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So you would like to participate in a ZOOM meeting?

So you would like to participate in a ZOOM meeting?   Sometimes participation in a meeting in person is not possible. The availability of software that make it possible has increased exponentially in the last few years. The pandemic is, … Continue reading

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Demand Letter Regarding Aquarius Elections

Demand Letter Regarding Aquarius Elections This letter to the Board of Aquarius was previouly sent via email and other communications forms. All material not offensive, not illegal will be posted in the blog provided the author identification is available. A … Continue reading

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Aquarius Owners Suggest Interesting and Relevant Articles

 Aquarius Owners Suggest Interesting and Relevant Articles   Some Aquarius Owners sent links to interesting and relevant articles. Here some of them: Proxy shall not be used for voting in Condominium Elections   so what are proxies good for? They may … Continue reading

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