2018 Aquarius Committees

 2018 Aquarius Committees

Approved by the Board of Directors February 22, 2018.

New applications still accepted

Here it is the proposal for establishing Committees of Aquarius C.A. This year a majority of Board members decided not to organize several committees. Some of them that have been in existence in the past are: Social, Legal, Information and Technology, Pets, Restaurant. These are not going to exist in 2018

The expressed reasons are varied such as too many committees, lack of regular activities, new forms of work the majority the Board wants to experiment and others reasons.

The Board entertains the  idea from time to time to organize temporary task force to help in solving some issues or activities such as: Pets, Welcome of New Residents, Information and Technology, Procurement and Contracts, GYM acquisitions etc.  These advisory bodies will formed when the need arises and the Board believes it is necessary.

All Committees serve at the pleasure of the Board and their recommendations are subject to final Board approval.

Please read this roster carefully. Look for misspellings, errors and omissions. If you have someone to recommend for a specific committee please lets this person know. There is a serious need for residents that are motivated to contribute. A strong community is only strong with robust  and effective participation.

What have the Committees of Aquarius done last year? Click here to see some minutes and reports that we have been able to post.


1- Printer Friendly version in Adobe Acrobat file format .pdf

2- Do you want be a Coommittee member? Here is the .pdf form

2018 02 19 committees_roster   

2018 01 30 ACA Committees Form5

2018 Committees of the Aquarius Condominium Association

In alphabetical order:  Beautification, Construction, Finance, Grievance.

This is the first cut of the Roster of Committees of Aquarius. Please verify if your name, telephone and e-mail is correct. The Committees are an important instrument for good decisions after due diligence. For this it is important to keep periodic meetings with concise but of good quality records. The Committees are for exploration, investigation and recommendation of issues, suggestions and other affairs. The output of the Committees is subject of final decision by the Board of Directors.

The idea behind the Committees is to maximize input, facilitate communications and free flow of information. Civil, responsible and cordial behavior is the norm. Free flow of opinions must flourish under a climate of mutual respect, camaraderie and full spirit of partnership.

A Committee member work is not only to manifest opinions and discuss ideas. There is also writing reports, conduct visits, inspections and provide help when needed. In other words a lot of work to make Aquarius Beautiful

Aquarius needs your support. The Board needs your help. The work before us is not small.

There are Committees that have a very large membership. There are Committees where additional volunteers are needed specially: Finance, Housekeeping and Maintenance, Information and Technology  and Pets.

Do you know someone else that could help and he or she is not in this roster?

A few rules:

  1. No more than 2 Committees per individual
  2. Household members may participate
  3. Committees should be open to all owners with a few exceptions such as the Grievance Committee.
  4. Committees must have a Secretary responsible for minutes. Concise and very simple record of the recommendations.
  5. Committees should establish a Calendar of Meetings so participation is maximized.


Committees Members  (Feb. 19, 2018, subject to BOD approval)


Activities related to furniture, painting, interior design, decoration, paintings, landscape, general building decay avoidance, building details.

  • Carole Pumpian, CHAIR 305-761-6536        carole0902@aol.com
  • Delores Flowers                305-812-7833        dinwiddiemiami@aol.com
  • Frida Abrahamian            224-500-4574       fabranhamian@yahoo.com
  • Gloria Cohen                   954-922-7988       gcoastro@gmail.com
  • Laszlo Stern                      954-925-2381         laszlo33019@hotmail.com
  • Melanie Dayan                 786-251-2355           melwillsell@aol.com
  • Nury Gupta                       786-402-4269       bgupta1@yahoo.com
  • Pinky Lebovitz                   412-606-8010        pinky@lebovitz.com
  • Yvana F.B. Berndsen         703-268-6768      yvanafb@yahoo.com



All areas of restoration including decks, pools, electricity, structure, concrete restoration, giving priority to the 40 year recertification project.

  • Zina Bluband, CHAIR                      612-414-0601          zakh46@comcast.net
  • Alex Zoob                                                954-924-1965         alzoob@comcast.net
  • Leonard Finkelberg                         954-2431519           finkelbergll@gmail.com
  • Pamela Ippolito                            954-907-0976        mrsippi1@comcast.net   
  • Sharon (Shery) Smith                         954-663-7229          sharonsmith702@bellsouth.net


Finance general overview, monthly reports overview opinion, avoidance of deficit, delinquencies control, assessments recovery.Preparation of next year budget, follow-up of annual audits. Insurance policies updates.

