Should I Have Impact Windows?

Should I Have Impact Windows?


A good number of owners have installed impact windows and doors in their apartments. The interest on impact windows has increased at Aquarius.  A list of owners interested in the impact windows installation got more than fifty names.

If you install the impact windows in your unit you will have several advantages:

  • Hurricane and Storm protection 100% 24 by 7 by 365 days of the year
  • External noise reduction. The windows are almost noise proof.
  • Energy costs – air conditioning – may be lowered up to 70%. Better insulation assures better thermal results.
  • Increase comfort. Insulation makes the internal temperature more stable. No more hot and then cold volatilities.
  • Ultra-Violet UV rays increased protection. Furniture and belongings protected from UV light. Less fabric fading and other materials deterioration.
  • Turtle lights code complaint.
  • Possible homeowners’ insurance premium discounts.
  • Increased the value of your property. Increased “curb appeal.”
  • Sash protection.
  • Make Aquarius beautiful without eyesore and dangerous shutters.

Image result for woman in windowsMoreover, the most important factor of all: Peace of mind. Never worry if your shutters have been properly closed. The protection of your apartment is permanent. Being in your apartment or being away the storm and hurricane protection is there for your undisturbed enjoyment.

A very important factor at this time in Aquarius: The installation of Impact Windows now will assure that one’s unit is fully waterproofed by the 40 Year Re-Certification Project. Windows installed now will be double-checked for waterproofing. If installation is done after the 40 year exercise waterproofing will done by the windows vendor but the opportunity of the double check by the firm in charge of the 40-year project will be gone.

The insurance policy of the Aquarius Condominium determines that every unit must be hurricane proof. This rule is also in the by-laws. In the last storm threat Mathew – October 2016, it was impossible to close many units’ shutters. It is the obligation of every unit owner to have fully functional protection.  If shutters do not close and the storm penetrates the apartment it is possible to damage other units. Would the owner insurance policy cover this? Probably not.  Only a costly umbrella insurance policy would be able to cover such catastrophe.

Image result for woman in windowsThe Board of Directors of Aquarius encourages every unit owner to consider carefully the installation of Impact Windows.

Here some vendors that have done some work in the building. The Board or the Management does not endorse or recommend any of this vendors, but there are no complains of the work they performed at Aquarius.

  • Hanes Hurricane Shutters and Windows — 954-6866 Allie
  • Impact Windows and Glass —-  954-294-3553 J. Scott S.
  • Broward Impact and Door —-   954-922-0606   J. Marshall

Make your home more secure and your Aquarius building gorgeous  –  install Impact Windows now! It looks great from the inside and from the outside!

Important questions to ask before hiring a vendor (1) Warranty? (2) Delivery time? (3) Permits? (4) Shutters removal? (5) License? (6) Liability and Workmen’s Comp. policies? Out of the door comprehensive cost?


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