From Around and Beyond

The-letter-AFrom Around and Beyond

News, trivia and general stuff  that may interest the Aquarius Condominium Community

November 2019 – Big Bird is Still Making Friends – Sesame Street turns 50  Time Magazine November 2019

November 2018  – Why I Hope to Die at 75       Ezekiel J. Emanuel as published in  The Atlantic 2014

June 2018  –  I really do care, shouldn’t you?   Dr. Seuss, 1941 cartoon

February 2018   –    The lives we’ve lost in mass shootings  – again     The Post’s View, Washington Post

January 2018   –   Hollywood Beach Nourishment Project in Full Blown

November 2017  –  It’s not just Rand Paul’s street: Americans are a lot less neighborly than they used to be      by Christopher Ingraham, Washington Post 

October 2017   –  Smart Phone Paradox    Sometimes the solution is worse than the problem

October 2017  –  A1A Improvement Project     $9 million to improve A1A from Monroe St. to Sheridan

♣August 2017   – Italy versus Europe – Laughing Material

♠June 2017      –  Cities Thoghen Rules on Rental Homes ,  with an intro on Aquarius Rental rules      Sun Sentinel  June 11, 2017     

♥ May 2017  –  Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Details of His Son’s Birth & Heart Disease May 1st.,2017, Youtube, hundreds of media outlets

♦ December 2016 –  Human Population Through Time – American Museum of Natural History
♠ November 2016  – Best Place to Retire in the Southeast: Hollywood, FL   Money Magazine

♣ October 2016    Once upon a time in Hollywood, California    Youtube

♥ May 16, 2016    Vacation Rentals  Boom but Critics See Trouble 

♦ May 5, 2016   Une Cantine a l’italienne

♣ May 1st., 2016   Just a scenic little drive along the Hollywood Beach

♠ February 5, 2016   Four-tower golf course project wins approval    Sun Sentinel 

♥  February 5, 2016   Kuroshio Sea – 2nd Largest Aquarium Tank in the World  (2009 video

♦ December 14, 2015   It’s Time to Come Home! Merry Christmas Everyone

♣ November   28, 2015     Peyton’s Awesome Virtual Self, a robot that allows girl with cancer to attend school, by Danna St. George, W. Post 

♥ October 31, 2015  Margaritaville in Hollywood is full of action: check it out October 2015

θ October 17, 2015     Do you know the Everglades? Stunning photos by Mac Stone                 TED

♣ August 2, 2015   South Florida’s worst weather extremes or You can expect anything                  Sun Sentinel

♦ July 7, 2015    Blame South Florida’s haze on Saharan dust

♥ June 30,2015   Hollywood Beach Broadwalk  –  Pictorial History  since 1921

♣ June 12, 2015 – Hollywood Beach Civic Association asks for beach replenishment

♠ May 2nd, 2015:  Chic Beachwalk Resort opens in Hallandale Beach.    Sun Sentinel      also in Facebook

♦May 1st, 2015:   Could it happen here?   Watergate garage collapses in Northwest D.C.; two persons injured.     The Washington Post

April 6, 2015:    As Margaritaville arrives, Le Tub says it’s staying put.   M. Mayo,  SunSentinel


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