40 Year Re-Certification 2017

  40 Year Re-Certification 2017


Minutes of the Construction Committee Meetings  click HERE

Minutes of General Contractor and Project Management Meetings click HERE  – tba

Contract with Structural and Ancillary Documents:

Please click HERE for the contract.      2016-01-17-aca-40-yr-const-agreement-structural-1-16-17         Approved by the Board of Directors January 16, 2017.

Addendum and Annexes to the Contract:


2016 12 14 STRUCTURAL Exhibit A – Contractor’s Bid Form



Landscape Architect Consultants work:

Third Workshop and Synopsis of the Second Workshop       October 23

Votes on the Questions of the 3rd. Workshop      October 27

Votes of the Second Workshop   October  23, 2016

Synopsis of of the First Workshop  October 16, 2016

Alternative Plans for the East Deck October 2016

Hillman Engineering 40 Year Re certification Documents:


Balconies Tiles Installation Affidavit              Exhibit  A Miami NOA and Sika Specifications  for Tiles Installation        

Aquarius Impact Windows Pressure Specifications – 2017 04 20 Aquarius_Impact Windows Pressure Drawings     April 20, 2017

BID Results Summary       2016-11 18 Aquarius BID SUMMARY Pre-Con Discussion        November 18, 2016

Aquarius will have additional concrete core tests    October 27, 2016

Contract: Hillman Engineering and Aquarius Condominium Association   June 24, 2016  Please ask for your copy of the contract at the Aquarius Management Office

Hillman Engineering Work Schedule      update of September 2016.

Notice do Bidders: General Contractor for Construction procurement    October 18, 2016

Proposed Boundary and Structural Property Survey    September 21, 2016       Under negotiation

40 Year Re Certification Structural Survey  – Photos     July 27, 2016

ACG Engineering Report of 2014: Balconies, Beam, Columns of Aquarius   September 2014 (posted 2016)  There was no action upon this older report. No repairs were made.