Aquarius will have the Gym back in January of 2017

AQUARIUS-3D logoAquarius will have the Gym back in January of 2017


All those that use the Aquarius Gym have only a temporary Gym installed in the Alcove near the Library. There a bare skeleton of what is our Gym offers a few exercise machines. The reason is the full remodeling of the Gym Bathroom and Spa project.

The target date now is January of 2017. A few PVC pipes found by the Inspector of the City of Hollywood have to be removed. These pipes that were under the floor of the Men’s and the Ladies facilities were revealed when new drains were installed. This constitutes a fire hazard and iron pipes need to be installed. Also a few details of the electrical installation require repair. Some very old repairs were performed without much attention to the Building Code.

Now when the Gym reopens we will have not only a aesthetically attractive bathrooms and spas as we will have safe Code complainant  that could be used without leaks and accidents for many years to come. The sacrifice and the cost will pay out.

Check the revised schedule recently presented by the General Contractor T & T. Bellow a  series of recent pictures of the work in progress at the Gym/

2016-11-16gym-bath-scheduleClick any picture to start a slides show of the work under way in the Aquarius Gym.


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