A Letter from your Board of Directors – Aquarius

.aquarius51A Letter from your Board of Directors           June 17, 2015


Dear Aquarius Condominium Association Member:

By now you have been contacted numerous times by a dissatisfied faction of unit owners seeking to obtain your signature on a “recall” petition. We are writing this missive in order to set forth the FACTS surrounding this issue. In order to get owners to sign the petition this faction has made many misstatements concerning the work being done on our common areas, the current assessments being collected by your Association, and the integrity of your Board of Directors.

We are writing this letter in response to those misstatements, rumors and allegations, If you were told by anyone that recalling Joel Cohen and/or John Yousef would alter, put a stop to, or in any way change the West Pool Deck Project, the Valet Deck Project, the Parking Garage Project or the Lobby Renovation, they were at best misleading you. The removal of these two Board members would not in any way affect our Association’s validly contracted projects. With or without Joel Cohen and John Yousef or irrespective of what names are on our Board, our contractual obligations remain.

If you were told by anyone seeking your signature that removing or replacing any member of our Board would in any way affect the validity of either the 2014 or 2015 assessments they were, at best, misleading you. These assessments were adopted according to law and are legally binding. If you were told by anyone seeking your signature that you need not pay the assessments when due, nothing could be further from the truth. If an assessment is not timely paid, penalties and/or interest are added to the amount owed and a lien is filed against the offending unit. If, after a period of time (usually 90 days), the assessment, interest and penalties are still not paid, the Association will initiate proceedings to foreclose the lien.

Finally, if anyone seeking to obtain your signature made statements to you concerning the integrity of any of the Officers or any member of the Board of Directors, rest assured that any such statements are totally and absolutely false.

Some unit owners have succumbed to the constant barrage of telephone calls, incessant lobbying and untruths, and signed their names to the recall petition now being circulated. This Board was elected a few months ago because they promised to put an end to the further deterioration of our common areas and to restore the quality of life we once enjoyed being owners at Aquarius. This Board made that promise and a majority of the members are doing everything in their power to fulfill that promise.

Those seeking this recall KNOW that removing Joel Cohen and John Yousef will NOT end any project already contracted nor will it reduce or remove the 2014 and/or 2015 assessment.

Please do not allow yourself to be misled or lied to. Unfortunately, many members of this faction are so desperate that they are trying to pit one group against another by claiming that those in favor of the renovations and in favor of retaining Joel Cohen and John Yousef are anti-Russian. That is absolute hogwash and those telling you this KNOW THAT THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE!

We are all owners and neighbors and regardless of ethnic origin want the same thing – to live together in a safe and attractive home that will increase in vale and that can once again be proud of.

If you already signed a recall petition and wish to rescind your signature, now that you are aware of the true facts, please do so.

Thank you,

Your Aquarius Board of Directors

  • signed      John Yousedd, President
  • signed      Joel Cohen, Vice President
  • signed      Linda Staz, Treasurer
  • declined   Ilya Gonorovsky, Secretary
  • declined   Boris Edydelnant, Director


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