The Aquarius 40 Re Years Cert. Starts – Pictures of the Construction Mobilization

The Aquarius 40 Years Re Certification Starts – Pictures of the Construction Mobilization

The South Tower of the Aquarius Condominium is being prepared for the restoration. Swing stages, scaffolds, pedestrian protected pathways, new beach access are being built and installed for the demolition work.

Great activity in the following days is coming.

How can you help? Facilitating access to your unit to the workers, removing any belongings from the balconies, making sure that hanging pictures, clocks and delicate decorations are safe away from the wall where the demolition is taking place. The balconies demolition is like to cause some trepidation shaking your valuables to the floor.

What else can you do: have patience and resignation with the noise, the dust and other inconveniences. The sacrifice and cost will be compensated for a livable, beautiful and safe building.

The South Tower work is supposed to last 40 weeks. While the South Tower is under renovation the East Deck will be demolished and rebuilt. After these 40 weeks the same work will happen in the North Tower.

This gallery shows some aspects of the preparation work so far: just click any photo to enlarge and start a slides show.

These are two patterns of the balconies waterproof floor finish that are going to be installed. Due to the waterproof warranty no tiles are to be installed in the renovated balconies. The finish is guaranteed for 5 years and with proper maintenance for additional 5 years.

Diamond Pattern

Square Gutter Pattern








The Progress of the 40 Re Certification project is followed and recorded in the Construction Committee meetings minutes.

Weekly news are posted. Check the here

Additional information under the top bar tab  40 Year Re Certification


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