Rules and Regulations

aquarius51Aquarius Condominium Rules and  Regulations, Bylaws, Incorporation


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  • Click HERE for Declaration and Bylaws of the Aquarius Condominium Association  (1969 to 2000)  LINED
  • Click HERE for House Manual of Rules and Procedures (Revised in November 2009)
  • Click HERE for the Security Rules and Regulations  (April 2012)
  • Click HERE for Pets: Rules, Regulations and Restrictions  (published April 2012, republished and reaffirmed September 2015)
  • Click HERE  for Aquarius Condominium Association Delinquency Collection Procedure  (August 2015)
  • Click HERE for Aquarius Declaration of Condominium for Lease or Sale  (September 2015)
  • Forms required for Sale and Rental may be printed HERE

    Impact Windows and Shutters



Other documents relevant to the theme of condominium community life

Click here for   An Introduction to Community Association Living, by Community Association Institute – CAI,  Center for Community Association Volunteers. Alexandria VA.

Click here for  What Every Condo Owner Should Know, by Mark Bogen, Sun Sentinel

Click here for Florida Community Sunshine Law Booklet   by Becker & Poliakoff


2016 Becker_P_sunshine_booklet_2012





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