Aquarius East Pool Deck Construction Schedule Rev.: 2017/11/01

Aquarius East Pool Deck Construction Schedule Rev.: 2017/11/01

40 Year Re-Certification Exercise

Follow the construction progress with the periodic revised schedules.

Printer friendly file format of the East Pool Deck Schedule   2017/11/01        2017 11 01 E Deck Schedule S


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So little time so much happening at Aquarius

So little time so much happening at Aquarius


Let’s start with the fun stuff:

Ping Pong Aquarius Squad. Interested? Call Arkady Chase   954-674-8754  or  201-923-9377

Zumba: Sign up with      Nuri Gupta     954-589-1426  or     Nancy Arman  954-923-4540

Yoga: Sign up with        Zina Chase  tel.: 954-251-7008 or  201-916-0402   email:    or  M. Carolyn Butera  914-819-8355

Aquarius Library: Our honor system Library (take one try to donated one back) is full of interesting books and magazines. Check it out.

There are also lists to sign up at the Lobby Security Desk, if you prefer. The fact is that the Gentle Coordinators have last minute relevant info.

Boring but needed stuff. An almost (in)complete list of what is going on:

  1. Aquarius Governing Documents: Final restated version is ready and with the Lawyers for filing. We reduced the documents from 160+ pages to less that 70. Easier to read, easier to understand. It will take a few weeks to register.
  2. Budget Meeting. Scheduled for November 16. Please sign the the ballot. It assures quorum required for the meeting. Establishment of Reserves under consideration besides the Regular Assessment (Maintenance) 2018 budget proposal.
  3. Hallways carpet. Removal to start promptly. Three floors a day promised. No more mildew, mold and other nasty stuff.
  4. Air Conditioning Water Tower reconstruction. This will allow the Hallways A/C to be reestablished and service go back to normal. A/C rental units will be used while towers work is under way.
  5. Elevators: Work to renew elevators already started with Service Elevators. Full project completion for after mid 2018. Check blog post with tentative schedule.
  6. Least but not last:  South Tower balconies with concrete pourings in progress. East Pool Deck also advancing. The BOD is making every effort to accelerate this project. GC Structural P.S.  is authorized to work all Fridays and Saturdays as needed to keep or better follow the master schedule. The master schedule version November 2017 to be post very soon in this blog.
  7. Rumor Mill: It possible that work on North Tower be anticipated. If you are thinking to have Impact Windows installed it is time to act now. The GC feels it is not safe to have other contractors (verbi gratia Window Installers) working at the same time they are demolishing and rebuilding the balconies.  The anticipation of work will be announced in a timely manner.
  8. What else: lighting at the West Side Parking Lot, Cameras in the same lot. Also all locked internal and external Aquarius entrances will be Fob access controlled. No more cumbersome keys are being considered.
  9. There is more but this post is already too big! Every Thursday at 11 o’ clock  Construction Committe meeting. All (almost all) doubts cleared.



And now a little Satchmo  for you  “What a wonderful world”


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When will my Baseboards be back in Place?

When will my Baseboards be back in Place?

Many Aquarius Residents look forward to have the baseboards in their apartments back in place.

As many know a good number of units suffered water intrusion during the Irma hurricane  of September 2017, and following strong rains a few days later. The information on the repairs needs to be shared. This is an attempt in that direction.

Let me share with you my personal experience.

As recommended by the Board and Management I called my own Homeowners Insurance Co. (St. Johns)  and I was informed the following:

1) Their responsibility – if my claim is accepted – will be painting and new baseboard (or use of the old ones – not possible in my case because they were destroyed).

2) It would be responsibility of the Aquarius Condominium Association (ACA) to replace all damaged dry wall (sheet rock, wall board) and finish and sand it leaving it paint ready. The Aquarius Condominium would not be responsible for painting and replacing or re-positioning baseboard.

What is the Aquarius Condominium Association doing: We hired a very reputable firm with a tradition to work with Insurance Claims  “Merlin”  to prepare a comprehensive claim to our Aquarius Insurance firm. The work of Merlin is being assisted by our Legal Counsel Katzman & Chandler.

As you know we had extensive damage from Irma hurricane. Our air conditioning water cooling towers were damaged in both buildings, our hallways carpet have mold, mildew and other contaminants among several other issues. The preparation of the claim is a technical and arduous job that is taking sometime because it needs to be done the right way. We want to avoid any problems with the claim.

What is the bottom line? We have to wait to submit the claim and get a response from the Insurance Company. In the mean time some urgent tasks are taking place such as removal of the carpet, hiring a firm to rebuilt the A/C Water Cooling Towers, rent temporary A/C units, repair of the lights at the parking lot and other tasks.

So at this point we do not know what is being covered by the claim. We need some more time and you will be informed of the results. It is important that no repairs are done until we have a response from the Aquarius Insurance company.

