Aquarius Stairs to the Beach – New 2018 Design

Aquarius Stairs to the Beach – New 2018 Design

The President of the Board of Directors of Aquarius approved a new design of the Aquarius stairs to the beach. These stairs allow access to sea-shore from the East Deck. Residents using the East Deck Swimming Pool can go directly to the beach as it was done in the past.

The new stairs are needed because the cost to rebuild the old stairs would, probably, be higher given the great amount of repairs needed. Besides the old stairs do not met the Construction Code. The steps are too short and to high and the top landing is very small.

Previously another design was considered  (The link will open in another tab).  In October of 2017 this blog published the artistic rendition of this previous concept. It had 5 landings and it was very similar to what is now under progress. Two factors determined the change. The estimated cost was near $60000.00 and it was a long set of steps.

The new design has just 3 landings and has an estimated cost of under $40,000.00. It is not easy to understand why it took so long to finalize this East Deck detail. Cost was one factor but also technical aspects may have come into play.  The final details of the project are still under study. The City of Hollywood construction permit has not be applied for yet.  Hillman Engineering,  our engineering firm of record,  is working on it. Aquarius has been promised the final plans and permit application to be done in a few weeks. This post is of December of 2018.

Let’s hope for a quick resolution. Check out the new design bellow and compare with the previous one of October 2017.

View from the ground

Side view

Top View




Cannabis in Canada.  

We already can see some results of legal marijuana in Canada



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Aquarius Board Elections – December 6 it is the last day

Aquarius Board Elections – December 6 it is the last day to present your intent to run


Five positions of Director of the Board of the Aquarius Condo. are open. Why don’t you run? The present Board has been in the position for three years. It may be time for some renewal.

If you have love for Aquarius, if you want give your contribution this is the time. A Board full of motivated, full time residents may be the recipe for a better and better Condo. 

After all, it is your home and it is your property. If you do not take care of it who will?

If you are willing to contribute December 6 is the last day to declare you intent to run for the Board. It is a very simple form that was mailed to you a few days ago. If you do not have it the Management Office will be glad to provide you with another one. 

After that a one page bio with your picture is needed. This will be mailed by the Management Office to every owner of Aquarius so they learn about your experience, your motivation and your plans.

The blog  (this blog) will publish all “Information Sheet” that any candidate will present. Submission to the blog is not the submission required or recommended by the Management Office. If you submit to the blog it will not be shared with the Management Office. The Management Office in its turn will not share the “Information Sheet” with the blog. Please hand them the “Sheet”up to December 11, 2018.

The Management Office accepts submissions by mail, personal delivery, fax, and another non specified form of delivery.

The blog accepts emails – put the content in the body of the email. Please attach you best photo in s any of the formats jpeg, png, gif, tiff.

The eMail to the ensures quality publication. If this is a problem, in some cases,  a paper form can be worked out. 

Blog submissions: 

—   eMail to (PREFERRED WAY):   put Aquarius Board Elections on the subject and the content on the body of the email. Don’t forget to attach a photo!

—  Hand deliveries for blog publication Cecilio Berndsen Apartment 1005N 



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Hanukkah & Holidays Parties at Aquarius

  Hanukkah and Year End Holidays Parties at Aquarius

December 2 and 9


Please make your reservation so the organizers have a better idea of how many are participating.

Even if it is only your family please let Nury or Judy know:

Nury Gupta    786-253-4495

Judity Ort   516-361-0325 




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Yoga with Mary NOW


with Mary


Tuesday and Friday  –  Classes  are postponed.  Mary is injured.

1:00 Pm  Cascade

Yoga: Chair or Mat  $ 5.00

First Class is free!

Try it you will like it!




FBI finally apprehends the dangerous “Sandals Robbers Gang”



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Contamination Notice – Plastic Bags on Recycle Bins

Aquarius got a “Contamination Notice” from the refusal collection service Waste Management.

It seems that the recycle bins have received plastic bags like those used by the Super Markets. This is not allowed. Plastic Bags should be taken to participant concerns like Publix and Winn-Dixie.

What else should not go in the recycle bins?

> No plastic bags or film – take the plastic bag to Publix or Winn-Dixie

> Pizza Boxes contaminated with fat, cheese or pepperoni. 

> No food waste

> No needles

> No foam cups and containers

What to put in the Recycle Bins?  Yes, you can mix all these things:

> Plastic Bottles and Containers

> Food and Beverage Cans

> Paper (could be wet but not fat contaminated)

> Flattened Cardboard and Paperboard

> Food and Beverage Cartoons


Don’t upset Poseidon, please.

