Very Busy End of Year at Aquarius

LOGO AVery Busy End of Year at Aquarius


Not only we have had Sunday meetings, Membership Meetings, Board Meetings as the activity continues:

Here is a partial list of activities and meetings planned  for November and December. Some activities are missing and dates are tentative.


17  Construction Committee Meeting (weekly)

17  Regular Monthly Meeting of the Board of Directors

18  Final day for bidders for the Construction of the 40 Year Re certification exercise (we expect at least 5 offers)

22. Special Board Meeting to open and start evaluation of the General Contractors offers for the 40 Year Re-certification Exercise

23 Membership Meeting to confirm if the installation of fire sprinklers will be waived

24 Festive Thanksgiving celebration at the Aqua Restaurant (fee required)


5  Presentation of the Ygrene program. Financing of Impact Storm Resistant  Windows (tentative). This is voluntary program that allows the windows to be financed in long term with fiscal incentives.

6 Last day to show your appreciation to the Aquarius dedicated staff. Fifty dollars minimum suggested. Any amount accepted. Please be generous. Share the wealth and count your blessings.

8 2017 Budget Meeting to determine Regular Assessment for 2017 – maintenance fees

8  Candidates for the Board present their intention to run

18 (TBA) Christmas & Hanukkah  pot luck Aquarius Condo. Association organized and sponsored (Social Committee)

January 2017

20 Elections of Board of Directors

To be determined:

  • Special Assessment to cover 40 Year Re Certification effort.
  • Approval of “Material Alteration” covering: East Deck, Balconies, and several other items to be proposed.

How important is your participation? Very important






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Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Public Administration are areas I am familiar with. I am also interested in photography, wine, sailing, politics, economics, and economic development.
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