Table Tennis Anyone?

Table Tennis Anyone?


Finally the Ping-Pong, or better yet the Table Tennis players of Aquarius got a decent, regulation complaint table. The acquisition of the new table and its location took more time and deliberation than necessary, but the project is now complete.

The tennis table table is in the Aquarius Game Room,  just at the entrance of the Aquarius North Tower.

Paddles and balls are loaned out at the Security Desk. Of course the real enthusiasts have their very own equipment. They would not settle for less. But the casual player let’s say grandpa versus grandkid team will play with the paddles made available by Aquarius.

If you click any photo it will start a slideshow.

Are you interested in playing? Call these members of the Aquarius Table Tennis Team (ATTT) and challenge them for a match, join the team or form your own:

  • Arkady Chase   (954) 674-8754  or (201) 923-9377
  • Leonid Bluymin   (301) 580-0663
  • Mikhail Adronov  (519) 919-1970  or (305) 979-6059
  • Orlando Herrera (786) 553-3996
  • Zackary Bluband  (612) 414-0601  or  (954) 239-8002



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