Impact Windows: Price Estimates from some vendors

Impact Windows: Price Estimates from some vendors

Aquarius Condominium


Other vendors:  This is a very small sample of additional reputable Impact Windows vendors, shop around for discounts:

RC Home Showcase: This is the provider of balcony railings for Hallmark Condominium, 3800 S. Ocean Drive, Holywood FL 33019. It is the installer for most Impact Windows for individual owners. Vendor informs the prices are negotiable.

Impact Windows and Glass   –  J. Scott Sandstrom                954-294-3553

Hannes Hurricane  Shutters and Windows     – Allie               954-458-6866


Prices above are indicative and subject to change and negotiation with vendors.

South Tower owners must coordinate with Structural Preservation Systems – SPC installation dates so the work is according SPC schedule. North Tower owners can do it right now. North Tower owners need just the Management Office registration and approval until 40 Re Certification balconies works start. After that a coordination with SPC is necessary.

Questions to be asked before hiring any vendor: (1) Warranty? (2) Delivery time? (3) Permits? (4) Full Shutters removal? Is mortar waterproofed and finished inside and out? (5) License? (6) Liability and Workmen’s Comp. policies? Out of the door comprehensive cost? City Permit included? (7) Warranty?  (8) Have you checked the Better Business Bureau  – BBB –  rating of the vendor of your choice?

Old Shutters must be fully removed (top, bottom, sides), caulking, waterproofing, and prime painting must be part of vendor contract.

All Aquarius  C.A. rules on Contractors must be followed. They include hallway floor protection, deposit, exhibit of workmen’s compensation, liability insurance, license, City Permit, etc. Please check with Management Office.

These links have additional information you may want to share with vendors of yours choice. It will save time for a final estimate preparation:   LINKS OPEN IN NEW TABS OR WINDOWS

Specifications for the installation of impact windows at Aquarius

Should I have Impact Windows?

After your impact windows installed you should have:

  • Full hurricane protection 27/7/365 – Not to worry to maintain or close shutters.
  • Less outside sound. Peace and quiet in your home.
  • Less Air Conditioning expenses. The windows tend to save a lot on energy costs. Thermal protection varies with the glass purchased.
  • Reduced sun damage of interior furniture and belongings. Protection is invisible from inside the property.
  • Installations usually takes a couple of days. Ordering the custom made windows and obtaining the City of Hollywood permit takes a few weeks. Six weeks from start to finish a project is not uncommon.
  • Possible insurance discounts and smaller deductibles.
The above information has not been approved or reviewed 
by the Aquarius Board of Directors. This is for the benefit of owners
contemplating the installation of Impact Windows.


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3 Responses to Impact Windows: Price Estimates from some vendors

  1. Weiszj says:

    Cecilio My unit is 703 South, is that a type D unit. I am trying to figure the price applicable to my unit. Thank you Joseph Weisz

    > >


    • Cecilio Augusto Berndsen says:

      Aquarius Line 03 Apt. type D $ 20,063.00 (Structural) $ 12,228.29 (RC Home Show) $ 10,669.65 (Broward Impact) These are the prices for impact windows from this 3 vendors. Shop around and you may find better prices.


    • Cecilio Augusto Berndsen says:

      Please see above 4 offers we have been informed of. You may find better price or different quality elsewhere. Aquarius will accept the standards of the City of Hollywood for Impact Windows.


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