Beautification Committee Meeting – Lobby Blue Print May 15, 2015

aquarius51Beautification Committee Meeting

Lobby Blue Print Proposal – May 15, 2015


Present: Sharon Smith, Zina Blueband, Zina Chase, Pamela Ipolito, Joel Weiss, Joel Cohen (part time), Andrew Surdovel, General Manager – this list is not complete.

The meeting was scheduled for 11:00 am. It started well past 12:30 pm.

The Interior Decorator presented plans for rehabilitation of the Lobby, Cascade and Green Rooms, Hallway to the East Deck and adjacent rooms.

Some of the blueprints are at the bottom of this post..

Members of the Beautification Committee made some observations to the proposal:

– Furniture should no be introduced in the middle of the hallway leading to the East Deck and Restaurant.

– The plan should emphasize the use of furniture and decorations pieces already owned by the Condominium.

– No seating should be planned to be put too close to the Lobby water fountain.

– The rehabilitation plan could not exceed the $350.000.00 reserved in the 2015 special assessment.

Several other points were made. For additional information please approach the Committee members. Telephones and email addresses available in this blog and in the site.

These notes were not reviewed by the Committee and are a small sample of the topics discussed.

Blueprints may be enlarged using keys: Ctrl+ simultaneously.


20150515_AquariusLobby_Lighting Plan_proposal


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