Is Seaweed Here to Stay?

 Is Seaweed Here to Stay?

Many ask: why so much seaweed? It seems this year the amount of  seaweed is very large. Not only we have so much seaweed as the seaweed season seems endless. Some are concerned with the tourism, some even are afraid of a loss on real estate value.

The Hollywood Beach Civic Association was kind enough to send as some words from Silvia Glazer, City of Hollywood Public Works Department Director. Along with the letter from Ms. Glazer there is an article from Miami Herald. These  two pieces try to shed some light at the phenomenon. Let’s hope that the seaweed goes a little bit away so all of us can enjoy the ocean.

This material was also suggested by Carole Pumpiam.

Hollywood Beach Civic Association

Dear All (2318 HBCA Recipients ) 

Sylvia Glazer, Public Work Director, City of Hollywood, responded to several comments we received  from our members regarding the ever increasing seaweed  showing up at our beaches.
Please see her remarks below.
” As the article mentions below, both coasts of Florida, along with areas such as the Caribbean, Africa, South America have experienced much larger amount of seaweed this year and in recent years, and there are many causes creating this.
The seaweed is not only showing up along the sand but exists in constant large quantities floating in the ocean,and then repeatedly floats to shore. As quickly as you bury or remove it , more floats in right behind it. This year and last year have been particularly bad in seaweed amounts.
The problem with constantly trying to remove seaweed is that it is not only very expensive to do so-and is labor intensive, but that more seaweed comes up right behind it, and you are also removing precious sand from the beach along with the seaweed.
Therefore, the City tries not to remove it, but instead we bury the seaweed.This action helps to create a barrier under the sand that helps Prevent beach erosion by keeping the sand in place. The seaweed also provides nutrients to the sea-life.

Effective with the new budget year beginning October 1, 2018, we were approved to hire another equipment operator. This added operator will assist us in cleaning and sifting the beach sand to remove Sand and debris. It will also help in burying seaweed with our related equipment.”

Sylvia Glazer
Public Works Director 
City of Hollywood Public Works Department
(954) 967-4526


Miami Herald on SEAWEED

or see it here on the Miami Herald

Hollywood Beach Civic Association, 1301 South Ocean Dr., Hollywood, FL 33019


It looks like they are having lots of fun…

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