  • Paul Finfer, Chair            954-598-4004                    pmfinfer@aol.com
  • Emma Smith                    954-241-4620                      esmith1047@gmail.com
  • Leonard Finkelberg        954-243-1519                    finkelbergll@gmail.com

Grievance and Fines  (Florida Law Mandate 718.303, F.S.)

Disputes settlement, due process for fines and violations, rentals supervision, parking lot assignments questions.

  • Joel Cohen, CHAIR             954-922-7988            joelcohenlaw@gmail.com
  • Joan Salvatore                      516-503-6926            joanj21@aol.com
  • Delores Flowers                   305-812-7833                   dinwiddiemiami@aol.com
  • Wendy Miller                      954-921-8181                    wendwoman@aol.com
  • Susan Spain                         954-924-0009                  aliveomo@yahoo.com




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What Color Building Would You Prefer?

What Color Building Would You Prefer?

This was posted in August 2017. It is been posted again because the external color of Aquarius is again under discussion.  This is a bit surprising because the color of the building was supposed to remain white after almost 150 votes in favor of maintaining like it is. The full white paint of the building was done in 2009. 

It is time to paint the Aquarius exterior. For around 10 years we had it white. White like so many high-class building in the neighborhood. Just look at Beach Club, Apogee, Hyde, Diplomat Hotel and Diplomat Residence (not the Convention Center), Palms, Trump and so many others.

There are some residents that would like some color. Some would like it white.

These two buildings down the street give a good idea of the contrast pure white versus color. They are 1701 and 1601 South Ocean Drive. Cambridge Towers and Oxford Tower. The Wellington is pure white with a very light blue accent from the glass balconies railings. Cambridge used several tonalite of beige, coffee, caramel with white windows and doors.

What is nicer? Clean white and with the light accent of the glass balconies railings or  color stripes? What is more modern, appealing and cleaner look?  What of the is more classic looking, with a more conservative traditional view?

You are the judge.

Now lets see how Aquarius could look like.

Aquarius today. Full white. A more modern and clean look.


Aquarius in 1999. Used several colors predominantly dark gray and white showing a more conservative and seventies look.

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East Deck Pool: New Details

East Deck Pool:
New Details 


The concrete pouring in the Aquarius East Deck as part of the 40 Year Recertification exercise is going to happen in few weeks (February 2018). The next step will be the the construction of the new swimming pool.

Thomas J. Laubenthal, RLA,  Landscape Architect Consultants, Inc., of Plantation is the Landscape Architect and his professional team have prepared the conceptual drawings and the final design and specification for the engineering of the new deck. Previous details can be seen bellow taking you to links of  blog posts of months ago (six posts, all open in new tab or window).  

2009 East Pool Proposal                       2016 Neighbors of Aquarius Pool

East Deck Workshop 10/23/2016           2016/10/27 Ideas for New East Deck Debated

2016/11/29 Very Close to Final East Deck Plans       2017/11/01 Initial Master Schedule for East Deck

This week (2/15/18) Tom made a short presentation for the General Contractor (Structural Preservation Systems), the Engineering firm of record (Hillman Engineering) and some members of the Board of Aquarius on details suggested for the finalization of the project.

Some of  Tom’s comments are transcribed after the gallery of renditions. Please select any of the pictures and start a slides show. It is necessary to use the arrows left and right to change the slides.

Tom Laubenthal  comments:

“”It took us some time to research facts and be sure we were both within code compliance and well as representing solutions that would not represent any level of liability of life safety concerns.   We ran all of our options by Terry the Pool Engineer after we got them developed.  We seem to be A-OK on all points.

These include:

  • Moving ladders away from the center of the north and south swim walls to the side walls of the deep ends.
  • Figuring out the details of managing swim lanes within allowable widths, including mounting details for the swim-lane ropes.
  • Swim lanes for competition require tile targets in the head wall of each swim lane, but optional to private use facilities.    Swim lanes often have a tile lane in the floor of the pool, but that too is optional for private use.
  • Hand railing for the shallow beach entry end of the pool

o   need to include an ADA end loop that extends beyond the grate and water line.  

o   They should also continue down to the 3 foot depth which is close enough for most to be able to float free of the hand rail.

o   The rails should only be at the 2 side walls and NOT at the middle, so that someone could hit their head on the pole.

o   Side rails would be place in the pool bottom and not in the gutter line, so they follow the slope of the pool.

o   Pool rails would have a 4” offset to the center line of a 2” diameter tubular rail, so there is a 3” gap between the inside of the railing and the pool side wall.   That is less than the 4” width for pickets so there is no risk of a child’s head being caught, and yet wide enough that no one’s hand, arm or leg can get trapped.

