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aquarius51Aquarius Condominium Governing Documents


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A Second Integrated and Restated Declaration of Condominium of Aquarius Condominium Association, Inc is under approval and registration process.  Here the preliminary version with the two amendments approved in 2018:

2018 11 08 Aquarius Declaration Reestated

2018 07 31 Aquarius Declar Amended XXXIII+

2018 02 05 Aquarius Declar Amended XXVIII+


Integrated and Restated Declaration, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of Condominium for Aquarius Condominium Association, Inc.  – recorded Broward County Commission – December 04, 2017.

   .    2017 12 04 Aquarius Gov Docs    (Adobe Acrobat pdf format)

    .  2017 12 04 Aquarius Gov Docs (same content as above MS Word format)  

 2018 01 24 Aquarius Declaration Amended S        (Adobe pdf format⇑)

HERE⇑ for House Manual of Rules and Procedures (Revised in November 2009)

In the event of a conflict between language in any of the other Condominium
Documents, the following priorities shall control:

1. Declaration of Condominium;      2017 12 04 Aquarius Gov Docs       
2. Articles of Incorporation;
3. By-Laws; and
4. Rules and Regulations. named House Manual of Rules and Procedures

Satisfaction of Mortgage     1995 02 02 Satisfaction of Mortgage

Aquarius Specific Land Survey of  03/28/17         AQUARIUS LAND SURVEY 3-28-17 Apogee

Aquarius Original Construction Plans 1972

Original Documents with Amendments outdated by the Integrated and Restated Governing Documents available above (registered December 4, 2017) and amended January 24, 2018, also above.

  • Click HERE⇑ for Declaration, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Aquarius Condominium Association  (1969 to 2000)  LINED

The above mentioned House Manual of Rules and Procedures are the Aquarius Condominium Rules and Regulations. After 2012 the Board of Directors approved several complementary rules that will be integrated to the House Manual of Rules and Procedures. This is work is in progress. For the time being all the individual documents are in effect.

  • Click HERE⇑ for the Security Rules and Regulations  (April 2012)
  • Click HERE⇑ for Pets: Rules, Regulations and Restrictions  (published April 2012, republished and reaffirmed September 2015)
  • Click HERE⇑  for Aquarius Condominium Association Delinquency Collection Procedure  (August 2015)
  • Click HERE⇑ for Aquarius Declaration of Condominium for Lease or Sale  (September 2015)
  • Forms required for Sale and Rental may be printed HERE⇑
  • Click HERE  FOR 2012 Security Rules and Procedures        2012 Security Rules and Procedures
  • Click HERE  for Procedures to apply for Service/Support Animals as an Accommodation to the Association’s Pet Restriction.  2018   2018 07 07 Procedures Animals-Pets Accommodation


The Condominium Act  Chapter 718 of Florida Statues  Includes legislation of 2017      HERE⇑

2018 Florida Legislative Update     (digest)


Impact Windows and Shutters



Other documents relevant to the theme of condominium community life

Click here for   An Introduction to Community Association Living, by Community Association Institute – CAI,  Center for Community Association Volunteers. Alexandria VA.

Click here for  What Every Condo Owner Should Know, by Mark Bogen, Sun Sentinel

Click here for Florida Community Sunshine Law Booklet   by Becker & Poliakoff


2016 Becker_P_sunshine_booklet_2012




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