of you who have not joined in the discount program as of this date to join ASAP, so that we can secure a greater discount.

To join, please e-mail joelcohenlaw@gmail.com with your name, unit #, phone # and e-mail address.

 Seth Gelman

Joel Cohen 917 991 1709


This is a note that is being posted without any editing. The author asked to not change any of his writing.









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Movie Night: Love Actually – Friday April 14, 2017 7:00pm

Movie Night: Love Actually   –  Friday    April 14, 2017     7:00pm  Library


  • 6:30    some cheap wine
  • 7:00    Love Actually   (130 minutes)
  • 9:00    Love Actually Red Nose Day 2017    14 years later   (1 minute)
  • 9:001   Red Nose Day Actually     14 years later (3 minutes)


IMDB 7.7/10

 Rotten Tomatoes 72% Audience Score

2 Tony Globes nominations, 11 Wins, 27 other nominations

This 2003 romatic comedy follows the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with their love lives in various loosely interrelated tales all set during a frantic month before Christmas in London, England. IMDB

For more Critical Acclaim:







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Aquarius Membership Meeting April 6, 2017 – Material Alterations

Aquarius Membership Meeting April 6, 2017 – Material Alterations  the results are in:

Owners of apartments at Aquarius Condominium had a formal Membership Meeting April 6th., 2017.

The the quorum was of 174 owners counted either by proxy or physical presence. The required votes for approval were 87 plus 1, that is simple majority.

The preliminary results:

  • Changes in the East Pool Deck as proposed by the Landscape Architect:

 138 approval, against 34        Details of the proposed changes can be seen by clicking HERE

  • Installation of Glass Railing for the Balconies changing from actual Aluminum Picket Railing:

143 Yes, 29 opposed



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Aquarius Passover Dinner – April 11, 2017 at Aqua Bistro

Aquarius Passover Dinner – April 11, 2017 at Aqua Bistro

Join us for a Passover Dinner  


  • Matzo Ball Soup
  • Gefilte Fish
  • 1/2 Roast Chicken or Briket, served with Roasted Potato and Vegetable
  • Glass of Kosher Wine
  • Dessert
  • Coffe or Tea

$ 18.00       Reservations recommended

Call Peter or Jamie  954-589-1796




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Sauna and Steam Room are Goooood! Come to the Aquarius Gym and Check them out!

Sauna and Steam Room are Goooood! Come to the Aquarius Gym and Check them out!


After the long wait all parts arrived and are in place. Sauna and Steam Room are working well in both Gentlemen and Ladies and ready for you:

New Automatic Switches

New coal stones

Automatic Drain in the Steam-bath Generator

Timer – steam out from 8:00 pm to 7 am

New Thermometers in the Saunas

Clear new signage

New sensors

New Filter system for the Steam-bath Generator

New Anti-fatigue mats

New Dressing Rooms


and Mr. Gym – Harry Smith says: all exercise machines have been maintained and are running.

There are some people very excited…









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