2016 Condominium Committees

AQUARIUS-3D logo2016 Condominium Committees


2016 Committees of the Aquarius Condominium Association

In alphabetical order:  Beautification, Construction, Finance, Grievance, Housekeeping & Maintenance, Information & Technology, Legal & Personnel, Pets and Social.

This is the first cut of the Roster of Committees of Aquarius. Please verify if your name, telephone and e-mail is correct. The Committees are an important instrument for good decisions after due diligence. For this it is important to keep periodic meetings with concise but of good quality records. The Committees are for exploration, investigation and recommendation of issues, suggestions and other affairs. The output of the Committees is subject of final decision by the Board of Directors.

The idea behind the Committees is to maximize input, facilitate communications and free flow of information. Civil, responsible and cordial behavior is the norm. Free flow of opinions must flourish under a climate of mutual respect, camaraderie and full spirit of partnership.

A Committee member work is not only to manifest opinions and discuss ideas. There is also writing reports, conduct visits and provide help when needed.

Aquarius needs your support. The Board needs your help. The work before us is not small.

There are Committees that have a very large membership. There are Committees where additional volunteers are needed specially: Finance, Housekeeping and Maintenance, Information and Technology  and Pets.

Do you know someone else that could help and he or she is not in this roster?

A few rules:

  1. No more than 2 Committees per individual
  2. Household members may participate
  3. Channel Board are not Committee Members
  4. Committees should be open to all owners with a few exceptions such as the Grievance Committee.
  5. Committees must have a Secretary responsible for minutes. Concise and very simple record of the recommendations.
  6. Committees should establish a Calendar of Meetings so participation is maximized.



 Beautification: Coordinates work with Construction Committee, activities related to furniture, painting, interior design, decoration, paintings, landscape, general building decay avoidance, building details.

  • Judith Ort, Chair                    954-505-3046       ortjudith@yahoo.com
  • Zina Blueband, Co-Chair      612-414-0601         zakh46@comcast.net
  • Carolyn Lebovitz                    954 920-4584         pinky@lebovitz.com
  • Gilbert Mellou                       305-421-7856          gilbertmellou@gmail.com
  • Gloria Cohen                         954-922-7988          gcoastro@gmail.com
  • Larisa Minitsky                     954-923-3624          larisa48@aol.com
  • Pamela lppolito                    954-907-0976         mrsippi1@comcast.net 
  • Roy di Maria                         954-923-4540          royd00@aol.com
  • Sharon Smith                       954-922-8209         sharonsmith702@bellsouth.net
  • Stephen Koslow                   301-237-6690          stevekoslow@gmail.com
  • Zina Chase                             954-251-7008          chase@gmail.com

BOD Channel   Secretary      Linda Satz      954-922-9923   robbysatz1@aol.com
BOD Channel Dir.:           Sofia Ferenburg   917-369-0684        apple466@hotmail.com


Construction:  All areas of restoration including decks, pools, electricity, structure, concrete restoration, giving priority to the 40 year recertification project.


  • Roy DiMaria, Chair              954-923-4540        royd00@aol.com
  • Alex Zoob                               954-924-1965         alzoob@comcast.com
  • Arkady Chase                        954-674-8754         chase@gmail.com
  • Boris Eydelnant                     954-647-7231         beydelnant@aol.com
  • Judith Ort                               954-505-3046       ortjudith@yahoo.com
  • Konstantine Visonovsky      917-957-2734         kv4511@yahoo.com
  • Peter Santa Maria                 954-608-6817         ing@gmail.com
  • Peter Shkreli                           212-423-9446         pshkreli@aol.com
  • Robert Levieyv                       954-922-9997
  • Roman Kisler                        954-625-7401        Rkisler43@gmail.com
  • Sal Marmolino                      954-922-2569         smarmolino@comcast.com
  • Stephen Koslow                    301-237-6690        stevekoslow@gmail.com
  • Zina Bluband                       612-414-0601          zakh46@comcast.net


BOD Channel  President:  Buck Gupta     786-402-4269    bgupta1@yahoo.com
BOD Channel  Vice Pres.:  Cecilio-Augusto Berndsen    703-439-4902  ceciliob@gmail.com

Finance:     Finance general overview, monthly reports overview opinion, avoidance of deficit, delinquencies control, assessments recovery. Preparation of next year budget, follow-up of annual audits.  Insurance policies updates.

  • Aj Mitchell, Chair                954-445-7950         mtiofse@msn.com
  • Ilya Sibula                             215-46953340        ilyasibula@yahoo.com 
  • Leonard Finkelberg            954-243-1519        finkelbergll@gmail.com
  • Robert Levieyv                     954-922-9997

BOD Channel Treasurer: Victor Rocha    305 479-7770     vicrocha@comcast.net
BOD Channel Dir.:           Sofia Ferenburg   917-369-0684        apple466@hotmail.com


Grievance and Fines  (Florida Law Mandate 718.303, F.S.)

