Aqua Bistro, the Aquarius Restaurant will re-open October 6, 2017

Aqua Bistro, the Aquarius Restaurant will re-open October 6, 2017

The Restaurant will close September 25 and it will re-open October 6, 2017.





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Rosh Hashanah Dinner at Aqua Bistro the Restaurant of Aquarius – September 20, 2017

Rosh Hashanah Dinner at Aqua Bistro the Restaurant of Aquarius – September 20, 2017

6:00 PM

Dinner Menu: All included

  • Challah Bread and Kosher Wine

  • Gifilte Fish

  • Matzo Ball Soup

  • Choice of: Brisket or

  • Grilled Salmon or

  • Roasted Chiken served with potato

  • Honey Cake or Apple Pie

$ 28.00 per person tax and tip included

Reservations: Aqua Bistro 954-589-1796

Did you know? Aqua Bistro delivers. Your delicious meal is just a phone call away. 

Aqua Bistro 954-589-1796


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Aquarius – Remediation of IRMA Hurricane Damage Update

Aquarius – Remediation of IRMA Hurricane Damage Update


This afternoon AP Regional Manager Sean Fontana issued the following update on the efforts to repair Aquarius damages caused by IRMA:

On Sep 18, 2017, at 2:52 PM, Sean Fontana 
<> wrote:  to Aquarius C. Association

I will be getting with Adrian tomorrow to organize the many different aspects of recovery that were experienced at Aquarius:

As a quick recap:

  • Water Leaks:
    • WRG worked all week and through the weekend to assess and begin remediation of the leaks in units and in the hallways. As the South Tower was determined to have experienced the bulk of the leaks WRG started in that tower.
    • I spoke with the foreman, Eddie Ribeiro,  this morning. He stated they were able to yield good drying results so far. They are reevaluating the current status of the affected areas and are moving equipment from dry areas to  areas that still need to dry. They were also able to obtain some additional dehumidifiers from other sites and will be adding those to the affected areas.
    • We will receive a full report with pictures from WRG once the work is completed.


  • HVAC:
    • Both Cooling Tower fills suffered damages from the storm. MMSC was able to restore operations as much as possible. The fills will need to be replaced (8-10 wk lead time).
    • The start-up of the cooling system stirred up debris in the lines which clogged unit owner’s handler units; MMSC originally started to backwash units with no positive results. They were then authorized to Acid wash the units to dissolve the debris and allow the unit to properly run. MMSC cleaned 40+ units on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and restored each unit into service without having to entertain shutting down common area systems to reduce the load.
    • Additionally, MMSC cleaned a few risers in the penthouse of the south tower which was found to be continually releasing debris in the units below.
    • MMSC will provide a report of the units serviced.
    • I found a piece of the CT fill and will have Adrian display it in the lobby.


We will work on a complete comprehensive list and will be gathering the reports, pictures and information for insurance purposes.


Sean Fontana

Regional Manager


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Aquarius Condominium After Irma Storm 2017

Aquarius Condominium After Irma Storm 2017



Water, Fire, Wind and Earth

Composition of four shots representing the four elements: air, water, ground and fire


Wednesday  Sept. 13 Miami stopped the distribution of free bottles of water. The city supply of water was fine. Next day Broward declared the County water supplies safe for human consumption. The “boil your water” order was revoked.

And how about water penetration at Aquarius? Several apartments in the South Tower got some water invasion. Aquarius Condominium Association has a disaster recovery on site working on those units that had some water. In the North Tower the problem was on the West side of the hallways. My unit is in the line 5. Since Friday I have air moving machines working to avoid mold and mildew in the carpet on North Tower floor 10. In many cases to perform a better drying job the baseboard must be removed – in the hallways and inside the apartments.

About 99% of the Residents affected have been eager to have the humidity and water accumulation problem solved in their units and hallways. About 99% are very patient and very collaborative.

The usual residents that resist do what they usually do: they resist. So good that they are so few among us.

One big problem is that some units have not filed their keys with the Aquarius Management Office. Some (very few) refuse admit the professionals hired to dry up the units and common areas. This is not only a transgression of our Condo R&R but is also disrespect to Florida Law. In addition, water accumulated may contaminate common areas and adjacent units. Not good. Legal measures are under study to prevent this in the future.


Aquarius did not have a major problem with power supply. Up today (Sept. 16) the power is not available on the precious and neglected West Parking Lot. The gates must remain open. FPL should remediate the situation pronto – so they say.

The lack of power on the West Park Lot brought trouble to ATT and Comcast services. For several days the land line telephones, TV and Internet were not working.

Many residents were able to get TV broadcast from the Air. What did they do? They improvised a digital antenna with a paper clip. More than 30 channels available, but no Digital Video Recording, no Netflix, no…    …well you get my drift.

Thursday, around noon, Comcast services were available again. Now everyone can pay their bills, consult their favorite sites and send emails.

