2019 Beach Nourishment Plans

2019 Beach Nourishment Plans

Our neighbor Carole Pumpiam was kind enough to send information on the latest plans to re-nourish the beach of Aquarius. This is a plan contemplating the seashore from Port Everglades to the South County Line – Hallandale Beach. The project is under the supervision of the United States Army Corps of Engineering. Resources will come from the Federal Government, the State of Florida, the Broward County and the cities of Dania Beach, Hollywood and Hallandale Beach.

The project is scheduled to start in January of 2019 and should take 2 years. The firm hired to execute it is Eastman Aggregate Enterprises of Lake Worth, Florida. The total cost is estimated to be under 60 million dollars.

Upon completion this project will give the residents of Aquarius C.A. so much-needed protection from the periodical storms and the threat of rising sea level.  Additional information on the links bellow.

   _Broward County Beach Renourishment Official Site      current information

__Broward County Beach Renourishment Project Starts Soon  dredgingtoday.com   website  December 9 2018

The information bellow has been provided by Mr. Keith London, former Mayor of Hallandale Beach.

Friends & Neighbors,

Here is the latest update on restoring sand onto the beaches from Hallandale Beach to the South to Port Everglades to the North.

Keeping you informed,

Private Citizen Keith London

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District awarded a $7.86 million contract on December 6 to Eastman Aggregate Enterprises, LLC of Lake Worth, Florida, for Contract A of the Broward County Segment III Flood Control and Coastal Emergency Beach Erosion Control Project 2018.

Eastman Aggregate will renourish 7.2 miles of critically eroded shoreline along the beaches of Mizell-Johnson State Park, Dania Beach, Hollywood and Hallandale in Broward County.

For this first phase of the Broward County Segment III beach renourishment project, Eastman Aggregate will place an estimated volume of 123,200 cubic yards of beach-quality sand above the mean high water (MHW) level to avoid water quality impacts while the design of the full construction template is underway.

Sand will be placed beginning immediately south of Port Everglades Inlet in two placement areas, a 1.5 mile segment known locally as the Mitzel-Johnson State Park, and a 5.8 mile segment within Dania Beach, Hollywood Beach and Hallandale Beach, reported the Corps.

Construction for Contract A is scheduled to begin in early January 2019.

USACE also added that the design of the full construction template will involve placing 1 million cubic yards of sand, but will require environmental coordination and permitting that will take two years.

In the last 2 budget cycles the City Commission put monies aside to fund Hallandale’s portion. 

We anticipate that this renourishment project will total close to $55 Million.  The cities of Hollywood, Hallandale Beach and Dania Beach would only be responsible for between $1.13M to $15.3M, depending on the actual total and amount of reimbursement received from the State and Feds.  See attachments for details.

Keith London
613 Oleander Dr
Hallandale Beach FL 33009-6531 United State



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