One Aquarius Owner appeals for neighbors to help

One Aquarius Owner asks  neighbors to help


Dear Aquarius South Unit Owner,

My name is Rob Martin and this fall I purchased Apt. 302S. My unit is directly across from the gym with the huge common area out on my balcony.

I need your help. Everyday someone above me throws garbage out of their window or balcony right outside my balcony. Tea bags, cabbage, crackers are the most common (see the tea bag picture from this morning). The tea bag brand is Bigelow Orange and Spice.

Our Aquarius is beautiful. Why would someone be so rude and disrespectful?

If you know anything please text or call me at (925) 785-0873.




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1 Response to One Aquarius Owner appeals for neighbors to help

  1. Dennis Lantigua says:

    That is just rude and disgusting. If it keeps up security should either knock on the doors above you or set up a temporary camera, unless it is illegal of course. This kind of behavior should not be tolerated.


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