Some News from Aquarius – February 2016

LOGO LOVESome News from Aquarius – February 2016


This week of Feb 1st.  BOD members had a few meetings and or received documents with the purpose to advance projects under way:

– Preliminary Calendar (January and February) from VMECH on the Air Conditioning project. Documentation has been submitted to the City of Hollywood to obtains work permits. Check the Calendar HERE

– Maurices Gray Associates and United Architects building tour with the purpose to obtain an Aquarius general assessment for 40 year Recertification.

– OAK Group (Jeff) discussing details of Lobby reconstruction project. Work on ceiling, bathrooms. Most of the work to be completed in a few weeks.

– Santa Barbara Nursery: Plants in the Valet Deck. This landscape treatment is required by City of Hollywood.

– Tau Beta Pi: discussing details of Valet and West side of Garage electrical installation.

– Friday regular construction meeting. Also in the planed meeting with Interior Designer Nadine to establish a  work schedule for final stages of Lobby and adjacent areas.

– Efforts to hire a second staff for Management Office underway relieving Pam I. and Linda S. of heroic effort being performed for so many months.

– Temporary installation of old  microphones and receiver with the invaluable help to Arkady Chase at the Cascade Room – done

– Organization of Commitees underway. Many slots available on Finance, Legal, Grievance, Maintenance, Information Technology  Committees. Construction and Social Committees have already got all members needed.

  • Next week, Tuesday Feb 9, 10 am, discussion with Tau Beta Pi looking for improving the Sound Systems proposal for Cascade Room and Lobby.





About Cecilio Augusto Berndsen

Information Technology, Management, Project Management and Public Administration are areas I am familiar with. I am also interested in photography, wine, sailing, politics, economics, and economic development.
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1 Response to Some News from Aquarius – February 2016

  1. mrsippi1 says:

    Thank you one and all…it is not heroic.. but necessity to get our office staff back and have the customary human contact .A person able to explain the “New Policies” that are taking place..
    From our guest using our parking spaces to using our condos…there is “New” paper work to be done…THE SAME RULES FOR EVERYONE…..The theme has ‘ALWAYS’ been to make our home Safe and Secure…IT IS EASY TO DO… 🙂

    When I moved here in 1999, I felt Safe and Secure..there were rules you followed..there was an office, [2 ladies always worked the office..] you went to if you had an issue to “Help” with your problem, if you were having guest or mechinacal problem get resolved..either in-house or out sourse. Right now, the in-house is ‘Really’ busy..therefore it may not be possible to be done in-house..and quicker to out-sourse..Plus.. the office ladies could help with your accounts, if needed, in addition a friendly ‘Hello’ Pre’viet, Dos’v’donia,[spelling may be off] maybe or even ciao bella…..:)

    What is a frown………A smile turned up side down 😉

    look in the mirror..before you leave the house..”SMILE”..SEE.YOU ARE A GOOD LOOKING YOU !.:)

    Sincerely ,

    Pam Ippolito 1103N


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