Fun and Games at Aquarius – updated III

Fun and Games at Aquarius – updated II

January 2019 update

Some fun and healthy activities you could take part in at Aquarius       

Yoga   ♦   Ping Pong   ♦    Pool   ♦   Zumba   ♦   Mahjong   ♦   Bridge   ♦ Gym ♦ Aqua Aerobics

♦ Yoga: Tuesday and Friday at 12:00 noon. Questions?
M. Carolyn B. 914-819-8355  Chair and Regular Yoga. All levels participate. Bring you mat if you have one or just do it in the chair.


Ping Pong:
Ask these guys and join the fun:  Arkady C.  954-674-8754, Leo Blyumin 301-580-0663, Zhak Bluband 612-414-0601, Alfredo Herrera 786-553-3996.


Pool or Billiards:
These neighbors are frequent players. They could accept your invitation to play: Sam Lev 954-924-8071, Arkady Brodsky 954-925-2047, Michail A. 305-979-6059


Free Zumba:  Now it is Waking Indoors
The group meets Tuesday in the Cascade Room at 9:00. Please call to learn details: Nancy  Arman 954-923-4540,    Nuri Gupta  954-589-1426


♦  Mahjong:
Beginners and Veterans. All levels accepted and welcome. Talk to M. Carolyn B. 914-819-8355


♦ Bridge:
Sophia Geyfatsman is organizing a group of players: beginners and veterans. Interested? Call Sophia (267) 259-7139


♦ Gym:
Sometimes you need some guidance to use the Gym exercise equipment. Many early mornings Orlando Herrera and Ines Felipe 786-326-6056 are in the Gym working out. They are experts and they may be able to provide you with some valuable hints.

♦  Aqua Aerobics:

for the time being is Zumba
Every Wednesday at 10:00. It is Zumba at Cascade Room  until the weather warms up. After the Zumba the classes may change to Aqua Aerobics. You will have fun anyway. Vigorous exercise in the swimming pool. Additional information with Inez Felipe 786-773-8454 or 786-326-6056


Break time:

Sometimes a gift is much more than a gift.  Happy Holidays everyone!

watch now

Yeah, sometimes the eyes do get wet…




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