Easy Yoga – every Tuesday and every Friday 1:00 PM

Easy Yoga –  every Tuesday and every Friday 1:00 PM – Cascade Room


 Mary, the instructor is out-of-town. Arkady Chase is out-of-town. The other guy is out for a couple of weeks. Is the Easy Yoga still going on?

Yes, Yes, Yes. Rain or ShineImage result for rain or shine free clip art

If you have any questions please call:

  • Bea Kriss ( N 307 ) tel.  954-920-9622 or
  • Joseph Paez (Aquarius Security Director)  786-355-9974

They will answer any questions.

Come, try it, you’ll like it. We accept participants from 5 to 110 years old. 

If you can’t come you still can do it at home. It is good for you, I was told. The 1 hour Yoga clip with Tatis Cervantes is right here. Just follow it.



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