Hurricane ISAIAS Gets Close to South Florida

Hurricane ISAIAS Gets Close to South Florida


This post has four sections: (1)Orlando Sentinel, (2)Washington Post, (3) Opening Shutters concern, (4) Aquarius Management Office Documents concerning Hurricane Preparation


Hurricane Isaias prompts hurricane watch for parts of Florida east coast

JUL 31, 2020  11:03 AM

Florida’s east coast communities were issued a hurricane watch Friday morning as Category 1 Hurricane Isaias continues its approach toward the Sunshine State with expectations it will begin riding up the coast Saturday afternoon.

The watch includes communities from Deerfield Beach northward to the Volusia-Brevard County line, the National Hurricane Center said in its 11 a.m. update. An earlier tropical storm watch from Key Largo to Sebastian Inlet has been turned into a tropical storm warning as well.     Full Article HERE

Hurricane Isaias batters Bahamas as storm targets entire U.S. East Coast

July 31, 2020 at 1:58 p.m. EDT       Washington Post

The storm could bring torrential rain, coastal flooding and strong winds to many parts of the Eastern Seaboard

Hurricane Isaias became 2020′s second Atlantic hurricane overnight Wednesday on its way to the Bahamas, which it has already begun to blast with drenching rain, strong winds and ocean surge. The storm is now poised to ride up the East Coast, first encountering Florida this weekend before zipping up the rest of the Eastern Seaboard through the Mid-Atlantic and New England during the first-half of next week.

Tropical storm conditions could begin along the east coast of Florida as soon as Saturday as the storm makes a beeline northward on a menacing path along the coast.

“There is a risk of impacts from winds, heavy rainfall, and storm surge late this weekend from the northeastern Florida coast and spreading northward along the remainder of the U.S. east coast through early next week,” wrote the National Hurricane Center.

The European model run on Friday morning simulates the probability of tropical storm force conditions associated with Isaias. (WeatherBell)


Aquarius residents with no Impact Windows should make sure their protection is fully functional. Storm Shutters are known to present problems when needed. Now would be a good time to verify if they close properly in case of wind speed increase. Units with Impact Windows also could benefit to verify all opening close securely.


The Management Office of Aquarius issued 3 documents of great relevance for Storm Preparation. It is a great time to review them

  1. Aquarius Hurricane Procedures  

  2. Hurricane Season Top 10 to Know List

  3. Be Prepared For Hurricane Season

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