Suggested Guidelines for the next (2017) BOD of Aquarius

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 Suggested Guidelines for the next (2017) BOD of Aquarius

This document was prepared by a couple of concerned owners
 that do not agree with the plans proposed by the Board of Directors
 of Aquarius. 
It received an immediate response from Zina Bluband. 
It is important to read both pieces - 
Zina's and Sam's to have a balanced view. 
Zina's reponse follows the Schmuter's piece


This strategy is driven by the desire to unify our community for efficiently achieving the common goal to make Aquarius “good again”. It is suggested for the next BOD, whoever is elected.


  1.     Fire Hillman Engineering as a company having a conflict of interest with the community. Hire another engineering company with a fixed pay. Let them re-evaluate Hillman’s conclusions.
  2.     Set the upper-level ceiling as $5,000,000 for the balconies in the 40-yr Project, plus the glass railing upgrade for additional $500,000.
  3.     Appoint the Balcony Construction Committee from the Owners experienced in construction: (like Roman Kisler , Edward Khmelevsky, Ilya Sibula, Boris Eydelnant, Zina Blueband , maybe some more …)   with the task to define the Balcony Fixing Strategy that covers all the balconies, with repair and/or     replacement, whatever is efficiently applicable.
  4.        Plan fixing East Deck and the existing East Pool for the limit of  $2,500,000 (remember, the larger in size West Deck with totally ruined West Pool were done  within $2 millions)
  5.     For another $2,000,000 select  important remaining task(s) (perhaps, elevators)
    Thus, the overall 40 yr Project must be contained within the ceiling of $10 million.



The funds and the limits suggested here, are still very substantial. Just compare with the money so far spent on our other Decks and Lobby. Or compare wth money spent by other buildings (e.g. Wave assessed $12 mils, but they have 567 apartments, and we have under 270).

We must not exceed the limits.

Just need to see if the above limits can further accommodate some other remaining jobs (like hallways).

Samson Schmuter, 1101N  via eMail and  Zoya Schmuter, via telephone.

Zina Bluband response:


1) How many engineering companies you have to pay for to confirm obvious?  Waste of our money again.

2) The cost to fix balconies to comply with 40-year certification requirements cannot be based on wishful thinking, only on the engineering estimate.

3) As the owner, I would like the professional opinion on the scope of work and the process to complete it. It is very presumptios to even think the committee members are qualified to make such an important decisions for all owners.

As a last remark… Pretty tired of this exercise in a creativity from the people who obviously have an inflated opinion about their capabilities and qualifications.

Zina Bluband, Vice-Chair of the Aquarius Construction Committee for many years. Zina has been an active and assiduous participant of several efforts to bring Aquarius back  to the Broward County Construction Code full complaince.


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