Regarding the Aquarius Washing Machines Proceeds Collections

LOGO BLUERegarding the Aquarius Washing Machines Proceeds Collections


The Board of Directors of the Aquarius Condominium Association would like to make clear that:

  1. Linda Satz, Director Secretary of the Board has collected the coins from the Aquarius washing machines and dryers since January 2015. In this period the Board had 3 Presidents: Messrs. John Yousef, Ilya Gonorovsky and Buck Gupta. She is the only person authorized to perform these collections.
  1. Ms. Satz has done, among many other tasks, this job dutifully. She also makes the regular and timely deposits in the Association Bank Account.
  1. At this point the actual Board would like to renew our total trust and confidence in Ms. Satz and thank her for her dedication, hard work and devotion for a better Aquarius Condominium.


Hollywood, November 2016.

Bhagwan (Buck) Gupta
Cecílio Augusto Berndsen
Victor Rocha
Judith Ort


About Cecilio Augusto Berndsen

Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Public Administration are areas I am familiar with. I am also interested in photography, wine, sailing, politics, economics, and economic development.
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2 Responses to Regarding the Aquarius Washing Machines Proceeds Collections

  1. mrsippi1 says:

    It is ‘ALWAYS” a pleasure to extend a heart felt ”THANK YOU” to a sincere worker for the Aquarius..[and my floor mate..]. I know Linda’s heart is looking after the building …… and thank
    you Cecilo, for letting us know who the ‘fairy god mother” is collecting/depositing from the machines…
    .Pam Ippolito/1103N


  2. Joan Salvatore says:

    As I recall, Linda Satz has been in charge of collecting the washing machine coins for several years after it was discovered that the coins were fo not timely deposited . Whoever starts a rumor, just to start problems, should focus more on what has REALLY happened in the past that caused this issue and other issues that we are facing at this time because of inadequate Board decisions. Stop making trouble!


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