New Aquarius East Deck Workshop October 23, 2016

..New Aquarius East Deck Workshop    October 23, 2016

Sunday October 23, 2016 at 1:00 PM we have the second workshop regarding the East Deck Landscape and Architectural make up.

Last week, in the first workshop, among other issues it was discussed  the relocation of the East Deck Pool. This is possible because the present pool needs to be demolished given the very poor status of its concrete and failed waterproofing. It is less costly and it will offer a long time of little maintenance enjoyment to build a new pool instead of repairing an old compromised structure.

Who is going to attend the workshop: Members of the Construction Committee, Board Members and any Aquarius Owner that has interest in this matter.

Please open and print the questionnaire that was prepared by the firm Landscape Architect Consultants, click here.  Please read carefully the questions and try to understand the drafts in the gallery bellow.  2016-10-20-results-lac-expects

It would be very productive if you could come to the workshop with your own printed questionnaire with your preferences recorded.

A synopsis of the work already advanced may be seen HERE      2016-10-20-first-w-shop-sinopsis

When you click in any of the thumbnails bellow a slide show starts. You may move from slide to slide by using the arrows left and right of each slide.

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