Letter from a Group of Concerned Owners Sent by Yuri Markish June 17, 2015

aquarius_silhouetteLetter from a Group of Concerned Owners

Sent by Yuri Markish , PH03N

June 17, 2015


Dear Unit Owner,

The intent of this letter is to gain consensus from most unit owners regarding the decisions that are made for needed repairs of our neglected property in compliance with 40-year inspection.

Construction / Repair / Budget issues to date:

  • None of the improvement projects that occurred since our two years of Special Assessments started in June 2013 has been completed.
  • Multiple bldg. assets and structures have been demolished and damaged in the process: the west pool, the lobby, the gym, the restrooms, etc. We had the valet soffit breakage and numerous floods in the lobby, gym and garage area, due to the engineering ACG and contracting CSI company’s inexperience and unprofessional poor performance.
  • All these factors resulted in 19 Change Orders and significantly increased cost to unit owners. The cost went up from $1 million (per initial contract) to $1.7 million and has now reached $4 million dollars.
  • All the decisions with these companies are made in secret meetings by the majority trio Board members (Mr. Cohen, Mr.Youssef and Mrs. Satz). We have elected five Members of the Board, but two are consistently excluded from decision-making meetings.
  • Based on prior issues (state above) and lack of results most condo owners do
    not trust them with the completion of current projects and any future projects.

Proposed Plan to Resolve These Issues:

  • Recall the Board President John Youssef and Vice President Joel Cohen.
  • Prevent all future unnecessary multi-million dollar projects (Unit owners can review what is truly necessary to prepare for the 40 year inspection. Go to Google and, on the Broward County website; look at the detail of what a 40- year inspection entails. The words “pool,” “deck,” parking”, and “balconies” do not appear on the list.)
  • Complete unfinished projects before starting any new work. After the recall the board will evaluate the amount of second assessment, ease the payment schedule, establish a strong control with the help of an independent General Contractor and complete the projects on time and budget.

Please join 145 unit owners who have already submitted their recall ballots. Even if you signed the Rescission Notice, you can sign the Recall Ballot again.

Your response with a later date would be counted.

Yuri Markish,  PH03N

P.O. Box 223375

Hollywood, FL 33022





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1 Response to Letter from a Group of Concerned Owners Sent by Yuri Markish June 17, 2015

  1. avolchek says:

    Does it go through?

    Sincerely, Albert Volchek


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