Can You Id Tracks on the Beach?

Can You Id Tracks on the Beach?


We residents of Aquarius should be able to identify tracks on the  beach sand. After all we live on the beach.  Let’s see how many tracks can you identify:



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Fun and Games at Aquarius

Fun and Games at Aquarius



We have some activities that may deserve your interest.

There are groups of billiards, ping-pong, yoga, mahjong, females happy hour, movie nights and other activities.

Very soon we will post names of residents that are either involved in these activities or can offer some guidance for those interested.

One example, for those that want benefit using the new Gym equipment, is to count with the help from Orlando Herrera. Is usually early in the morning in the Gym. He is an expert in the use of all exercise machines and could offer you a short intro if you need.

Some activities are already being done such as Pool (billiards) and Ping-Pong. Other activities will start as soon as we have the “people from the North” back to Aquarius.

Keep tuned in. Information is forthcoming.



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New (old) Aquarius Bellman Carts used by the Valet Parking Service

New (old) Aquarius Luggage Bellman Carts used by the Valet Parking Service

About 3 years ago the old bronze Luggage Bellman Carts used by the Valet Service has to be retired. Their appearance was not good. Their wheels were falling apart.  So their we removed from service. A few months ago Joe Paez, the Principal of GlobalOne our security and valet service company, decided to submit the carts frames to electrophoretic (catophoretic) coating. This process that usually gives the paint a long and durable use. The beautiful carts came back and were left in the storage room.

Recently we tried to convince our maintenance staff Emílio and Ruslan to using the wheels of another also retired carts  put together the old carts.

It was not hard at all to get their interest. In a few days using the time they had between their many activities the first cart was ready. Yesterday the second cart entered in service.

Many residents identified the old carts now reborn. They we surprised and delighted with the carts facelift. It is a good feeling to have good equipment at Aquarius for a very low cost. Another good example of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?

Thank you so much Joe, Emilio and Ruslan for a job well done!


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Are we there yet? 40 Year ReCert Exercise Master Schedules Sept. & Oct 2018

Are we there yet?

40 Year  ReCertification  Exercise Master Schedules: September  & October 2018


Are we there yet? This is a question that we very often hear when traveling with the family.

At Aquarius it is not different. Everybody is anxious to have their balconies back, the pools open and the silence, peace and absence of dust. This post has the latest schedule presented by the construction firm in charge of the Aquarius 40 Year Recertification project: Structural Preservation Systems. This schedule was not formally vetted by the Technical Responsible and General Project Manager Hillman Engineering. Of course it is not finally accepted by the Aquarius Condominium Association.

Is the project progressing in a satisfactory pace? You are the judge. It should be observed that some delay was caused by the  IRMA storm  and rainy or otherwise inclement weather days.

The most updated schedules are in four pages bellow. One for the South Tower, another for the North Tower and two pages for the East Deck. Please exam these schedules in detail.

Towers and Deck Master Schedules expected completion final dates according a previous estimate and the most recent available:

Contractual expected completion dates:

  May 2017  was considered the effective groundbreaking data for this project. The Structural and Aquarius contract was originally signed January 2017.

Completion:  Deck (50 weeks): May 2018    Towers (80 weeks) November 2018

  Master Schedule update submitted  on October 2017:

Completion:   Deck: November 26, 2018      Towers: January 11, 2019

  Master Schedule revision submitted September 2018:   

Completion:  Deck:   December 25, 2018     Towers: April 4, 2019

  Delta from original contractual schedule:  Deck: Seven Months delay.    Towers: Four  Months delay.

Aquarius South Tower – Schedule of  September 26, 2018:

Aquarius North  Tower – Schedule of  September 26, 2018:

Deck Schedule

Aquarius East Deck Master Schedule of October 3, 2018, page 1 of 2

Aquarius East Deck Master Schedule of October 3, 2018, page 2 of 2


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Relocating is also part of the 3 R’s

Relocating is also part of the 3 R’s

Reduce, reuse and recycle. These are the 3 R’s for a greener and happier planet. Here is a small example:

There were 3 very large planters that were destined to be sent to the trash landfill. The owners didn’t want them anymore. They were left in our construction area of the East Pool Deck for several months. We had the idea to relocate the planters into the West Parking Lot across the South Ocean Drive. There are grass areas the lost their protective curb. The vehicular traffic is creating ponds of rain water. Besides these areas are a danger for drivers and pedestrians. How about taking the planters to these new location? The project took some months. Finally after some persistent requests the planters were moved. Have you noticed them?

