What is going on at Aquarius – Report March 24, 2016

LOGO LOVEWhat is going on at Aquarius – Report March 24, 2016


Victor Rocha

This is a progress report regarding the valet deck and the lobby. As you can see, the lobby is almost completely finished. The bathrooms need to still pass the plumbing inspection which should be any day now. The contractor installed the floor to ceiling mirrors and we had him replace them because they were originally of sub-standard quality. We have to stain the back side of the desk to match the front. The previous Board thought it to be penny wise not to stain the back of the desk. it looks horrible the way it is so now we have to stain the back of the desk to match the front.

Carpet is being laid down in the green room. Baseboards need to be installed in the board room, bar and kitchen.

Our security cameras are up and running with 24 cameras so far.  Today we viewed the monitor which will be placed at the front desk. While we have a large portion of the property under surveillance, there are gaps that must be filled in to provide adequate security to our community. More to come on this later.

Judith Ort is doing a wonderful job with respect finishing the lobby and the furniture that will be placed there.

As to parking on the Valet Deck, unfortunately, our contractor ordered lights that were too bright for the City of Hollywood regarding the nesting of sea turtles on our beach. Consequently, the contractor is putting up temporary lighting so that we can get a temporary certificate of occupancy  (TCO) so that we could start parking there hopefully some time next week. Shortly thereafter, the new lights should be in from the distributor and we can finish the valet deck parking lighting and close out the permit.

Our hope is to have all of this done before the end of March.

Victor E. Rocha, P.A., Treasurer of the Bord of Directors of Aquarius



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