An Update on the 40 Year Re-certification Program of Aquarius

LOGO A An Update on the 40 Year Re-certification Program of Aquarius


This message was e-mailed to Aquarius Condo. Association members. Nov. 30, 2016:

This mailing is to keep all of the unit owners up to date as to the work mandated by the Forty Year Recertification on our balconies and on the East pool deck.

Some of you have attended all or some of the construction meetings which take place every Thursday, but many of you have not.  At each meeting our engineer and Landscape Architect reports to the construction committee members and answers questions from the floor.  It is always informative and most of all puts many unfounded rumors to rest.


 Our engineers have prepared a scope of work to repair or replace our balconies.   Several weeks ago tests were conducted on the balconies.  These tests showed a substantial degradation of the compressive strength of the concrete to 25% to 50% of its original strength.  Because some people were not happy with the results they engaged an engineering firm to write a letter questioning the method used.  This firm did not come to the Building nor did it inspect any of the balconies but simply relied on what they were told.  Because of this, the scope of the study was increased and RAS, an engineering firm with no affiliation with our engineering firm, was hired to conduct the redundant  work.  Samples were taken from twenty units chosen randomly.  This was at an additional cost of $12,545.00 and a two-week delay, and it simply confirmed the accuracy of the previous study.The test conclusions confirmed that all our balconies will have to be replaced.  Replacing the balconies will take less time and substantially less money per square foot to replace rather than repair.   Contractors were provided with bid packets and six contractors bid on the project.  Estimated completion time for the project to be 20 to 22 months.

 East Pool Deck:

Several workshops and many construction committee meetings were held for several months in order to present the suggested design for the mandated replacement of the East pool and the East pool deck.

Due to the severe deterioration of the pool and the deck, both must be totally removed and replaced.  Since these items will necessitate a substantial expenditure of funds, Landscape Architect Consultants, Inc. was retained to give us suggestions as to how to improve the layout from its current configuration.  Because of requests by unit owners to have a 6′ deep pool in order to swim laps, and also owner requests for an easy entry for disabled persons, the Landscape  Architect suggested a T shaped pool which would allow a 6′ depth for swimming and the leg would allow for a beach type entry.  Because of requests for more seating in the sun, the Landscape Architect suggested that the pool be moved away from the edge of the deck to allow a second row of seating along the ocean and also along the Trump property.

The sun shade structure is to remain in approximately the same place as it is now, either in canvas as it is now, or replaced with a lowered hurricane proof permanent structure.   All of the planters must be removed and only a few will be replaced allowing for more space.  There were requests for a built-in barbecue, for a covered area with or without a bar with tables and seating, and a louvered hurricane proof permanent structure to replace the awning by the restaurant.  The Landscape Architect put all of these requests into his design.     Check here for the renditions    It opens in a new tab

A bid package will be prepared and distributed after final decisions are made on the design.

The membership will be asked to consider all of these suggestions and to vote as to whether we want to spend a little more money to get a lot more from our pool and deck.

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