ACG Engineering Report of 2014: Balconies, Beams, Columns of Aquarius

Logo black no lineACG Engineering Report of 2014 Balconies, Beams, Columns of Aquarius 


In September 30 2014 the Board of Directors received a report from ACG Engineering regarding the need to address issues on the Aquarius balconies, beams, columns and walls of both towers North and South.

This very basic report addressed aspects of concrete restoration exclusively. All other items such balconies railings and tiles were not included. Paint and the electrical aspects also were not included. The repair of the East Deck and the East pool were not in this estimate

At the end of the initial 7 pages report the preliminary estimated cost was of $ 2,151,004.00 (Building 1 (North)$ 978.937.00 plus Building 2 (South)  $ 1,172,067.00). It is important to mention that the rate of deterioration increases overtime. As it was noted before this evaluation was done 2 years ago.

Besides the this document that is attached to this post ACG produced a 2 volume binder with the assessment of the buildings balconies. This work is going to be used by the firm Hillman Engineering that is executing a complete investigation to address all items required by the 40 Year Re-certification exercise.

To better appreciate the ACG report (282 pages) please click the link bellow:  (all links open in a new tab)

        2014 09 Aquarius Balconies Survey C     

Please follow the instructions on the first page if you want go directly to see the specific status of your balcony in 2014. Of course the situation did not improve after 2 years of salt, sun, heat  and rain.


A comprehensive explanation of the Broward County 40 Year Building Safety Inspection Program may be seen here:

A newer revision of this same document can be seen at the Broward County website:

Broward County 40 Year




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