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Financial Statements

only essential parts of the statements are published


January 2020 Financial Statement      February          March       April    May June      July      August      September       October     November        December


January 2019 Financial Statement    February     March


Maintenance Schedule of Payments – Quotas             Maintenance Budget     or  Operating Budget supported by Regular Assessment.       

    2018 Special Assessment IRMA        

  January Financial Statement      February      March   April    May     June              July     August   September    October    November   December  

2017  Year End   Financial Statement with Audit Report  

Maintenance Quotas  2017        Special Assessment 2017 Payment

January Financial Statement      February    March      April     May      June      July      August       September      October     November     December

2016    Year End   Financial Statement with Audit Report                     January Financial Statement      February    March      April    May   June    July   August   September   October   November     December Overview      December

2015     Financial Statement with Audit Report        Special Assessment 2015

2015 December Financial Statement  <Year Report    September 1st Delinquencies   August Financial Statement       June Financial Statement

2014   Financial Statement with Audit Report      Capital Expenses Summary         Capital Expenses Breakdown

2013   Financial Statements with Audit Report     2013 Special Assessment

2012   Financial Statements with Audit Report