Broward County 40 Year Building Safety I. Program

aquarius51Broward County 40 Year Building Safety Inspection Program

This is an excerpt of topics related to the Broward County 40 Year Building Safety Inspection Program.  The document in its entirety is available in .pdf file format in a link bellow. The document includes photos of buildings victim of structural failures.

“”The 40 year and older Building Safety Inspection Program was created in 2005 and has become effective throughout Broward County in January 2006. …  … Broward’s program calls for structural and electrical safety inspections for buildings 40 years old or older and every ten years thereafter.  …   …. Broward program excludes all buildings under 3,500
square feet. … … Counties have had instances of structural building failures.

By having such a program in effect we are minimalizing the possibilities of future building failure and will be better prepared for hurricane winds.
Enclosed are checklists and guidelines for buildings to be inspected for structural integrity and electrical safety.  State licensed architects and engineers will be hired by private building owners to do the safety inspection.

The local government has the authority to establish a fee to review the Safety Inspection Reports. The Building Department will review the reports submitted to verify that if the inspecting agency has deemed the structural and electrical systems as safe. If any deficiency is noted, the building department shall follow the guidelines of Policy #05-05 … …””

Click HERE  for the entire document of 18 pages with photos:  (all links open in new TABs)  Broward_40_Year_Safety_Inspection

County of Broward official website link   >  Click HERE

City of Hollywood   on the 40 year Recertification subject

Miami-Appraiser  on the issue of the 40 year re-certification program (Miami had the program before Broward)

Fort Lauderdale – Frequent Asked Questions FAQ on 40 Re-certification   (very instructive)








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