Aquarius South Tower is almost done

Aquarius South Tower is almost done

During the month of August several stacks are being returned to their users. By September the entire building exterior should be completed. What does it mean?

  • Residents may have furniture on the balconies and enjoy the breeze.
  • Residents may have tiles installed if desired (special waterproofing is required).
  • Impact Windows installation may proceed any work day if desired.
  • New Aquarius look may be appreciated from the outside.
  • Did I mention some absence of noise? Ah! Isn’t silence golden?!?!

Please use the balconies with care. If workers are present don’t go to the balcony or open your windows. Safety first! If you see swingstage lines it means work is in progress. Please avoid accidents.

What else to expect?

East Pool Deck:  Promised for before Christmas (it was before Thanksgiving but…)

North Tower: Completion expected for March or April 2019.  Some electrical problems, still being corrected, have caused a delay in the demolition of the balconies of lines 2 and 3. These are the last stacks partially standing. All other stacks have been demolished. Some stacks have curing new concrete already on 5th. level or higher.

Elevators: Very soon (a week or two) a second elevator (no cab finish yet) will be available for a more reliable and joyful ride in both towers. As soon this is done the renovation of the third elevator starts.

Hallways: Still in a planning phase. No date for the start-up of the renovation has been determined yet.

Some new and some old snapshots. Click or tap (touch screen only) on any photo and start the slide show.  Some photographs are courtesy of Cale Delaney, Senior Project Manager of Structural Preservation Systems.



Fatherhood:  For a father they are forever children


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