  • We have recommendations for the perimeter tile bands for the pool edge including tile dimensions and colors.    We took the time to re-visit several sites to collect photo images to represent key details that will help expedite your Owner Approvals.

Adding Hand Rails at the shallow end of the pool is NOT A CODE REQUIREMENT.   It is purely an option of the Owner.    There is no question that they ARE ALLOWED they are just not required.    

Now focus on the issue of placement.   Putting a Railing in Center Field is exactly the wrong thing to do.    It completely cuts the social space of the pool in half instead of having a wide space that allows for families to gather with generous room to still access the pool.

Placing the Railings at the 2 sides was very deliberate.   Stop and think for one minute.   As the pool transitions deeper and deeper ANYONE approaching from the shallow SIDE can miss judge the step.   In one spot it is a 3” step, a little further down it is a 6-8” step,  further down it is between  12-18”, ALL enough to throw someone off balance.   Since you never want anyone hurt, you need to take a measure to inhibit their awkward side entry to the pool.   Putting the Handrail to each side BOTH limits any un-safe access, as well as provides those less stable the  safety and convenience they are asking for.   Win-win, and life safety should be your first concern and the basis of your final decision.””      Comments end here.

Observation: The suggestion of railing along the beach entry of the pool was not in the original plans. Some see it a very good idea in terms of safety and consideration with elders, infants and people with mobility challenges.

Some see as an unnecessary eye sore not common at all on zero entry pools.

You are the judge.


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Cecilio Berndsen says: I never got so many support expressions

Cecilio Berndsen says: I never got so many support expressions


Since I learned that members of the Board have secretly prepared a meeting to oust me from the Vice President Board seat I never heard so many support and solidarity manifestations. They will say that this is just an a mere reorganization but is an action filled with hate and revenge.  It is not healthy. It is not nice. It is a sample of arrogance and disdain from serious work and real will to contribute.

Residents call me on the phone, approach me in the hallways, send emails, make Facebook comments. It is really an expression of friendship and communal integration. I am moved and I am grateful. It warms my heart.

Thank you so much. I was surprised and pleased that so many cared for my labor of love. Inside or outside the Board, Vice-President or not I promise to continue to work for a better Aquarius – our home, our place – within my time and abilities limitations but with vigor and dedication.

Thank you, again, Aquarius community. You are great! 

Small sample of the messages received:

What makes community a good place to live?

– feeling that we have a right to belong and feel welcome;

– sense that we have some say in the community issues that affect us and that our perspectives are appreciated and respected;

– notion that the community has numerous opportunities for both individual and social fulfillment including basic needs, recreation, and social interaction.

Members of the board must show leadership and example of the professional and courteous behavior to all members of the Association, including their colleagues, and do not allow their personal emotions and feelings to affect their judgment.

Cecilio, we all appreciate your invaluable contribution, and hope that you will continue your hard work on behalf of all of us.

With kind regards, Arkady Chase, PH5N


From my perspective you are a true asset on the board and too the Aquarius. How can we stop the board action?

 Steve Koslow,  704 N


Dear Cecilio, we really appreciate all the work you are doing toward the Aquarius bldg. and always keeping us aware on all  current events. We all know it is a very hard job and you are doing it with a smile. God bless you and big thanks for everything.

Your friends John and Nadine

John Youssef  1105 N

Pamela Ippolito    1103 and 1104 N


Pamela Ippolito    1103 and 1104 N

 Cecilio – I am distraught at this news. You have made an enormous contribution and truly changed the nature of communication and community at the Aquarius. Especially because our mom has not been well for the past two years and unable to keep up with all the changes your ability to 

  1. consistently kept everyone up to date with the very complicated construction schedule and issues
  2. sent out helpful information such as quotes for the impact windows
  3. always been available to answer questions in a helpful manner

Has been invaluable to myself and my family.

Because I myself serve on my own Coop board in NY, and my brothers manage many coops and work hand in hand with boards and their officers, I understand how different personalities and approaches can cause friction when people work closely together. Especially when there are many problems to solve.

However, in all board service one must separate personality differences from the value different board members contribute as well as the intrinsic value of diversity of opinion.

How do we as residents who see great value on your contributions, help you remain in your seat?

