Impact Windows: Are You Sure You Want to Wait?

Impact Windows: Are You Sure You Want to Wait?

Since last year the Unit Owners of Aquarius had several presentations regarding Impact Windows.

The advantages of Impact Windows over Metal Shutters are many. Safety, convenience, resale value, energy efficiency are just a few.

In the beginning of the year a large group of owners was interested in improving their apartments with these storm resistant windows. With the development of the 40 Year Re Certification project the interest increased. A number of owners recorded their interest in a list. In this blog many posts showed the many aspects of impact windows installation.

A list of interest owners, a list of some vendors that have done some installations and the engineering recommended standards of the materials of impact windows.

A group of owners has looked for group discounts for some months. So far we have not seen any results from this group.

Some have pointed out that the installation of impact windows in the South Tower is problematic – in reality only the windows of the bedrooms and kitchen can get new windows. The balconies are off limits during the 40 Year Recertification.

Some owners in the North Tower have decided to install their Impact Windows without further delay. Some are done and happy. Some others are afraid to lose the opportunity to install their windows when the balconies reconstruction begins – what will happen in less than 35 weeks. They signed their contracts and wait for the imminent installation.

In addition, the prices are creeping up. Should you wait or should you hire a Window Installer now? This is a question that only you can answer. It is important point out some aspects:

  • You are not hiring the first Installer. You will ask around for cost estimates. This takes time.
  • You need a Construction Permit from the City of Hollywood. This takes time.
  • The materials take time to be available. It is necessary in most cases 8 weeks or more.
  • Prices have increased recently.
  • Once the construction starts in the North Building all you can do is to install the windows in the bedrooms and kitchen. The balcony  Impact Glass must wait until the balcony is rebuilt.
  • If you do it now the waterproofing will be done again by the General Contractor (Structural). The bottom line: you get the waterproofing by the Impact Windows Vendor of your choice and a second coat done by the Contractor paid with the special assessment. No problems with fixing up paint, mortar or finish that the removal of metal shutters may cause.

Remember when a something is too good to be true … it is probably not worth the wait.

Cecilio Augusto Berndsen, Member of the Aquarius Board

List of  Owners Interested in Impact Windows. This list if of March 2017. Several Owners have already their impact windows installed. Clik here for the liste

Click Here for Impact Windows Specifications

Should I have Impact Windows?  Many reasons why Impact Windows may be smart invetiment. Click Here

You may want talk with other Aquarius Owners considering Impact Windows. Clike HERE


Reasons why you may gain safety



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