Jan. and February Schedule for Aquarius Central HVAC Project Renewal 2016

LOGO AJan. and February Schedule for Aquarius Central HVAC Project Renewal    2016.

This is a short-term calendar for the roof HVAC.  Bill Colleman (A & P) asked VMECH to add projection date for delivery and all other projected dates.
As soon this information is available it will be shared.

January  2016

7   Th Contract signature with Board members.
PO sent to Air Source Corp requesting submittals.
8   F Contract support documents sent to William Colleman. (Contract, Plans, initial quote).
14 Th Submittals where received.
15 F Kick-off meeting with building, engineer and contractor.
18 M Submittals revision by Engineer with comments received.
19 T Mechanicals Plans submitted to city of Hollywood.
20 W Meeting between VMECH and Air Source to discuss engineer submittals comments.
City of Hollywood comments to plans.
25 M Meeting in AHÍ Expo with Engineer, Air Source and VMECH to conclude control sequence and functioning of unit.
29 F Meeting with City of Hollywood inspector Peter Micale.

February  2016

1st. M After city of Hollywood approval, units release for production will be sent.
Invoice for 50% initial payment as on contract.
3    W Evaluation wth VMECH for installation of Shut-off valves on condenser water pipes prior to main installation.
4   Th After release for production, as on build submittals and specifications will be made by factory.  Lead time will be informed.
8   M Meeting with Air Source to determine capability to disassemble units for parts lifting without crane to roof top.
10  W Permit fee payment and permit picking up in city of Hollywood.
24   W Installation of shut-off valves if possible on condenser water pipes.

Luis Vesga, ME,   Project Manager

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