Aquarius Projects: Survey on the forthcoming Special Assessment

2021 Aquarius Projects: Survey on the forthcoming Special Assessment

Please click here, go to the SURVEY and offer your opinion. Here at the Aquarius we have a list of projects on the pipeline. What are your toughts? What is more important? Are any important items missing? Do you have comments?

This survey has been going on since last Thursday. Many owners/residents have already completed it with their responses and comments. Have you? I will try to tabulate the responses before the Board meeting this Monday August 16.  It would be great if you could spare a few moments and respond to the survey as well and your opinion count.

So far I have received two letters in response. These two owners preferred not to answer the survey but presented interesting opinions to consider on deciding the on the new special assessment details. These letters will be published a long with the survey results.

The plan is to post the results late tomorrow night August 15 late at night or early Monday morning. It would be great to include the answers to the Survey. Why not publish the 20 plus answers already received with tabulation and the very pertaining comments now? Because it is important for each Aquarius Condo. member present their opinion independently.  To present preliminary incomplete results does not seem the best practice in surveys administration.

Bellow are three documents that are very helpful to inform on what may be needed done at the Aquarius.

  1. Projects List, July 2021 by Marie Goehl
  2. Projects List, January 2021 by Adrian Paredes
  3. Aquarius Reserve Study, by ‘Association Reserves, Planning for the Inevitable‘ a specialized firm with broad national footprint. Study valid up to December 2020.

  1.     AQUARIUS CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, INC  July 23, 2021 by Marie Goehl

 Dear Residents of Aquarius,

As discussed at previous Board meetings, there are many items that need to be addressed. Below, I would like to give you a brief overview of the upcoming projects and estimated cost for each item.

Project List Estimated Cost
Beach and Maintenance Stairs $173,850.00
Beach Access Door and Ramp (est.) $50,000.00
Mechanical Room Door Replacements (est.) $50,000.00
Roof Replacement (est.) $1,200,000.00
Domestic Pump Replacement $75,000.00
Roof Exhaust Fan Replacement $32,000.00
South Tower Chiller $68,000.00
Lobby Floor Refinish $30,000.00
Electrical Repairs – Roof $30,000.00
Storage Cages $15,000.00
West Parking/ Drainage $75,000.00
Professional Fees (Engineering, Design, Consulting)
Structural / Electrical Engineering (Est.) $100,000.00
Subtotal $1,898,850.00
Permit Fees (Est. at 2%) $31,617.00
Contingency (10%) $189,885.00
Total $2,120,352.00

Please keep in mind that the prices listed above are just estimated, as we will need an Engineer to determine the final costs associated with each project. The projects outlined above will be discussed at the next duly called Board of Director’s meeting. Also, please note there may be additional items that need to be addressed that are not included in the chart above.

Printer friendly table above

On Behalf of the Board of Directors,

Marie Goehl
Aquarius Condominium Association 2751 South Drive, Hollywood, Florida 33019                          Phone: (954)921-7924                  Fax: (954)921-976

2.  January 13, 2021


 Items identified as needing attention:   by Adrian Paredes

Restoration of Lobby Marble (Refinishing) $22,000.00
Roof Replacement for both Towers $1,400,000.00 (Please note that there are active leaks in our roof system. $33,000 has been spent trying to address these leaks, unfortunately our system does not allow for guarantees on repairs)
Beach Stairs (Stairs facing North) $65,000.00 (Designed – Not built)
North East corner Maintenance Stairs $35,000.00 (Designed – Not built)
Storage Room Cages Cost Unknown
Beach Maintenance Access Door $20,000.00
Beach Access Ramp $15,000.00
BDA Requirements Cost Unknown
Emergency Generator Upgrades Cost Unknown
Cameras in Hallways $100,000.00 (TBD)
Back-up Water Pump Upgrades $40,000.00
VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drive) for equipment Cost Unknown
Garbage Room Doors $6,700.00
Roof Access Doors $25,000.00
Drainage of West Parking Lot & Parking Space Striping $20,000.00
East Pool Bathrooms Upgrades Cost Unknown
Lobby Impact Windows (Green Room, Lobby) $70,000.00 (TBD)
Leak Detection System $100,000.00 (TBD)

Printer friendly complete note of January 13, 2021. The table above is in page 3

Adrian Paredes
Aquarius Condominium Association 2751 South Drive, Hollywood, Florida 33019                      Phone: (954)921-7924                  Fax: (954)921-976

3.     Reserve Study  This study was valid up to the end of 2020 but it contains projections for a long term. Its relevance to understand the variables to keep Aquarius top shape is key. If you find too long and detailed at least browse the ‘Executive Summary‘ at the beginning of this valuable report. I could not find information if the Association will order another Study. The best practices recommend a new Study every 2 years at least.

Miscelaneous:   Click here for  SURVEY 

Stairs to the Sand Beach

East Deck plans 


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