Funny video


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Salon Aqua – Aquarius Beauty Parlor

Salon Aqua – Aquarius Beauty Parlor

On the Aquarius South Building the Salon Aqua Beauty Parlor is open for residents and visitors. Salon Aqua is proud to serve Men and Women.

> Please call Liza   786-201-3994

> Welcome Eddy just starting at Salon Aqua      954-558-2798  

The Salon Aqua is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Other days by appointment only. Please call for a even more  beautiful you. Walk ins are welcome.

Partial List of services offered:

  • Hairstyling and Barber. Skin Care and Waxing 

  • For Ladies: Haircut, Blow-dry, Color 

  • Deep Conditioning, Keratin and more

  • For Gentlemen: Haircut, Mustache, Color

  • Kids are welcome

  • Pedicure and Manicure for both sexes

  • Waxing

  • Skin Care

  • Time Saver Facial

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Acid Peels


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Can You Id Tracks on the Beach?

Can You Id Tracks on the Beach?


We residents of Aquarius should be able to identify tracks on the  beach sand. After all we live on the beach.  Let’s see how many tracks can you identify:



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Fun and Games at Aquarius

Fun and Games at Aquarius



We have some activities that may deserve your interest.

There are groups of billiards, ping-pong, yoga, mahjong, females happy hour, movie nights and other activities.

Very soon we will post names of residents that are either involved in these activities or can offer some guidance for those interested.

One example, for those that want benefit using the new Gym equipment, is to count with the help from Orlando Herrera. Is usually early in the morning in the Gym. He is an expert in the use of all exercise machines and could offer you a short intro if you need.

Some activities are already being done such as Pool (billiards) and Ping-Pong. Other activities will start as soon as we have the “people from the North” back to Aquarius.

Keep tuned in. Information is forthcoming.



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New (old) Aquarius Bellman Carts used by the Valet Parking Service

New (old) Aquarius Luggage Bellman Carts used by the Valet Parking Service

About 3 years ago the old bronze Luggage Bellman Carts used by the Valet Service has to be retired. Their appearance was not good. Their wheels were falling apart.  So their we removed from service. A few months ago Joe Paez, the Principal of GlobalOne our security and valet service company, decided to submit the carts frames to electrophoretic (catophoretic) coating. This process that usually gives the paint a long and durable use. The beautiful carts came back and were left in the storage room.

Recently we tried to convince our maintenance staff Emílio and Ruslan to using the wheels of another also retired carts  put together the old carts.

It was not hard at all to get their interest. In a few days using the time they had between their many activities the first cart was ready. Yesterday the second cart entered in service.

Many residents identified the old carts now reborn. They we surprised and delighted with the carts facelift. It is a good feeling to have good equipment at Aquarius for a very low cost. Another good example of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?

Thank you so much Joe, Emilio and Ruslan for a job well done!


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Are we there yet? 40 Year ReCert Exercise Master Schedules Sept. & Oct 2018

Are we there yet?

40 Year  ReCertification  Exercise Master Schedules: September  & October 2018


Are we there yet? This is a question that we very often hear when traveling with the family.

At Aquarius it is not different. Everybody is anxious to have their balconies back, the pools open and the silence, peace and absence of dust. This post has the latest schedule presented by the construction firm in charge of the Aquarius 40 Year Recertification project: Structural Preservation Systems. This schedule was not formally vetted by the Technical Responsible and General Project Manager Hillman Engineering. Of course it is not finally accepted by the Aquarius Condominium Association.

Is the project progressing in a satisfactory pace? You are the judge. It should be observed that some delay was caused by the  IRMA storm  and rainy or otherwise inclement weather days.

The most updated schedules are in four pages bellow. One for the South Tower, another for the North Tower and two pages for the East Deck. Please exam these schedules in detail.

Towers and Deck Master Schedules expected completion final dates according a previous estimate and the most recent available:

Contractual expected completion dates:

  May 2017  was considered the effective groundbreaking data for this project. The Structural and Aquarius contract was originally signed January 2017.

Completion:  Deck (50 weeks): May 2018    Towers (80 weeks) November 2018

  Master Schedule update submitted  on October 2017:

Completion:   Deck: November 26, 2018      Towers: January 11, 2019

  Master Schedule revision submitted September 2018:   

Completion:  Deck:   December 25, 2018     Towers: April 4, 2019

  Delta from original contractual schedule:  Deck: Seven Months delay.    Towers: Four  Months delay.

Aquarius South Tower – Schedule of  September 26, 2018:

Aquarius North  Tower – Schedule of  September 26, 2018:

Deck Schedule

Aquarius East Deck Master Schedule of October 3, 2018, page 1 of 2

Aquarius East Deck Master Schedule of October 3, 2018, page 2 of 2


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