Dara Lamb

Pam  II


I have worked alongside educated and trust worthy gentleman. There are ups downs. We disagree at times. We discuss issues and work together to find a way to make the issue work.  It is called Flexibility and Cecílio has just that.
I have found his agenda to be the good for Aquarius. It is not my way or the highway!!!   AS SOME ON THE BOD MAY HAVE IT.  We pay too much money to not be ahead of this.   Come on people…

You all have a wonderful resume. What happened to the working together?  Part may be some BOD people, who are not here all the time. Are they just jealous of seeing the amount of work that Cecílio gets accomplished?

Kudos Cecílio for all you do.  Please stay the course. We need you.

Thank you and Yvana

Pamela Ippolito    1103 and 1104 N     (second message)


Cecilio, I am supporting you 100%. You are our voice and eyes especially for the owners who are not full time residents.   BOD got their agenda trough because of You and your work.  Blogs are great!!!  All our BOD are people in retirement. Enjoy the life!  Our BOD are not employee who must attend work every day. It voluntary NOT PAID  position.
Larida Vdovets,  Apt  203N

Please say this is not true over something so insignificant. We love you, Cecilio and do not want you removed from the board.

Roni Komie  1803 S


Zoya and Sam Schmuter, 1101 N


Caramba! What is this? We are together with you 100%

Aldo Pires. 505 N

Very unfortunate.  Keep Cecilio VP!

George Ottoni, 2014 N

Hi Cecilio,

Sorry to hear that.  Although I may not always agree with you, I thought you were doing a good job and providing valuable service with your blog….

You must have stepped on on someone shoes there…  So who really “runs” the Board at Aquarius?

Even more disturbing, are you statements about possible breaches of contract and non-competitive contract awards, and Board non-responsiveness to these.  You probably were out-voted on these issues.

Hope you kept a record of these, as it might  come handy.

Good luck tonight, whatever happens.

Val Boyarsky,  201 N

Eugenia Aulov-Volchek says:

Cecilio, your feeling is understandable. Your contribution to the community is invaluable. It is very unfortunate and strange that the same five Board members being elected the third year in a row cannot work in unison. What position does the Board offer to you now? Do they want you to be a Treasurer, knowing of what you are capable of?
Remember that you are elected by the community and you stay on the Board and continue being an expert in everything you do.


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Coup D’état at Aquarius?

Coup D’état at Aquarius?

Not really, as you know Aquarius Condo is not a Sovereign State. Besides, it seems that the majority of the Board want to remove the Vice-President Cecílio Augusto Berndsen. In that case it may be something protected by the law. It is within their priviledge.

Yes. It is that Cecílio that has minimized is personal travels so he can dedicate more time for our ailing building. It is the one that complains why we don’t still have an insurance claim for our IRMA Storm insurance while little happens. It is the one that asks uncomfortable questions about contracts celebrated after very limited number of vendors invitations and that struggles to have some life on our Condo. Committees. Committees that the BOD believes do not help. “There are too many committees” some say. Not for Cecilio. In addition, Movie Nights, Library organization and maintenance are no important. Cameras, sound systems, computer systems.

And, of course, the aquariusuno.com blog is also looked with mistrust and reservation. Have you seen any contribution to the blog by any BOD member? Not really, but the blog has more than 400 posts trying to bring the community together and informed. Not divided.

But this seems not be important. Important in the view of some members of the Board of Directors is to remove the Vice-President because he did not help set up a projector for the Super Bowl.

All of a sudden it became Cecílio’s responsibility to do a job that Linda Satz, Secretary and Buck Gupta, President were full aware more than 72 hours in advance that Cecílio would not be available to do. Cecílio had alerted them that he would not be available but they ignored the warning.

Linda informed that she would summoned some other Resident. She was informed that the this chosen Resident was out of town. Buck, the president, said he would not get involved. Now the alternate reality will confess that they never had been warned. Some will say that they did not know. Some will say there were not here.

And the removal of the vice president goes on…

Thank you residents of Aquarius, four your support during these years. It was hard work, but you deserve it.

P.S. Do you remember who was the Board member with the highest number of votes in the last elections? Check it out.

Cecilio Augusto Berndsen



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Are You Laying Tiles in your Aquarius Balcony?

Are You Laying Tiles in your Aquarius Balcony?


Many residents would like to have tiles in their Aquarius Balconies. The waterproof finish contracted by the Association is a regular grey material.

So, what do you need to do to have your balcony with the tiles of your choice?

1  -Have your option known and registered at the Management Office. The South Tower registration is closed. The North Tower did not open yet.

