Dear Resident: Some notes on Impact Windows: It’s Time to Act

Dear Resident: Some notes on Impact Windows

A couple of weeks ago a resident of the South Tower had made her mind. She really wanted Impact Windows in her apartment. She asked me for some information. Bellow the e-mail I sent to her. Very few changes. I believe the information is of value for many – South Tower or North Tower. Please read it and call me if you need to talk. Time is of essence.


Dear Resident

Here a list of Impact Windows vendors that have worked at Aquarius. I ignore any complains but I do not recommend any of them. The choice must be yours after due diligence. Be aware that there are many other providers of Impact Windows in Broward County.


“”Removal and re installation of the storm shutters   (Construction Committee Meeting Minutes of February 23, 2017)


The reoccurring question about storm shutters removal, re installation and potential additional cost to the owners was asked by the Aquarius resident. Hillman confirmed their previous explanation on this subject by the following statement:

 a) All qualified shutters will be removed during the construction and reinstalled back with no additional cost to the owners. 

Qualified shutters are: 

1) Installed after 1996 

2) Installed with permit 

3) Must be operational.


 b) Most shutters installed before 1996 are not qualified due to the changes in building code. Contractor will remove shutters, but it will be the owner’s responsibility to pay for new shutters or replace existing windows and doors with the impact windows and doors. 


At 11am today  [February 2017] , the BOD arranged presentations by three impact windows and doors contractors.[ The Board had organized presentations on the subject last year, this was another one]  Hopefully, the information presented will help owners in making this tough decision.

 Impact Windows Installers:

 Action Window & Glass, J.Scott Sandstrom954-294-3553 

 Broward Impact, Joe Marshall, 954-922-0606 

 Hanes Hurricane Shutters, 954-458-6866 

Each Aquarius unit must have either storm shutters or Hurricane impact windows and doors. 

The cost of association Master Insurance is significantly discounted because of storm shutters and/or impact window and doors. The absence of shutter in units without impact windows and doors will result in the loss of discount, therefore increasing the association insurance cost.””


My take:

I would recommend you and any resident interested in having Impact Windows installed in their units to start contacting several vendors so the work can start as soon as the 40 year Re-Cert exercise is complete. This means as soon as the balconies are ready. The units can not be left without protection. If the installation of the windows is not consecutive the old shutters (if eligible)  must re installed. It this happens and you decide to have impact windows this cost to install the shutters will be added to the cost to remove the shutters.

Please ask for additional information at the Management Office about this topic.

In the blog we have several posts addressing the Impact Windows issue.

Of particular interest are:

Specifications for the installation of impact windows at Aquarius

Should you wait for a group discount?         

Very Good Reasons for having Impact Windows 

Please note that the information presented here is my individual responsibility. The Office Management and the Board of Directors are not responsible for it.

Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

With the best wishes 

Cecilio-Augusto Berndsen

703-439-4902  mobile


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