Helicopter at Aquarius 5 Video Clips

Helicopter at Aquarius

5 Video Clips

March 2018


On March 26 an helicopter was working at Aquarius. This operation was necessary to position very heavy stainless steel water cooling towers in the roof of both Aquarius towers.

The hurricane Irma of September 2017 damaged the water cooling towers beyond repair. New cooling towers were needed to support the air conditioning system of the Aquarius complex. The new water towers weight more than 10,000 pounds. They had to be disassembled in several parts so they could be transported to the roof of the two buildings of Aquarius. The operation required the removal of the old damaged towers as well. The entire reconstruction project and execution is the work of VMech Mechanical Contractors of Miami Gardens, Florida.

This helicopter operation mobilized several organizations: Aquarius Security, Aquarius Management, Aquarius Maintenance, Hollywood Police Department and the Federal Aviation Administration. Ocean Drive and the beach in front of Aquarius were closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. It is important to emphasize the skill and professionalism of the pilot and the crew of Midwest Helicopters that were the stars of the event.

Here some videos of the operation. Several amateur cineasts recorded the not so common event. They were: Adrian Paredes, Joseph Paez, Bill Coleman, Gary Torossian and others including the blogger.

There are five video clips that offer a view of the work from several vantage points. Click the arrows for the view.



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