Do you want to revoke the recall of Board of Directors?

Dear Unit Owner:
Recently you may have received a mailing from ‘A Group of Concerned Unit Owners’ asking for your support in removal of John Youssef and Joel Cohen as members of the Board of Directors. Such mailing is not an official communication from the Board, nor does it reflect the opinion of the majority of the members of the Board of Directors.

The statements contained in the unsigned letter contain several misstatements and inaccuracies that the Board would like to address in this correspondence. Each Board member is aware of their fiduciary responsibility to maintain the common elements of this condominium, for the benefit of all owners.

As this condominium building has aged, prior Boards did not address the issue of maintaining and repairing the condominium, resulting in several projects that need to be accomplished prior to the building’s 40-year recertification with the City of Hollywood. The Association has engaged experienced engineers and general contractors to survey the property and determine the scope and severity of the damage. Unfortunately, the engineer has determined structural damage to the front entry ramp and both Valet and East pool decks, which requires immediate attention to prevent further deterioration of the condominium property.

The Board sought competitive bids from several experienced engineers and general contractors to ensure that the project was undertaken by experienced contractors and at a fair price to the Association. While there is never a good time to undertake costly repairs, the Association determined that it was best to address these issues in advance of the 40-year recertification to avoid costly penalties resulting from code enforcement penalties if not timely resolved.

The Board and Management have made themselves available to any members of the Association with specific questions on the scope of the project. Additionally, the Association will be hosting a meeting with the engineer, general contractor and association’s general counsel to address any lingering concerns of the unit owners.
Rest assured that the Board is acting in the best interest of all the unit owners and in a fully transparent process.

The Board is also consulting with several banking institutions to determine the feasibility of obtaining a personal loan for Unit owners to help them with the project, thereby lessening the financial impact and while taking advantage of attractively low-interest rates.
In the interim, if you were pressured into signing a written recall agreement/ballot by members of this group and wish to rescind your vote, please return the attached rescission notice to the management office.

On behalf of the Board we appreciate your patience during this process.


Revoke Recall  Form:

if you prefer click here for a .pdf printer friendly form to “Revoke Recall”


To:                                            Aquarius Condominium Association, Inc.

2751 South Ocean Drive

Hollywood, Florida 33019-2721

I/we, the owner(s) of 2751 South Ocean Drive, Unit No. _______________

Hollywood, Florida 33019, does/do hereby revoke the recall ballot signed by me/us on   _____________ , 2015 (insert date, if known).

Dated this_______ day of______________ , 2015.

_____________________                                         ____________________

Unit Owner (Print Name)                                          Unit Owner (Print Name)

By signing this document, I affirm that I/we are authorized in the manner required by the Association’s governing documents to cast this vote on behalf of this unit.

______________________                                     ______________________

Unit Owner (Signature)                                            Unit Owner (Signature)



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