The Aquarius Balconies Concrete Strength Tests

LOGO BLUEThe Aquarius Balconies Concrete Strength Tests


The 40 Year Recertification Exercise mandated by the County of Broward focus on two main variables: general structural sturdiness and electrical installation safety. With the purpose to have Aquarius Condominium pass the 40 certification Hillman Engineering, the firm hired by the Condo, conducts a complete survey of the concrete of the building. The Valet and West Decks have been considered satisfactory given their recent restoration in 2014 and 2015. The attention now has been on the East Deck and the Balconies. The visual and auditory test has determined the need to total restoration of the East Deck.

The Balconies of the building were also tested a second time. The first test was conducted in 2014 and indicated extensive areas requiring attention. In the current 2016 another comprehensive test was conducted. The findings of 2014 were confirmed with additional areas of concern. Given the extension of problem areas is was recommended a total replacement of the balconies of the building. To better justify this recommendation a “Concrete Cores Compressive Strength Testing” (ATSM C-39) was conducted in 6 balconies. The results can be seen in the table bellow. The desired and safe benchmark of 4000 psi (pounds per square inch) was achieved  by just one of the core tests. This was a clear confirmation of the visual and auditory tests conducted. The  test was performed by Florida Engineering & Testing, Inc. Their full report can be seen here.

Some owners found that additional tests were necessary. The engineering firm Hillman, the Construction Committee and the Board of Directors felt that this request would help in making crystal clear the need to replace the balconies. Another firm was commissioned to independently test the concrete: RS Engineering, P.A., of Hallandale, FL.  To complete a grand total of 10% of the balconies  20 balconies were random selected. Now we have 26 balconies tested.  The  RAS report on the 20 balconies can be seen here.   4 pages

The  results were very similar to the previous 6 balconies tested. This makes very clear that the total replacement is needed.

Not only the above 45% of area of balconies is compromised in visual and auditory tests as the strenght of the concrete is well bellow the minimum 4000 psi. Fourty five percent is a recomended limit to repair or replace. If the area is under 45% and the rest of the concrete is in good condition repair is recommended. It the repair area is over 45% replacement is not only better in financial terms as the construction time can be abbreviated. Another advantage is that the area replace will offer less opportunity for future piece meal repairs.


Average of the Concrete Tested in
26 Aquarius Balconies:  1946.769  psi

Minimum safety level:  4000 psi

RAS Engineering, P.A.    Tests conducted 11-3-2016

Unit        Compressive Strength in psi

1          1504 S        1744                    RAS Report here
2         1602 N        1737
3          1102 S        1732
4           702 S        1742
5          1801 S        1721
6         1204 N        1742
7          1401 S        1689
8         1401 N        1704
9          406 S        1750
10       1601 S        1850
11         708 S        1737
12      1605 N        1744
13       805 N        1737
14     1208 N        1689
15       708 N         1766
16     1403 N        1599
17      1206 S        1766
18     1001 S        1737
19       307 S        1744
20      304 N        1726

Florida Engineering & Testing, done in 8/11/2016
unit     psi strength                   Full Report click HERE

1       5-4        1180
2      8-3        1970
3      1-9        2600
4      4-9        2070
5      8-2        2980
6      5-9        5160


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