During the after storm period even mobile phone service was a bit iffy. People used to get 3 or 4 bars were getting 1 or 2 bars from the satellite antennas of the major carriers. Did you know that you can use your phone as an hot spot? You can connect your computer or tablet and have the telephone serving as temporary router. Data charges, of course, apply.

The West Deck Pool is our next priority. Next week it should be available. The furniture is already in place. The canopy will take a while because all region is asking to have their canopies back in place. Canopy specialists are in high demand.


In the North Building the Air Conditioning cooling tower is running with 50% of the its capacity.  In the South Building the damage was of only 25%. What went wrong?  The “heat exchange sheets” were broken by the storm. This plastic sheets make the water cool off and refrigerate the Air Conditioning units. For this reason hallways will have not Air Cond. for some time. The replacement parts may take 6 to 12 units to arrive.

Machin Mechanical Services & Controls – MMSC has a team working at Aquarius since Monday Sept. 11. As of late Thursday we had a report that 30 units in the South Tower had no satisfactory Air Cond. In the North Tower about 15 units had problematic AC.  When Rolando Clavijo, MMSC Service Manager and his team left late Friday the number of units with Air Conditioning  difficulties was about 10. They are scheduled to be back Monday to solve remaining issues.

About 50% of the “Heat Exchange Surface” sheets were lost in the North Tower. In the South Tower about 25% were lost. To get a replacement of these cooling elements may take a while.


Two problems with the Air Conditioning that no MMSC, of VMech of the Aquarius C. Association can help with:  (1) A/C Units with lack of maintenance – some problematic units had been serviced 12 years ago and not after that time. The recommended schedule is 1 year of revision and adjustments. (2) No key no service. The A/C units should be tested, rebooted and tested again. If the technicians have no access to the units they can not do their job.

Traffic signs: In the entire region the traffic signage suffered a lot. Little by little traffic lights are back. The vertical signs downed by the storm will have to wait. Too many were knocked off.



The amount of sand that the storm “repositioned” is impressive.  The work to put things as they were before the Irma Hurricane is herculean. But this job is progressing at a fast pace.

And how about the beach?  Las Wednesday Emilio and Eldine were found by me near noon at the new Aquarius Beach Access. They were very tired but very enthusiastic. They had worked all morning to remove about 3 feet of sand from the new door. So the Aquarius Beach access was restored just a couple of days after the storm.

Hollywood Beach, the Broadwalk and nearby areas being cleaned in a frenetic pace. Yesterday it was possible that is was almost normal (if you don’t look to the downed tree branches all over). The low wall that separates the Broadwalk from the sandy beach could be seen again. Most sand removed. The beach had many goers. Most restaurants and bars back to normal. The Margaretville Theater with a live band performing and couples dancing to the music.

Dania Beach is not so lucky. Sunday morning and it is still closed.

Peter Perrone our Aqua Bistro Chef was ready to reopen the Restaurant even with just a skeleton crew. The Restaurant reopen with a limited menu. Now things are going back to normal.

This post can not be closed without metioning the exceptional work of our Staff. Joe Paez ahd his Security Team with individual like Diana and Thomas among other spent some nights at Aquarius at the expense of their own homes and their own families. The Management Office personnel: Adrian P. the property manager, Sarahi and Pat worked with all dilligente to minimize the IRMA Storm problems. And it is impossible to forget the effort of Ruslan, Emilio and Eldine always ready to help, to repair, to make things good again.

Our A/P Regional Manager Sean Fontana remained in the property during the entire period of the storm. Sean made the decision to hire the Air Conditioning repair firm  MMSC as well as the water damage firm WRG that started the repairs immediately at the end of the storm. Prompt action avoiding further damage, inconvenience and added cost.

We are so lucky to have such a team of individuals with us at Aquarius. They go above and beyond their duty to assist our elders, to make house call to verify the well being of all and to support the building.

Thank you guys. I am not shy to call all of you my friends.



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Hurricane Irma Strikes Aquarius

Hurricane Irma Strikes Aquarius



Of course Aquarians love water but everything has a limit. Right now what all wish is no wind and no rain, but…

Let’s see two fresh reports on what has been happening at Aquarius while Irma is around:

Linda Satz, our BOD Secretary wrote:   09/10/2017  10 am

Three cars damaged on valet deck from flying plywood.

Security Director Joe’s car damaged. Portable potty laying in front of building .Water coming into lobby by picture windows. Going out the north door to beach, the stairwell pouring  water down from roof into  lobby floor. A crab has taken refuge in our lobby, we left it stay.

South Building 5 units with a lot of water in apartments. There will be a lots of insurance claims.

Joe Paez and Diana have been wonderful. They call the elderly every morning.

Water in garage but not flooded. I put my boots on, from New Jersey, and couldn’t open any door to get out. Wind so strong and sand bags were there.

We still have lights and air conditioning.

By the way, the impact windows are terrific. No water and not too much noise.

AJ has been terrific helping us and security during storm. He has been through four hurricanes and has so much knowledge we should tap into him.Oobjects  blowing from balconies that were not secured by structural.

