Aquarius 40 Years ReCertification Travails – June 2018

Aquarius 40 Years ReCertification Travails
June 2018

The 40 Year Recertification work at Aquarius has 2 main components: (1) Concrete Work of Towers and East Deck.  There are two other items provisioned by the Special Assessment 2017: (1) Elevators renewal and (2) Hallways remodeling.  These are not discussed in this post.

Conclusion best estimate

Master Schedule presentation date:      Expected Conclusion date:
Towers work
: September 2017    ……….        January 8, 2019
………………………June 2018          …………..        March 14, 2019   updated 

Expected South Tower completion: August 10, 2018

Deck & Pool Work: September 2017  …..      November 26, 2018
……………………………….May 2018   …………….   November 26, 2018   updated

This post presents 4 photos galleries of the exterior concrete reconstruction.  The galleries show some of what is already accomplished in the North and South Tower and the East Deck. The Valet Deck and the West Pool Deck was addressed from 2009 and work completed late 2015. They are not the target of this exercise.

At the end of the post the most recent Master Schedule (Critical Path Method) may be seen in simplified form.

Photo Galleries:

  1. South Tower North Face. Stacks 2 and 3 already have Glass Railings, floor and soffit done. The return to the dwellers may happen before August 2018. Click or tap any photo and start the slideshow.  (8 photos)


2. Aquarius South Tower South Face side. Stacks 6 and 7 already have their Glass Railings and may return to the use of the residents as soon as all finishes are complete and the Hillman Engineering approves the work. Click or tap any photo to start the slideshow. (3 photos)

3. North Tower: The balconies of all 4 corner units are demolished. The work of forms for the concrete is already in progress. The Apartments of lines 06, 07, 02 and 03 have their windows protected by plywood and the demolition has started.  (2 photos)

4. East Deck. The East Deck has part of the concrete slab ready. The Swimming pool shell has its concrete structure curing and planters of the North Side of the deck are advancing. The water proofing has been completed for these planters. (4 pictures). Click or tap any photo to start the slideshow.


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