Disputes settlement, due process for fines and violations, rentals supervision, parking lot assignments questions.

  • Joel Cohen, Chair        954-922-7988       joelcohenlaw@gmail.com
  • Esfir Levieyv                 954-922-9997
  • Susan Spain                  954-924-0009      aliveomo@yahoo.com
  • Victor Ort                      516-317-7083          justicevic@aol.com


BOD Channel  President:  Buck Gupta     786-402-4269    bgupta1@yahoo.com
BOD Channel Treasurer: Victor Rocha    305 479-7770     vicrocha@comcast.net


Housekeeping and Maintenance:         Cleaning and general maintenance of the entire property. Cleaning schedules supervision and monitoring of all areas considered: all decks, hallways, meeting rooms, storage rooms, West parking lot, garage, lights, security locks and doors, fobs, minor repairs, paint touch ups, valet carts, all plants and gardening/landscape. Zero defects, zero dirt, zero rust, zero broken windows.  Emergency generators, elevators maintenance and inspection permits update.

BOD Channel  Vice Pres.: Cecilio-Augusto Berndsen    703-439-4902  ceciliob@gmail.com
BOD Channel Dir.:           Sofia Ferenburg   917-369-0684        apple466@hotmail.com


Information & Technology:           Telephony, intercom, sound systems, CCTV Surveillance Cameras, Access Points Control (FOBS), Community TV services provided -Comcast, Internet WIFI and wired networking, computer usage in Aquarius: office systems . Cloud backup system, digitalization of records – in agreement with Legal, Grievance and Personnel, systems integration and security, Aquarius internet site renovation, central database of owners and residents, bulletin boards and facilitation of communication systems electronic and not electronic, newsletter

  • Samson (Sam) Schmuter, Chair          212-744-2340       schmuter@gmail.com
  • Arkady Chase                                          954-674-8754         chase@gmail.com
  • Joel Cohen                                              954-922-7988        joelcohenlaw@gmail.com
  • Sal Marmolino                                       954-922-2569         smarmolino@comcast.com
  • Stephen Koslow                                   301-237-6690          stevekoslow@gmail.com

BOD Channel Vice-pres:Cecilio Augusto Berndsen  703-439-4902      ceciliob@gmail.com
BOD Channel   Secretary Linda Satz                          954-922-9923   robbysatz1@aol.com


Legal & Personnel:          Re-organization of legal records (declarations,  bylaws, etc. ), proper registration of documents, review of contracts with vendors, service providers, archives and files supervision (coordination with Info. & Tech C.), recruitment and separations of personnel recommendations

  • Paul Finfer, Chair       954-927-0850        pmfinfer@aol.com
  • Joan Salvatore            954-920-5390        joanj21@aol.com
  • Lazlo Stern                  954-925-2381          laszlo33019@hotmail.com
  • Robert Satz                 954-922-9923          robbysatz1@aol.com
  • Susan Spain                954-924-0009        aliveomo@yahoo.com
  • Victor Ort                     516-3177083           justicevic@aol.com

BOD Channel Treasurer: Victor Rocha    305 479-7770     vicrocha@comcast.net
BOD Channel   Secretary Linda Satz      954-922-9923   robbysatz1@aol.com


Pets:            Pet Related Matters

  • Joan Salvatore, Chair   954-920-5390       joanj21@aol.com
  • Susan Spain                  954-924-0009      aliveomo@yahoo.com

BOD Channel   Secretary Linda Satz        954-922-9923   robbysatz1@aol.com


Social Committee:       Social calendar of social functions such as in this tentative Calendar and their organization: Valentines, Spring/Easter/Passover, Mothers/Memorial, Fathers, Independence, Labor, Columbus, Halloween, Elections, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year. Judicious use of annual Aquarius CA allowance. Organization of Clubs and Classes: computers, painting, book, art, lectures, movie night, swimming, physical wellness, physical exercise, yoga etc. 

  • Sharon Smith, Chair         954 663-7229       sharonsmith702@bellsouth.net
  • Carolyn Lebovitz                954 920-4584       pinky@lebovitz.com
  • Emma Smith                      954-241-4620       esmith1047@gmail.com
  • Larisa Minitsky                  954-923-3624       larisa48@aol.com
  • Luba Finkelberg                 847-924-9458       finkelberg@gmail.com
  • Nancy Arman                     954-923-4540       nanceea353@aol.com
  • Pamela Ippolito                  954-907-0976      mrsippi1@comcast.net
  • Rita Perchuk                     646-247-2006        perchukl@gmail.com
  • Teresa Marmolino             954-922-2569       TTMarmolino@gmail.com
  • Yvana Berndsen                703-268-6768        yvanafb@yahoo.com
  • Zina Chase                         201-916-0402        zinaz.chase@gmail.com

BOD Channel   Secretary Linda Satz      954-922-9923   robbysatz1@aol.com

BOD Channel Dir.:           Sofia Ferenburg   917-369-0684        apple466@hotmail.com