Aquarius Beach Access – NO STAIRS!

Aquarius Beach Access – NO MORE STAIRS!


With the construction project going on the Aquarius access to the Hollywood beach had to change. There was the need to find a temporary (hopefully permanent) alternative for the beach goers.

At the bottom of the stairs that give access to the beach from the East Deck an opening could be a solution. A door from the bottom of the  South Tower giving direct access to the sand of the sea shore. The following galleries give an idea of what is going on. Click any picture and start the slides show.

The Conception


The work begins     It is about 20 inches of wall    (May 24 2017)


What has been done so far:       Finishing is not here yet but the wall was conquered. The wooden ramp is done and the door is coming. The last picture is of May 31st, 2017, in the afternoon.


Photos: Buck    Plans: Hillman       Clip: Cale   and the Structural crew going through the wall.





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1 Response to Aquarius Beach Access – NO STAIRS!

  1. Val Boyarsky says:

    Wouldn’t that be smarter to first create alternative access before closing off current beach access? Most of the Aquirius residents, are olderly people who are literaly kept “hostage” inside the complex, as itis too difficult fior them to take alternative route to the beach. Hope that this lack of foresight and planning is not an indication of what to expect during the course of prolonged construction project.


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