I want to thank Judy , Buck, and Cecilio for asking how I am and being concerned.

Linda Satz


Joe Paez presents his preliminary report:   09/10/2017  10 am


To the Aquarius Family,

I hope all are safe  and taking refuge from the storm.

Current Property Report:

*  Water Intrusions from Balconies areas of the South Tower.

The 5 Line is affected.         Residents have numerous amount of rain water pouring into their units,  around from the balcony doors and window frames.

Units: 905-S, 805-S, 705S, 405-S, 305S, & 205-S    reported the rain water.

*  South Tower service elevator:    out of service / to much wind pressure rider got stuck in the car.

*  South Tower Balcony lost Plywood protection:

Unknown locations. currently 8 plywood protections sheets from on valet deck and garage.

*  4 vehicles were damaged from the plywood impacting them.

*  One portable john in A1A flew to the front of the building.

*  North service road gate between Trump and where the SPS Dumpers are inside Aquarius garage  have blew down.

*  We have a leak in the lobby around the window frame adjacent to the demo patio deck

*  North Tower East Stairwell has a leak from the Pent House  roof access dipping down into the stairwell.

I will sent another update as soon as possible.

Please be safe everyone.

Me and Diana are here at the building.

Joe Paez, Operations Manager One Global

Direct 786-355-9975


Stay safe everyone!!!!


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Important Meeting August 31 – An Invitation from the City of Hollywood

Important Meeting – Disaster Preparedness 

August 31


An invitation from the City of Hollywood

Hollywood Beach Emergency Management and Beach Evacuation Registry Meeting

August 31, 2017
Hollywood Beach Community Center
1301 South Ocean Dr
Hollywood, Fl 33019
All beach residents and businesses are invited. Guests are welcome.
6pm to 9pm  August 31, 2017
Large Auditorium
Hosted by State of Florida Department of Health, Hollywood area EMS
And Hollywood Beach Business Association (HBBA)
You and your friends are welcome to attend a vitally important meeting designed specifically for Hollywood beach residents and owners to receive important updates regarding the unlikely event of a beach evacuation and possible hurricane crisis.
Representatives from state and city agencies will offer current information and procedures to use during such emergencies.
Jaime Hernandez
Emergency Management Coordinator, will facilitate the meeting.
Various presenters from agencies such as the police and fire departments will speak to share relevant information. Of great importance will be the review of specific procedures and current updates regarding those with SPECIAL NEEDS who might be eligible for beach evacuation transport to facilities and shelters.
The various registration  programs for this vulnerable population will be explained, as they do differ. Forms will be available.
The legal issues specific to the evacuation process will be explained.
Condo dwellers and business owners especially will be interested in the legal ramifications of selecting non evacuation once an official government evacuation is issued.
Short question and answer  time will be provided.
And, our wonderful Olga Cherkasova, owner of
Ben and Jerry’s of Hollywood beach will be providing ice cream!
We hope you will attend this 2017 Public Service Beach Emergency session and will share this vital meeting information with others, especially beach residents who might be eligible for special needs evacuation transport and shelter.
For further information and to rsvp
Jaime Hernandez
Emergency Management Coordinator
City of Hollywood
Police Department
3250 Hollywood Blvd
P.O. Box 229045
Hollywood, FL 33022-9045


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The Last of the Mohicans, not really

The Last of the Mohicans, not really


An important phase in the Aquarius 40 Year Re Cert program. All South Tower balconies have been demolished. This happened before the projected schedule. Now it is the reconstruction phase. In a few weeks ill have the first balconies rebuilt. The work will proceed from bottom to top.

The Penthouse balconies have not been touched. They will be demolished and rebuilt when all other balconies are done.  Very important question: Will the noise level go down? We hope very much so!

The Last of the Mohicans, well not quite, but he last balcony of the Aquarius South Tower to go down.

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Gloria Cohen at the Hollywood City Artspark

Gloria Cohen at the Hollywood City Artspark


Gloria Cohen (1401 S) has five of her pieces at the Hollywood Astspark at Hollywood Blvd and 20th. Avenue.   The show is worth a visit.  August 2017


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Is Italy really like that? Laughing Material

Are  Italians really like that?

Laughing Material

Italy versus Europe

Forza Italia!


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Aquarius East Deck Demolition August 2017

Aquarius East Deck Demolition    August 2017


The East Deck of Aquarius demolition proceeds at a fast pace. This is to prepare the new deck with the T-Shape Infinite Beach Entry style swimming pool and several improvements according to the plans approved in January.

Also the demolition of all balconies is almost complete. The General Contractor  – Structural Restoration – announces that before the end of August it will start the work rebuilding the balconies of the South Tower of Aquarius. Recently the Board approved an extension on the width of the balconies. The North and the South facing balconies will be 6 inches wider. This will more than offset the 3 inches needed for the installation of the modern glass railings.

All this is part of the 40 Year Re Certification exercise. So far, even with many rainy days, the master schedule is being kept.

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