2   -There is a fee of  $.50 (fifty cents) per square foot of the balcony. This fee is charged by the General Contractor Structural Preservation Systems to cover expenses of the water proofing material. This polimer is not the same that is applied in the non-tiles balconies.

3   -Purchase the tiles of your choice. Please note that the tiles must be for exterior and  non slippery. The size and color of the tiles is your choice. The tiles may not be thicker than 3/8 of an inch or 9.5 mm.

4   -How much tile is needed?     Balconies’ tiles need no less that 15% of additional tiles for cuts, breakdown, etc.
Lines 1 and 4:           223.5 sq ft or 20.76 sq m     (buy at least 260sq ft)
Lines 2, 3, 6 & 7:     111 sq ft or   10.31 sq m         (buy at least  130 sq ft)
Lines 5 & 8:              243 sq ft of  22.5 sq m          (buy at least   280 sq ft)

Here you will find the procedures for tile installation as given by the construction engineer Hillman. Please note the NOA/Miami specifications have been relaxed by the engineer as observed above size and thickness of tile. All other recommendations by the product maker SIKA, must be followed so the guaranty of the waterproof is not voided.

There are also instructions to install the tiles with diagrams provided by Hillman. Please make copies of both documents for your installer to follow them with all details.  The links to download the instructions are also at the bottom of this post.  Diagram 1   Diagram 2

5   – Please hire a reputable tiles installer. The installer must present: valid license, workingmen’s compensation and general liabilities insurance policies.

6  – A City of Hollywood tiles installation permit is not needed.

7   – The Aquarius Condo. Association requires pre approval of  the work. All documentation must be on file before work start.

8  –  There are some ancillary documents such as an affidavit regarding the warranty that the Management Office will be glad to supply.

9  –  After the balcony is given back for your use you have 90 days to complete the laying out of the tiles. After that the SIKA material may lose its waterproofing capabilities what would void the warranty.

Easy? Maybe not,  but following these procedures may assure the balconies last a long, long time.


  1.  Hillman Letter of Nov. 16 with NOA/MIAMI and SIKA installation recommendations     2017 11 16 Tile Procedure

2.   Balcony Tile Layout – Hillman Engineering Specifications 1  2018 02 02 Balcony Tile Layout Hillman

3.    Balcony Tile Layout – Hillman Engineering Specifications 2  2018 02 02 Balcony Tile Layout rend-Hillman


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Great News: Aquarius North Tower Construction Early Start

Great News:

Aquarius North Tower Construction Early Start


The plans for an early start of the construction at the Aquarius North Tower are underway. The first step is a full inspection of the interior of the apartments.

If all runs well as planed we will have the North Tower ready before Christmas. With the support of all residents we will get there. If you want to be present here is the schedule of inspections that will start Monday, February 12, 2018. If you are not available not to worry the inspections will proceed being the engineers escorted by our security officers.

Let’s get this 40 Re Certification exercise ready and finished before the end of 2018.

Printer Friendly version of the schdule2018 02 09 North_T Inspections_Schedule_

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The Wide Picture: Impact Windows Installation Gets Speed at Aquarius

 The Wide Picture:
Impact Windows Installation Gets Speed at Aquarius


At Aquarius about 75 owners have their apartments protected by IMPACT WINDOWS. They realize that not only they increase the value of their property as they live with better protection, spend less in energy, have less outside noise and beautify their unit and of course the building.

The number of units with IMPACT WINDOWS is in an accelerated rate. Owners at the South building have increased interest in IMPACT WINDOWS. The number of owners of North building units is also notable.

Are you interested? Click HERE. You will find some information that may help your project.


Many thanks to Joe Paez, our Security Director, for the careful and well done survey. These tables are just suggestive of Aquarius Impact Windows installation. This is an unofficial and informal survey. 

Please inform of any omission observed in the tables of the survey.


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Village People: Are They Visiting Aquarius?

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Village People: Are They Visiting Aquarius?   Roni Komie, from the South Tower,  shot some pictures of construction people working on her balcony. They look like the disco group that had such enormous success in the seventies. Check the pictures. … Continue reading

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Janice Koppel left us February 2018

Janice Koppel left us

February 2018.

Janice Koppel, long time Aquarius resident, passed away. She left many friends in our community. Information about the funeral will be posted when available.

Expressions of sympathy and comfort may be sent to the family at:
Janice Koppel 
21 Estates Terrace
North Manhasset, New York  11030

The material above was prepared by Dara Lamb loving daughter of Janice.



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