Aquarius New Beautiful East Pool Deck

Logo blue girl Aquarius New Beautiful East Pool Deck

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This gallery has the most recent renditions of the plans for the East Deck of Aquarius. The stunning proposed East Deck plans are the result of the work of Thomas Laubenthal, RLA. from Landscape Architect Consultants of Plantation, Florida.

These proposal came after several informal meetings with the Construction Committee, Board of Directors and several owners that participated. These vivid gatherings took place in October and November. They were open meetings free to any owner to join. Every participant had a vote. Every participant could address the floor.

Please click in any picture to start the slide show. Need to enlarge the pictures? Read instructions bellow gallery.


These Pictures are here posted again. You can use the keys     Crtl and +     (together) to enlarge and be able to verify the details and read the explanations.


Pavers Samples – Similar West Pool Deck


Landscape Plants


Shade Structure Options


Pool Options


Barbecue & Pavilion


Pavers Samples – Similar West Pool Deck Keeping the Property Standard

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  1. Cecilio..thanks bunches for your kind effort to inform us with your shared information…kudos on a job well done..

    Pam & Kenny Ippolito..1103N


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