It is not good to have the baseboard out and the drywall with holes but we need patience so we are able to get the insurance protection that we believe we are going to get.


Leonid & Friends pay tribute to Chicago: If you Leave Me Now  – Moscow 2017
The original score by Chicago (Frankfurt, DE, 1977)  got  YouTube 8,675,974 views. It may be interesting to watch and listen. 

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Ping Pong Anyone?

Ping Pong Anyone?


Arkady Chase is organizing a Ping Pong group at Aquarius.

Are you interested?  All ages welcome. All levels from beginning to pro are welcome.

Please call Arkady Chase    954-674-8754  or  201-923-9377   or leave your name at the Security Desk


How about a little Marmalade?


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Aquarius New Elevators: On the Way

Aquarius New Elevators: On the Way

October 2017

The Aquarius 2017 Special Assessment contemplated seven new elevators for the Condominium.  After the bid, contract awarded to Premier Elevator, Pompano Beach, parts ordered the work is under way.

The work started in the Service Elevators. There is an ongoing procurement process for the selection of the interior cabin finishes. The interior cabin finishes constitutes a separate job to be done by a distinct contractor.

Tentative Elevators Installation Schedule subject to changes.


2017 Aquarius Elevators Installation Schedule  pdf format for easy printing



This is the first and the last year Daddy will pick the Halloween costumes. It is a family non-negotiable decision.


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Is the solution worse than the problem?

Is the solution worse than the problem?

You be the judge


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40 Year Re-Certification Project Schedules

40 Year Re-Certification Project Schedules


The major initiative in the 40 Year Re Certification Exercise of Aquarius is the concrete work that embodies balconies, East side garage and deck including a new pool. The 40 Year Re-Certification also contemplates new elevators and hallways renovation. Here the presentation of schedules is limited to the balconies and East Deck.

Additional details of the project may be seen in the Construction Committee minutes and in the special folder with documentation on the 40 Year Re-certification exercise.  All links open in new tabs.

Minutes of the Construction Committee meetings  – every Thursday at 11:00 am. All residents are welcome.

40 Year Re-Certification documents

Printer friendly version: CLICK HERE      will open in a new tab


Printer friendly version: CLICK HERE    for the East Deck construction schedule. It   will open in a new tab.



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Acqua Bistro invites: Thanksgiving Dinner

Acqua Bistro: Thanksgiving Dinner

Thursday November 23    

Join us for family fun without cooking at home

Dinner includes:

 ♦ Turkey Soup or Garden Salad

    ♦ Turkey Dinner or Baked Ham, served with

Mashed Potatoes, Sweet  Potatoes, Peas and Carrots,
Homemade Stuffing, Cranberry sauce

  ♦ Pumpkin or Apple Pie

   $25.00 per person, reservations required  954-589-1196

       Thanksgiving dinner will be available from 2:00 pm until closing.                  Call now to choose the best time for you.

Acqua Bistro 954-589-7796 

Take out welcome in the building. Call us, we deliver.

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Aquarius New Stairs to the Hollywood Beach

Aquarius New Stairs to the Hollywood Beach  –   Preliminary Proposal

This is first cut to the proposed new stairs from the East Pool Deck to the  sea-shore. The idea is to offer a more comfortable access to the beach from the East Pool Deck. The door would be surrounded by impact proof glass offering full view in addition to protection from intruders. Next to it shower and sand removal station.

Why a new stairs? The existing stairs are not in compliance with the code and are likely to  not get approval from the City of Hollywood. Besides the steep risers are a safety challenge. The new project will have rest landing areas and the risers will follow the City code.

This is a preliminary proposal subject to adjustments.

Click any picture to start the slides show.
 Move from picture to picture using the arrows at the right 
and left sides. Exit using the 'x'  at the right top corner.
Devices provided with touch sensitive screens may work the slides
show by touching each picture.


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Aquarius Beach Access South Tower Door

Aquarius Beach Access South Tower Door

Alternatives under consideration

The beach level door that gives access from the S. Tower is a temporary one. The idea is to make it a permanent alternative. This beach access is very convenient and safer for families with small children, people carrying beach items (umbrellas, chairs, refreshments) and individuals with mobility challenges. Using this access to the sea-shore does not require use of any steps and makes Aquarius friendlier to everyone. 

Here some alternatives such as an aluminum door that can resist the beach weather and multi-panel flood barrier that would be used only in times of strong storms. The cost of such project is minimal.

Click any picture to start the slides show. Move from picture to 
picture using the arrows at the right and left sides. 
Exit using the 'x'  at the right top corner. 
Devices with touch sensitive screens may work the slides show 
by touching each picture.

In the West Storage Room of the South Tower some enclosures used by the Aquarius residents had to be relocated due the construction and the opening of the beach access.

When the construction is completed all the cages will be reorganized and all apartment units will have their easy access to  their space again. Some of the storage space may be relocated in the East Storage Room of the South Tower.


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