Should Aquarius have Glass Balconies?

LOGO AShould Aquarius have Glass Balconies?


An interesting study was conducted by our neighbor Scot Bennet. The focal point of the study is: do glass balconies add any value to the property?

The evidence seems to be very strong. It adds considerable value. It is a very wise investment even if the existing balconies railings did not need replacement. Aquarius railings need replacement. Many are out of code and require eyesore plastic

Aquarius railings need replacement. Many are out of code. There are at least four distinct types of the metal picket railings in place. Some railings require eyesore plastic trellises to avoid babies and pets to fall down. They are very unsafe.

The bottom line is that the replacement is needed. The cost to put new picket metal railings is a little less than the glass railings. The tables prepared by Scot Bennet are an eye opener.


January 2017


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