What to Expect at Aquarius – Some disparate info.

What to Expect at Aquarius – Some disparate info.


Residents of Aquarius have great expectations. So much is going on that it is difficult to follow.

Let’s see what is going on:

  1. Air conditioning: Maybe before Friday April 6. No promises but high chances that it will happen.
  2. North Tower Service Elevator: It was to be done by February 15. Some electrical work is still pending. After that it should be soon. Very soon we hope. South Tower passenger elevator 1: Progress is appreciable. Not a firm date yet. It will not suffer delays from the electrical infrastructure.
  3. 40 Year Recertification exercise. South tower has two lines with railings – no glass yet, but the railings are there. East Pool Deck with most slab with the new concrete and North Tower with balconies demolition work ready to start. Will everything be done by Christmas? It would be a nice gift to Aquarius residents. It is possible. Keep tuned in.
  4. Irma Hurricane insurance claim: work is in process. Katzman and Merlin the legal counsel preparing the insurance claim do not give a firm date but it is expected to be soon. By the way: have you submitted your Assessment Loss claim to your own apartment unit homeowners  insurance company?
  5. Internet provided by the Aquarius Condominium Association? The Board is contemplating this additional service very seriously. If the cost is affordable it may become reality. Nothing certain yet. Very nice to have.
  6. Will the West Deck Pool be closed? Most certainly. We don’t want debris, dust and sand to damage the pool. It will reopen as soon as possible. The construction company – Structural – will monitor very closely how the debris from the North Tower balconies demolition behaves and how the pool will be affected. There is a slim chance that the pool could remain open. But, of course, the Atlantic Ocean will remain available.
  7. The pace on installation of Impact Windows has increased. There are more than 70 units with impact windows in the North Tower. South Tower has less than 30 but there are several contracts signed and the work progresses very well. Have you considered the convenience, safety, comfort, increased resale value for your unit? Impact Windows are likely to  give you all that

There are so many other things going on but it is getting late and I am getting tired. The preparation of the video clips of the Helicopter at Aquarius took longer than expected. You can watch them in the post bellow. If you have nice pictures that you took send them, please. We will try to post.

What else? Additional cameras, serious work of the Beautification Committee on a proposal for the hallways, movie night next week Tuesday (The Shape of Water, Oscars awarded flic), Yoga classes, Bridge Club, Ping-Pong League and other activities. And last but not least:

If you want to know about the progress of construction and several related items: Thursday at 11:00 there is a meeting of the Construction Committee. Owners have the opportunity to ask direct questions to Structural P.S. – our GC, Hillman Engineering our technical adviser and project manager, Adrian Paredes our Property Manager and several contractors that are invited from time to time to explain their work to the owners. It is an hour of your time very well spent. I guarantee it.



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