No stairs Aquarius Beach Access: Now it is for real

No stairs Aquarius Beach Access: Now it is for real


The wait is over. The Aquarius “stair less” access is ready. At the latest is will open Wednesday June 7. It may be operational tomorrow Tuesday June 6. This information comes from our General Contractor “Structural Restoration” Project Engineer Jean-Simon Berube.

Still some final touches may need to be added such as non-split mats and handrail finishes.  If you are patient and do not get upset if they turn you around for another day of wait – try it, you will like it.

How to get there?  First, you must go to the South Tower Hall of Elevators on the ground floor. Garage level that is. From the Hall of Elevators take to the East. Passing bathrooms and laundry room you will be at the door of the South Tower East Side Storage Room. Voilà! you are almost there. A few steps and the Atlantic Ocean shore is yours! The only minor problem is to stop the rain that the weather forecast says it will be here the entire week, ouch.


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