Removal of Shutters at Aquarius

Removal of Shutters at Aquarius


Dear Neighbors:


            The 40-Year Re-Certification project requires structural repairs, including the replacement of the balconies in order to meet the current code requirements.  The balcony floors have to be waterproofed to prevent future decaying and the concrete must be strengthened to meet the standards, including the installation of glass railings, as voted by the majority of unit owners. In order to complete this task, it is necessary to remove all finishes, including shutters installed on these balconies. All shutters, in compliance with the code, will be reinstalled. To be considered Code compliant, the shutters must have appropriate documentation, i.e., copy of the permit, proof that the shutters were installed after December 31st, 1996, and they must be operative.  Please make sure your documentation for your unit is properly filed in the Management Office.

          Those units with shutters that do not meet the Code cannot be reinstalled by the Contractor. The owners will have to either acquire new shutters, in compliance with the Code, or install the impact windows to provide hurricane protection. The non-operative and non-compliant shutters simply give you a false sense of security and further jeopardize the protection of other unit owners.

          The preferred storage for shutters that can be re-installed is inside the respective units to protect them from any damage or misplacement of any parts. However, the Association and the Construction firm can provide alternate location – at the owners’ risk.

         For the time being, removal of windows shutters, not located in the balconies, are going to be considered case by case. If necessary, to carry out structural repairs resulting in removal of shutters, the same rules outlined above will apply.

         The collaboration and understanding of every member of the association is a very important factor for the expeditious completion of our certification project.

         Thank you for your continued support to achieve the common goal.


Bhagwan “Buck” Gupta


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