Where Are the Engineering Evaluations of Aquarius?

LOGO SILHOUETTEWhere Are the Engineering Evaluations of Aquarius?

There is a growing interest for the report from Hillman Engineering that indicates the work required to make the Aquarius property fully recertified according to the specifications of Broward County for buildings at their 40 year anniversary.

The full report is available by clicking here.

Please be patient it is a document of more than 23 MB and the download will take some time.

It is also of great interest to see the report prepared in 2014 by another Engineering firm. Click  HERE.

At this report ACG, the firm hired and paid for by the owners of Aquarius, made recommendations indicating the urgency of the repairs. Unfortunately, it was one of the several reports ordered and paid for by Aquarius that are sent to the archives with no action.

At the present time action is going to take place. It is not healthy to postpone anymore. The procrastination since 2009 can not continue. It is time to act.

Please support what should have been done several years ago for a fraction of the cost that is now necessary. To do it later will be more onerous and we may have the Broward County taking over the building and doing the work in their schedule with their cost. To follow the law represents savings, our schedule, our control, our taste for any change. Not bureaucrats from the County  just doing their job that is to keep the structure safe.




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