Planter number one in three steps:
















Planter number two. Before and after a little TLC:









And Planter number three: just a little topsoil and not much elese done but it is still OK:










Now it is time to keep fertilizing and watch nature take its course. What was the cost to Aquarius? None, nada, zilch. All work of an anonymous donor.


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Florence, Isaac, Helene: Are we protected at Aquarius?

Florence, Isaac, Helene: Are we protected at Aquarius?

September 10, 2018

These big storms march close to the United States. Florence is to hit the Carolinas coast before the end of the week (September 13 or 14, 2018). Isaac and Helene should not be a serious threat to Southern Florida as the forecasts of today.

What are the concerns at Aquarius?

The North Tower is fully protected by its Storm Windows, Metal Shutters and Construction Plywood. If you live in the North Tower make and you have Metal Shutters make sure they are easy to close, they lock properly so you are not left without protection. Impact Windows just must be properly closed.

How about the South Tower? Impact Windows? Not to worry. The Metal Shutters that were removed are being put back according to plan. There is a contractor in the property working to put everything according the Florida and City of Hollywood construction code. What if a storm strikes and there is not Shutters in place yet? The Aquarius Management is prepared to install plywood protection in all windows that still require shielding.

Let’s relax and hope for the better.

If you are out-of-town and still have Metal Shutters ask a neighbor to make sure your Shutters are in top condition closed and locked. By the way: nobody is supposed to leave town without closing and locking his/hers metal Shutters. This is procedure to be taken seriously year round. This does not protect just your unit. This protects the entire building.


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Aquarius Neighbor Falko Fharner left us September 7, 2018

Aquarius Neighbor Falko Fahrner left us September 7, 2018

Falko Fahrner

Falko Fahrner, Apartment 1401N, emigrated from Germany in 1965. He was married to Sylvia Fahrner for 32 years.  Sylvia had 2 sons from a previous marriage. Falko was considered by them and by their 8 children as the only father and grandpa they ever had.

He loved soccer. His favorite team was VFB of Stuttgart.

His passion for Porsches was remarkable. The last one he owned was a Porsche Carrera 911. He dreamed of getting one more, the Porsche Macan.

He was anxious to enjoy the new swimming pool of Aquarius. He believed he could benefit from some physiotherapy in the new pool.

Unfortunately after back surgery at the end of May, 2018, he did not seem to get back to feeling well enough to realize his dreams. Sadly his health did not cooperate.


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Miami will be underwater soon

Miami will be underwater soon.

Its drinking water could go first.

Click HERE  for the article

By Christopher Favelle

Photographs by Anastasia Samoylova

Bloomberg Businessweek, September 3, 2018




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Aquarius Beach Access Alternative

Aquarius Beach Access Alternative

In October of 2017 we had the first proposal for the stairs leading to the beach from the Aquarius East deck. You can review them here.

Given the high cost and some anticipated permit difficulties the Engineering and Construction firms conducting the 40 Year Recertification exercise presented an alternative. This is a wood structure that goes in the North to South direction as the present concrete stairs go. The present concrete stairs structure besides having some structural issues do not conform with the Florida Construction Code enforced by the City of Hollywood.

Click any photo to see the full set of renditions of the new proposal in a slideshow format:



John McCain was buried at the cemetery of the Naval Academy, Annapolis MD, September 02, 2018.  He was a Senator, a Soldier, a War Hero. His name was synonymous of Honor, Valor, Country before Party, Principle before Politics. He leaves a enormous space that will be hard to fill up. Here a small sample of his dignity, integrity and generosity.

October 2008



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Aquarius Gym New Equipment – Get Acquainted

Aquarius Gym New Equipment – Get Acquainted Sessions

Wednesday September 4,  9 am and 7 pm

It is important to get acquainted with the equipment recently installed in the Aquarius Gym.

Orlando Herrera

Orlando Herrera is going to offer a couple of 15 minutes walk through the new exercise machines.
These informal information sessions are scheduled for Wednesday  September 5th., 2018. There will be one session at 9 am and another at 7 pm.

Registration is not necessary by it would be nice if you put your name in the list at the Security Reception Desk. This way  Orlando  may know how many residents are interested in the proper use of the fitness equipment.


This will warm your soul. I guarantee.

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