Aquarius apartment sells for $789,000.00


Aquarius apartment sells for $789,000.00


In December of 2011 this unit Penthouse S 4 was sold by $ 460,000.00. In September of 2015 the same unit was sold by $ 789,000.00 according to the Broward Conty Property Appraiser. The transactions history of this unit are posted in the Property Appraiser site. Click HERE to see the history.

Presently (March of 2016) there are about 20 apartments for sale at Aquarius. On the top bar of this site there is a tab For Sale where offered units are presented. This For Sale post presents several Real Estate websites that are continuously updated. These sites were carefully chosen because they are usually accurate, do not require email, telephone or any identification data  from the reader. Several of the offered units have higher price tags than the unit mentioned above.

Considering the several services and amenities that will be offered the value of the properties tends to increase. It is important to consider that the sale of this unit happened when the reconstruction of the Valet Deck and Lobby where in their early stages. Now that a few details remain to be ironed out it is possible to see what will be suit reality.

It is expected that the main entrance using the Valet Deck and the Lobby will be open very soon. In addition several amenities are already ready or soon to be available. These are:

  • Book Exchange (Library),
  • Multimedia Room with large 4K TV set,
  • High speed internet in many common areas,
  • Wet Bar for intimate functions,
  • 2 Swimming Pools – with sun from sunrise to sunset,
  • Gym with a great variety of equipment,
  • Restaurant,
  • Beauty Parlor,
  • Storage Room,
  • Billiards and Cards Room,
  • Laundry,
  • 24/7 Security,
  • Valet service,
  • Two ample party or meeting rooms – Cascade and Aquarius Rooms
  • CCTV Surveillance Cameras covering many areas of the property

All these with private access to a remarkable beach at the balmy Southern Florida.

If you are away you may want to see the public cameras that show real time what the idyllic surroundings of this extraordinary complex. For the several live cameras  click HERE of click on the top banner of this site Southeast Florida Live Cameras.


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